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  1. i wish he was a giant four legged beast, not some ball of fur with skimpy arms/legs and a head :l
  2. I was a bit dissapointed with thr DeerClops' look in the stream. I imagined it to be a Giant, four legged beast almost like a large ice hound with the Deerclops head.
  3. Saving/quitting and going back in fixes the sound, btw.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [sound] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Insanity Hand Sound not going away Steps to reproduce 1. Get an insanity hand to spawn 2. Grab a torch and keep pushing the hand backwards 3. When day approaches the sound will not stop. Describe your issue So I had my first encounter with the Insanity Hand and jeez that thing is scary, especially the sound. Panicking, I grab a torch and step on it repeatedly to push it as far away from my camp as possible. However, when day hit, the music box sound would not go away, and now it's at my camp, repeating constantly. It's very annoying.
  5. I'm thinking it might be that the game stores your Exp, even though your at the cap, so when a new character comes out all your exp goes to that character unlock. i'm not sure though
  6. Compared to other characters abilities, yes, it is.
  7. Insanity monsters are pretty easy IMO if you are prepared for them. And plus you can get beard hair from insanity rabbits at around 35 insanity which is higher than when insanity monsters start being aggresive. All in all what I am saying is that Wilson's ability, while a bit more convienent than other characters, is still completely overshadowed by other characters abilities. The original character shouldn't be ignored once you get the next one, they should all be equally useful. Willow has her immunity to fire damage, and basically the Grue. Abigail has her very powerful ghost. Bruno has his high HP/hunger and strength. W-whatevers his name has his spoilage immunity. Wickerbottom is a science machine =P. and Wes is meant to be a challange. While Wickerbottom is similar with basically being a convienece ability, Wilson's perk is much less powerful.
  8. I'm pretty sure backpacks arent able to go into other backpacks or containers now, so thats a nono
  9. The Devs already said they don't want more meters after Insanity, because then its basically micromanaging. Honestly, the idea is kinda pointless and would slow down the game if you had to consistently stop and "do your business" as it were. Just my opinion
  10. While Wilson is the first character, and the only one to HAVE been able to make a meat effigy, this has now changed. Meat Effigies have been nerfed, and now all characters are able to aquire beard hair from insanity rabbits. The beard hair was wilson's only buff. Now he is obsolete, and has no advantage over the other characters. Wilson needs a buff.
  11. Caves would be great because it would make rocks finally renewable, as you can probobly mine from certain parts of the cave for rocks.
  12. It seems like the new "Killer Bee" biome (Plains, Large amounts of beehives/flowers, and many killer bees everywhere" needs to be toned down a bit. You can barely get through without getting mauled by a huge amount of them. While the biome doesn't really have too many resources in it (except for bee stuff), When it is in the middle of a map splitting two important biomes apart it can be really annoying to travel around. I just think they might need to tone down the amount of bee spawns or something.
  13. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Infinite Torch Exploit Steps to reproduce Aquire torch + any other handheld tool (another torch is better) Place torch in farthest left open slot. Place other tool in hand Rapidly switch between tool and torch by right clicking the torch slot Describe your issue During the night, you are able to use a torch indefinetly without using any durability. While extremely useful and I am guilty of using this myself, it is still an exploit and needs to be fixed in some way. While the rapid flashes between light and dark may be annoying, with another torch this is almost completely eliminated, and nearby flowers give back any sanity points lost from this. Hope you guys can fix this ASAP. This may have been posted already, i'm not sure.
  14. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Warrior Spider Jump Animation Glitch Steps to reproduce 1. Attack Lvl 2+ Spider Den 2. Allow Warrior Spiders to Jump Attack Describe your issue Whenever a Warrior Spider uses its jump attack, It doesn't move from its current location and I always get hit, no matter where I am. This makes it almost impossible to take on a high level den, as the warrior spiders will always hit me whenever i get near them. I would have linked a video but my character died from this and I want to post this right away instead of waiting for a new world to create a level 2 spider den and then recording it. Hope you guys can help!
  15. Theres another bug with surviving the night without a fire. If its sunset and you go to a forest biome and find fireflies, if you stand on them they will light up forever during the night, allowing you to stay alive without any need of any crafting materials.