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Will there be new skin bundle in the Winter Event?

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"Don't worry though, we concepted for the others; so they will likely come next Winter's Feast. And if we do other smaller sets we will balance with consideration to what has already been done. So if your main didn't get a skin this time around it will be favored in the future."

That was @JoeW's original answer:

I like to believe we'll have new winter skins this year.

But I will not be surprised if it does not happen, after all, we know that Klei is working hard with events in DST and the new DLC in DS.

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does any 1 else hope that Webber the verdant will have like a transition from the snow fallen and normal giving him like stripes of white ans grey fur while also having some traditional black i think it would look cool...


or he can just be some rosette-ish skin which i can also enjoy or something completely different! 

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16 hours ago, Mattyington said:

I'm really excited to see Verdant Wendy, considering her lack of interest in nature. (Eg: "Nature is so boring" [Pine trees], "They are bright and cheery, yuck." [Flowers], Etc. Etc.)

I would love to see this expression on her Verdant skin, skins that have more facial expression are much more fun to use!


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