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  1. Secondary thought: I think I'm gonna trust Klei with what they think a proper Triumphant skin is for Wormwood because I believe it has interesting lore prospects. The shadow magic changed Wormwood's body in ways that make him look like Hamlet's Ancient Herald, such as the pincer hands and the head shape in the first couple stages. That's pretty interesting, and I think it was only done because this is a Triumphant skin.
  2. I dunno I think that Triumphant Wormy is a clever "shadowy" take on Hamlet aesthetics. His dark pink/bright green color scheme fits pretty well in the Deep Rainforest biome which is under a shadowy canopy. Maybe this means that that part of Hamlet is affected by shadow magic? Wormy was created by Moon magic, which is different from shadow magic per Max and Wicker's quotes. Triumphant Wormy's jewel could then be holding all that shadow magic, which turned it from moon glass green to black.
  3. Sea Weed = "As long as we don't take their barnacles, they'll stay our buds." Seedshell = "We're under seedge!" Sea Sprout = "This one's just a sprout." Sea Sprout Starter = "They seem to grow best on oceanic rocks." Rockjaw= "We may need a bigger boat..." Deck Illuminator= "I'm full of bright ideas." Lightning Conductor = "I've harnessed the power of electricity over land and sea!" Fire Pump = "It puts out fires very a-fish-iently." Barnacles = "They don't look like knuckles to me." Cooked Barnacles = "I'm told it's quite a delicacy." Barnacle Pita = "Barnacles taste better when you can't see them." Barnacle Nigiri = "I still seem to have misplaced my chopsticks." Barnacle Linguine= "Pass the pasta!" Stuffed Fish Heads = "I'm just hungry enough to consider it..." Leafy Meatloaf = "Mystery leaf meat." Veggie Burger = "Vegetarian, but not cruelty-free." Jelly Salad = "Has science gone too far?" Beefy Greens = "Strangely filling, for a salad."
  4. Nope, Kevin first said it was Percival back in 2012.
  5. I have not heard of Peter Max before, so I gave him a quick google. He is an inspiration! The Swimming horrors were drawn on regular sized sticky notes! So they're fairly small.
  6. YES, but also, I think it would make a cute Critter.
  7. Thank you! I've actually always wanted to design things like stickers, so these comments are encouraging! I think it would be nice to collect my previous art challenge doodles in this here thread. Baby Ancient Guardian Mr. Skitts and Swimming Horror Koalefant
  8. Poor Wortox! 8n8 I love the way you drew Krampus all shadowy and the face next to him is delightfully freaky.
  9. Hellooo I promised myself I would make an art thread after finishing this piece, because it was actually for the Wormwood art stream challenge but I was obscenely late. T^T I finally finished it on March 31. I wanted to do a 60's aesthetic for Wormwood, because he is literally flower power. It is inked with Sakura Micron pens and colored with Prismacolor Pencils. It was a great learning experience. I haven't finished a piece in years, so I feel pretty good about it!
  10. Hopefully Wagstaff will end up in the DS files instead. I'm really hoping he's the base game addition.
  11. That's some good stuff. My favorite bit: *mimes a whisper*
  12. I love the way you draw Wilson!! Very handsome. I would totally use that as a cookie jar.
  13. A rough attempt at coloring with crayon. Outlines and flowers are sharpies.