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  1. Woby is definitely from the real world. She is a survivor like any other, her name starts with W, after all. Note that Wilbur is also a survivor and he is a (real world) monkey. Woby just happens to be a dog. She's trying to get home like everyone else, so her owner(s) might be in the real world still. Wickerbottom's quote for big Woby seems to be Klei's explanation for why she grows big: "There must be a mutagen in monster meat that triggers her growth." He only has two lines about the Nox and neither of them imply that it's lost? "My wagon's pulled by a nox. 'Es a good 'un, but 'e can't hold a candle to my old mule, Shadow." "What's a nox? Well, I don't know as I can rightly describe it. It's kinda like an ox, but not." Unless you mean that Woby is a Nox, not necessarily the Curio Collector's? Side note: I wonder if this is Webber's grandpa's cat, Whiskers? (from Webber's quotes) Kittykit- "You look like grandpa's cat!" Catcoon- "A bit more feral than grandpa's cat." Cat Tail- "I always liked pulling Whiskers' tail."
  2. Rawling was actually originally made to be an exclusive item for Watricia, a scrapped Shipwrecked character. This would have fit a Cast Away reference for her (she also would have had a mail pack). With that in mind, I don't see Rawling ever being exclusive to Wilson or any other character. It would be just as good if Rawling was added to DST without being tied to any character like he is in Shipwrecked.
  3. Sea Weed = "As long as we don't take their barnacles, they'll stay our buds." Seedshell = "We're under seedge!" Sea Sprout = "This one's just a sprout." Sea Sprout Starter = "They seem to grow best on oceanic rocks." Rockjaw= "We may need a bigger boat..." Deck Illuminator= "I'm full of bright ideas." Lightning Conductor = "I've harnessed the power of electricity over land and sea!" Fire Pump = "It puts out fires very a-fish-iently." Barnacles = "They don't look like knuckles to me." Cooked Barnacles = "I'm told it's quite a delicacy." Barnacle Pita = "Barnacles taste better when you can't see them." Barnacle Nigiri = "I still seem to have misplaced my chopsticks." Barnacle Linguine= "Pass the pasta!" Stuffed Fish Heads = "I'm just hungry enough to consider it..." Leafy Meatloaf = "Mystery leaf meat." Veggie Burger = "Vegetarian, but not cruelty-free." Jelly Salad = "Has science gone too far?" Beefy Greens = "Strangely filling, for a salad."
  4. In Forbidden Knowledge, the first thing Wilson does is blow up something and he's visibly despondent about it. That is his character establishing moment. His failure as a scientist is why he was so willing to take Maxwell's offer for secret knowledge, which also mirrors Maxwell's predicament back when he was a failed magician and found the Codex. His perks have nothing to do with actual science, all he does is grow a beard. Compare to Wagstaff who is an accomplished inventor who can build a lot of things. Compare also that Wilson was alone puttering about in his attic before being taken while Wagstaff was running a company with multiple employees. Also, Kevin Forbes said this in an interview in 2013 and I still think it holds up as a summation of Wilson's character:
  5. But again, Webber says his father raised goats. So Webber's father was a goat farmer at the least. So if Wilson is his father then he is a goat farmer, too and goat farmers work outside. The main thesis of Wilson's character is that he is a wannabe scientist, this informs all his writing, just as being a librarian is to Wickerbottom and being a strong man is to Wolfgang. It just feels weird to me, the idea that Wilson is also a farmer. Sure things can change in the future but as it stands the trajectory of these two characters in particular seem to be going in different paths. It's just easier for me to believe that they are not related. Also, from what I researched about independent scientists a lot of them supplemented their income with jobs in medicine, which would add up for Wilson considering all his quotes about being familiar with amputation, the unimplemented bone saw item that might be associated with him, and the skeleton in his attic.
  6. The quote for Bunnymen does allude to the rabbit act, because they are white like the rabbits that William used back then. Even just one quote is enough to make a connection. Wilson has 0 quotes connecting him to goat raising. Webber's quotes also establish that he grew up on a farm. Meanwhile, Wilson's quotes don't seem to favor a farmer's lifestyle. For example, his quote for Flowers is "It's pretty but it smells like a common laborer." And, in Wilson's Gorge quotes Mumsy reminds him of his old nanny and the Streetlights remind him of home, which sounds like he grew up with an affluent family in the city, and thus would make it very unlikely that he got into farming or animal husbandry at some point. Meanwhile, Webber's Gorge quotes indicate that he is familiar with a hoe and that seeing wheat makes him wish he were "back at the mill." Wilson doesn't share these sentiments. When you think about it, there were a lot of opportunities in the Gorge to strengthen the connections between Wilson and Webber, but instead the Gorge quotes prove that these two characters have very different backgrounds. But, when they did finally confirm the familial relationship between Max and the twins, it didn't contradict anything in their characters. If Klei did confirm that Wilson and Webber were related, they would have to retcon a lot because their backgrounds don't add up.
  7. It has been established in several ways that the investigation board was created by Winona. It is the first thing shown in the short "Next of Kin". The description of her Industrious skin says "When all signs pointed towards the Voxola Radio Company, Winona knew what she had to do." If you watch through the opening scene of the short carefully, you can see that the board follows this description. Near the picture of the flower is Wagstaff's business card and a note that says "Gain access to Voxola." Then in the upper right is a paper that says Voxola Application at the top. It is also implied through the Compendium biography for Winona: "For over a decade she tracked down every clue, followed every lead, poked, prodded, and questioned anyone who might have a connection to the case, until all the loose strings started to come together." And I also want to add, the bg concepts and animatic for "Next of Kin" showed an earlier version of the opening scene where instead of cutting to the factory it panned out, revealing the investigation board next to Winona at her workstation. This was only shown in the BTS stream for "Next of Kin" which I uploaded here. The part with the animatic starts around here.
  8. I love theories like this and finding connections between characters, there are a lot more details here that I never put together! And I am a sucker for fatherly Wilson. But, I want to bring up some missing info that pretty much kills it for me. Webber's quotes also establishes that his father kept goats and taught him how to raise them: And Wilson has never mentioned owning a goat, or being the outdoorsy type at all. Warly is the only character I can think of that has admitted to owning a goat with his Volt Goat quote: "I had a goat once."
  9. Nope, Kevin first said it was Percival back in 2012.
  10. I have not heard of Peter Max before, so I gave him a quick google. He is an inspiration! The Swimming horrors were drawn on regular sized sticky notes! So they're fairly small.
  11. YES, but also, I think it would make a cute Critter.
  12. Thank you! I've actually always wanted to design things like stickers, so these comments are encouraging! I think it would be nice to collect my previous art challenge doodles in this here thread. Baby Ancient Guardian Mr. Skitts and Swimming Horror Koalefant
  13. Poor Wortox! 8n8 I love the way you drew Krampus all shadowy and the face next to him is delightfully freaky.
  14. Hellooo I promised myself I would make an art thread after finishing this piece, because it was actually for the Wormwood art stream challenge but I was obscenely late. T^T I finally finished it on March 31. I wanted to do a 60's aesthetic for Wormwood, because he is literally flower power. It is inked with Sakura Micron pens and colored with Prismacolor Pencils. It was a great learning experience. I haven't finished a piece in years, so I feel pretty good about it!