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  1. More seashells to the seashell god! =) • Shadow Manipulator (v28) - just because this is a topic with manipulators) • Science Machine - few options in this style.
  2. Too much work lately, on a hobby there is almost no free time .. But I could draw a sketch for the "community theme" to support this idea. Maybe I’ll even finish it, but that’s not accurate=))
  3. I think that if they announced the theme of the week, this would be the "Crab king". While some kind of crap is raging in the world and all people are sitting at home - somewhere Jesse is sad.... We miss too =)
  4. Wilson Griftlands style • Shadow Manipulator (v26) • Night Light • Bat Bat (I didn’t draw it separately) Several intermediate versions in large size: Webber Griftlands style • Shadow Manipulator (v27) I drew it for an Klei Weekly Art Stream. A little finalized in the overall style. Added a manipulator. And finally, I combined all the results in this style.
  5. Winona Griftlands style • Shadow Manipulator (v25)
  6. Thanks. I think that they have staffed with talented specialists. And for me it is a hobby and not my main job)
  7. The best rider on spitters is the spider) + style of Griftlands. It just so happened that Webber was one of those characters whose image I planned to make in this style, in continuing the development of the concept of shadow manipulators (Recently, other items), which I started in a separate forum topic. (there are those who are in the know).
  8. It can be assumed that this version may be the new mechanics after Wendy’s rework. Ghost control!
  9. Thanks! This is logical) That really makes sense. I, too, began to feel that my original idea had grown into something more. So far, I can not clearly articulate a general concept. I am glad that many participants have become not indifferent to such ideas. Initially, I thought that other community members would add their ideas to this topic to show the importance of requesting for items that ALL players use. Maybe I'm a little naive... It is worth noting that one way or another feedback here took place. Personally for me! And I am grateful to that. That's cool! Everyone who watched, commented, shared their thoughts became a co-author of the diversity of this project. I will leave this topic without formatting and will supplement it sometimes. In the future I will try to develop topics: - halloween - Chinese New Year Special thanks to @thomas4846 (I did not have time for the year of the rat, but I’ll think about the upcoming bull year). - seasonal themes. - story twists related to the development of the game. - Link to other Klei games. In the near future I will make 3 more manipulators in the style of the world of Griftlands. And then I will switch to other projects and ideas. For which, as I think, I’ll create separate forum topics. Some kind of such a plan)
  10. Wendy Griftlands style • Shadow Manipulator (v24)
  11. Also, I fantasized a bit over the look of the following characters. I think that a Wendy flower with a hologram is a good idea. Together with Winona, I am thinking of making Morning Star skin. In my free time, I will think about options for its appearance. His style fits well with the Griftlands universe. Manipulators are more difficult to invent=))
  12. WX-78 Griftlands style • Shadow Manipulator (v23) • Thermal Measurer • Lightning Rod • Cartographer's Desk
  13. Now I understand)) Wolfgang is really very similar to one of the heroes of Griftlands. Unfortunately, I don’t know bad the characters from this game - I’m waiting for it to be released in the store Steam. I want to take the atmosphere of the Griftlands world and experiment with DST characters. Again, it's no secret that Klei make skins with references to their games...
  14. The main theme here is manipulators. Characters only complement them and expand the scope for ideas. While I am thinking of 3-6 characters in this style. I will paint in my free time. It will be: • Perfect: Wigfrid, WX-78, Wendy, Webber, Wilson and Winona • Minimum: Wigfrid, WX-78, +1(someone else). If nothing changes) Wolfgang was in "Russian fairy tales". Wurt, and Wortox were not in my plans)