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  1. I like this video from Vox that's specifically about why we think Vikings wore helmets. It focuses on the Wagner opera and the guy who originally designed the costumes for it, Carl Emil Doepler. Wigfrid seems to be a combination of the Valkyrie costume (winged helmet, spear, shield) and the male warrior costume (like Siegfried). The RoG DLC on Steam has this description of Wigfrid: And a couple of her quotes makes it clear that she is fully aware that she is still acting. Top Hat- "It döesn't match my cöstume." Pirate Hat- "This hat cönfuses my character...I mean, my söul." Florid Postern- "It makes me löng för the stage!" Rawling- "Finally! Sömeöne tö rehearse with." My theory as to why she refuses to break character is that she simply decided that being Wigfrid makes surviving The Constant much easier than being whoever she was originally. She did all that stage combat training, might as well put it to use. They say that in order to be more confident, you should try acting that way, it's like a placebo effect. So as long as she's playing Wigfrid, she can make it. The real world explanation is that DS/T is a silly world, and Wigfrid is a comedic character making fun of method acting. However, there is one quote that makes me think Wigfrid could be under the impression that she is still in a play. For a Bat Cave from DST Wigfrid says: "They're hiding under the stage." Now this is just one quote, but it makes me wonder. Wouldn't it be funny if Wigfrid is going along with all of this, believing that the world is literally a stage, that the survivors are just other characters, and that this is some kind of extreme improvisation exercise?
  2. Yep, that image of the striped costume strongman is what I'm trying to find more info on. So far I haven't found the origin of it. I really like finding out why we have these classic images in our collective minds. Aw, thanks! It would be cool to see more threads like the Wigfrid one! I've been collecting research on all the characters since I got into DS/T and there's a lot of interesting stuff! Tangential learning is fun.
  3. There's this one picture of Louis with shorter-looking hair that I thought looked a bit like Wolfgang. Besides that, Louis' story also reminds me of Wolfgang in that he was known for his immense eating. He had to eat a lot in order to maintain his strength (sound familiar?). Although, that is just the kind of diet strongmen use in general. It's still interesting even as a coincidence, especially since he is from the time period DS/T is working with. I like finding connections like this. I know there is some kind of "German Strongman" stereotype that I think Wolfgang is pulling from, but I haven't been able to find good information on it. Wolfgang mentioning prayers in that one quote was probably a direct reference to Hulk Hogan, and not necessarily something about his character.
  4. Winona mentions tenement houses a couple of times, so maybe she's a New Yorker? Regarding Wolfgang, I wouldn't be surprised if some inspiration for him came from Louis Cyr, the Canadian strongman.
  5. I always thought it was Charlie.
  6. A rough attempt at coloring with crayon. Outlines and flowers are sharpies.
  7. I thought of this comparison too, but it occurred to me today that it's entirely possible for Wortox to get a whole color change. That could help differentiate him from this skin. I'm happy it looks like he will be fluffier, and more cuddly. Always good traits. Personally, I never saw the Krampus connection wrt Wortox. They have totally different noses and horn shapes. But it would be interesting to see a playable Krampus, not gonna lie. Something I'm really looking forward to is finding out what Wortox's instrument will be for his voice. He was one of the few unimplemented characters to not have sound files.
  8. [Game Update] - 307715

    So far my favorite Wormwood quote is the one for Dung Beetles: "You like poop too?!"
  9. Maybe he has something like the Necklace, too, and that's why he doesn't transform. She says that her father gave it to him: "PAPA GIVETH WILBA THIS FOR THE HAIRY TIMES"
  10. Thank you for the examples. Aww, Webber's family quotes always get me! This does seem like a hint at something like an English background, very interesting.
  11. For anyone interested, there is a page on the wiki that attempts to document the story and timeline. At the very least, it has all the sources from Kevin, the William Carter puzzles, quotes and whatnot all in one place.
  12. I'm still processing that they are actually finally going through with backstories. Like, individual character backstory treatment! Wow! I've only started playing last year and can only imagine how long some people have waited for this to happen. I'm interested in seeing the method Klei will use to show us these backstories. Like, are we talking some paragraphs and related images? Or will they go all out with a comic or even an animation? Can't wait to find out! I really want this too! It's not fair that only Wilson and Max have full names! Interesting! Can you give some examples of this, if it's not too much trouble?
  13. Here's some quick drawings done on post-its with a black pen and sharpie. A Mr. Skits and Swimming Horror.