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  1. It's a minor display issue with the sprites used to show the transition between swamp and space (vaccuum) tiles. The sprite seems to be too small or shifted by about 1-2 pixels; just enough to see the space background when the tile transition is going up, right, or upper right. When the transition is to the left or upper left, I can see a white line along where the tiles should meet. It is more or less noticeable depending on the zoom level. There is an aliasing effect as I change the zoom level from minimum (zoomed in) to max. At zoomed in, the lines come and go, but at zoomed out, they're present almost consistently no matter what I'm doing. I run with AA off as I do have a lower end system. I've not noticed this before with the transitions of any other biomes previously. (First time that I recall that I've pushed up through anything other than Frozen biomes.) I don't know if the issue is strictly because I do run AA off, and it's not something that can be easily corrected, or if it's something the 3D or art team can touch up and fix to make the game look just a little bit better.
  2. I've kind of wondered about this myself. Maybe they're saving it for final release?
  3. Did you cut down the tree the piko ran into to see if it was stored in there? Pikos work like the moleworm's holes and monkey dens by using the trees as storage.
  4. The change was in the patch notes from the 22 October patch: The random chat definitely needs to be fixed.
  5. I just started this playthrough this morning with Wickerbottom. It was a cave cleft that caused the issue. I could move around inside the room as normal... using the space bar, I was able to pick the ferns, mine the rock formations, and gather the drops. Couldn't seem to find the exit again, though. (I hadn't read the debug console command added added when I closed the game, though.) I did look at the in-game log, but I'm not familiar with the coordinate offsets and such for entering a building or what scripts should load. A few things looked off, but nothing I could look at and say "this shouldn't be." I'll note that this is the first that it has happened with my installation with well over 20 hours in. If it's even remotely connected, and not sure it will be in the log, I had just "lost" a playthrough with another character (WX-78) where I was experiencing the rain issue that is getting reported before starting this playthrough. I didn't restart the game between. (Probably extraneous information, but I was taught a thorough report of everything is better than a terse one.) Edit: added a screenshot of the mini-map. Yeah, the coordinates in the console log looked weird because they were. Also, it looks like this might be a world gen issue. I used the map to figure out where the door is and was able to exit. Re-entering put me in the exact same position. However, the console command did nothing for me. log.txt
  6. Any time new things are added that are placed at map generation, such as creatures or materials, you need to create a new map to have them. There is always the option to add them in via debug. It may be worth starting a new map anyway, since the star map has changed significantly.
  7. I'm going to take a random stab and say this is related to something in the patch notes about a lot of content with this update not being in yet, though it's one that is... unnerving in a way. It's doing this every time during break when the dupes should be having the new facial actions. edit: that I think on it, the faces can disappear any time they start talking to each other, breaks or other times.
  8. Catching pufts: There seems to be an issue with the lures currently, at least for the shine bugs. They are attracted to them without loading any bait. I haven't tried with pufts yet. Might be intended, might not. Feeding pufts: you can also throw a few storage compactors in there and load them with slime. They'll offgass polluted oxygen, too, though downside to this is the amount of slimelung bacteria in it before it gets eaten by the pufts. (Feel free to clean with the ore scrubber first or not... slimelung isn't that big a deal with a large colony.) Sleet wheat: I've been manually watering for about 50 cycles now and room temp has hardly moved with a couple of Wheezeworts in the vicinity, and that includes 3 Thermo regulators. I have one Wheezewort in an area the water can flow to (it freezes up) and storage compactors in between the regulators to store ice (or polluted ice since it has a lower freezing point). My water supply is about 35 C. I've thought about changing this to hydroponics tiles, but I've had the issue in the past of the pipes freezing up too fast or the water being too warm (if using abyssalite). @Klei devs: like the new priorities. I find it gives a good balance of control over what jobs to pick and don't seem to have an issue with getting things done that need done .5 cycle ago. I can train a dupe to cook, reassign as a gofer for training, and still have cooking as priority.
  9. Seems random. First time I loaded DST after the Forge update, the game crashed. After this, I've been crashing after getting disconnected from a server. It's mostly consistent, but not all the time.Including the client_log file. This is only occuring when trying to connect to Forge servers. Connecting to normal game servers seems to function just fine. As far as I'm aware, all mods are currently disabled. "Verified integrity of game files" through Steam, no issues.
  10. A dupe was randomly teleported from inside the base area into a cavern that hadn't be dug into yet. This is with the automation upgrade preview. I'm not sure if the game went into a bug state prior to this and the dupe ended up where it was, or if the game crash was caused by the dupe being in the wrong place. The game uploaded the bug report before I closed it down. I'm attaching a screen cap, the save file, and output_log.txt (Looked for similar issues, but all I saw were problems of dupes being stuck in odd positions from building/digging.) Dupe jump bug.sav
  11. Not sure what happens on this, but using the Debug Dig command on these broken tiles removes the issue, so it's at least a temporary workaround till fixed. The places I've seen this: a tile of water froze and entombed a ladder section. Dupes were on top of one tile when it was dug out, but did not drop down. Sand dropped down and buried some other items. I had one other tile in a save that kept crashing, but I hadn't noticed as it was first time I had encountered the problem. edit: eh... the save file I attached was after I had debugged it. If I run across another problem, I'll try to remember to upload a save.