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Iron Goliath Concept

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While we can all agree that being able to assemble each part of it is something we'd like to see, there's one thing I haven't seen yet...

Considering that they are indeed all parts of the same monster, we never see a concept of it with all it's parts... which means that it's up to us to do it!


I guess it's a call to any artist willing to try to assemble their dream machine... (and maybe see how close they were from the game concept if we ever see it)


the jaw part


Here's the shoulder part


And what seems like... the spine and some lesser members?


Finally, a leg.



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A reminder here that this is a closed beta, not the final version. There's still about 45-60 days of development time left. There may be some things left to finish yet. I'm sure finished parts were intentionally removed from here just so that not everything was present.

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Just now, MasterWolf said:

@Zeklo, I can't from that angle. I would have to play around with the camera angles and take another picture.

Yeah, no I take it back. The connectors look in the right spot, it's just the difference of angels among them all.

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7 hours ago, orian34 said:

I wonder how it looks with a non bipedal posture.I still find it weird that 'ribs' are fully wired and articulated

When the ribs activate, they usually try to "stand up", and then when they fail, they start to move by like a centipede. Maybe it's supposed to have 6 "legs", and two "arms" where the ribs have lit up triangles? And maybe it's supposed to have two heads, I did not notice the single wire in the back of the head.

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9 minutes ago, ModsterMash said:

The wire on the back of the head I thought was the neck. My impression is that the head is actually upside down.

The spawn code calls the pieces ancient, so what if it is more like a shrimp?

perhaps its called ancient because they are really old?

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