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  1. A little imagination how can animate one of the concepts ..
  2. @Kuba5565 Thanks! At the moment, the shadow manipulator is the only structure on which I make my concepts. I have not thought about other items and structures.
  3. Thank you. Unfortunately, I rarely draw. But I like the drawing style of Klei. Their conciseness and clarity of lines delight! In these sketches I found a new hobby. And this forum is the only place where I post these drawings. Options "A" and "B" as I imagine them. There will be a sequel soon.
  4. I’ll work on new sketches the other day. This time it will be in FORGE style.
  5. Wilson Character Update
  6. I think it's time to inject paint. For example, to color your Beefalo and not mix it up with another. I like the idea of advanced cartography. The idea of using the Malbatross Feather is great! A new meaning will appear to look for this restless bird.
  7. Thanks. It also seems to me that the leftmost skin will fit perfectly into the idea of Return of Them.
  8. Recently, Klei delight us with new skins for various items. The skin for the bee mine is also beautiful, of course, but in my opinion there is not enough skin for the shadow manipulator. I will periodically throw my ideas. I hope the community also wants to share their creativity. The goal is to draw attention to the community's interest in this subject, even if our ideas are not implemented by Klei. My drawing skill is not as good as Klei's, and my English is even worse, but I try.
  9. New boss During the Closed Beta Hamlet, I thought it would be a Jaguar guarding the ruins. I respect your choice, but I am surprised and "disappointed") The sketch that I drew in October