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  1. Don't Starve Hamlet LP!

    On today's episode of Don't Starve Hamlet DLC [Closed Beta] we enter the new season with a new set of problems. Allergies. I don't realize until later how much of a negative impact this has on a long-term basis. And I know now that you can overcome it with a Gas Mask but at the time I was completely clueless.
  2. Don't Starve Hamlet LP!

    On today's episode of Don't Starve Hamlet DLC [Closed Beta] we wander deeper into the jungles and the temples of the new world on top of the clouds. But while we are busy exploring the many twists and turns, a new season has arrived...
  3. Don't Starve Hamlet LP!

    On today's episode of Don't Starve Hamlet DLC [Closed Beta] we gather enough OINKS to gain the attention of the Pig Thief again. Unlike our run with Wilson, we are prepared this time and chase the culprit down! However, the thief has more than just one trick up his sleeve!
  4. Don't Starve Hamlet LP!

    Back with some more Don't Starve Hamlet DLC [Closed Beta] and on this episode, we enter a new season and with it a new type of weather: FOG!
  5. Don't Starve Hamlet LP!

    Back with another episode of Don't Starve Hamlet DLC [Closed Beta] and on this episode, I do my best to save enough money to buy my own house!
  6. Nerf hayfever a bit, please

    I guess maybe it can be hard to breathe? But even if this was the case, why not have it affect other mobs like the Pig Knights who are wearing full armor and waving around a battle axe?
  7. Nerf hayfever a bit, please

    Now that you two broke it down in terms of weight and ease of acquiring the necessary items, it doesn't seem as bad. But I still stand beside my point of it not making any sense in terms of reasoning. No one slows down in fog (unless driving).
  8. I thought something was missing but I didn't notice until I played as Wolfgang and was starving. Usually I rely on the tracks to get enough food to last me but now? Nothing. Jack the Ripper is a good idea but is too similar to the pig thief and also doesn't really make sense why he would yield more food than normal pigs. My suggestion is a new animal that is a mixture of the two biomes: Savannah and Pasture - A Hippo and a Cow: A Hippow! And when you track it down, it's the same kind of deal and drops meat and a unique item.
  9. We need bosses that track you down

    I only half agree with you - now that you can go inside buildings, I don't know how that would play out. It did make me think of the three pigs and the big bad wolf however. So, maybe a Werewolf Giant - bigger than the Varg that attacks civilized areas only, near the end of the 3rd or 4th season. You would of course have help from the knight pigs but if you choose to stay inside, it will huff and puff and blow your house down, causing you to step out and fight it.
  10. Thank you for the Hamlet beta, Klei!

    Gonna miss it until it returns in December but I look forward to the finished product. Thank you for letting us experience it!
  11. Ideas For Hamlet Treeguards.

    I hope some of these are introduced, especially a giant treeguard from the rainforest that moves the rainforest with it, attacking with vines from a distance, and with roots when close to the trunk. My fav. though is the Tuber Treeguard because it's different - it might be one of the few treeguards that change appearance, as it does eventually bloom.
  12. Nerf hayfever a bit, please

    The seasons move faster than in the base game which I am hoping is because it's in closed beta - because that sure does not give you enough time to prepare for these two seasons. Sure, being difficult is part of Don't Starve's charm but slowing down the player during fog feels like you slow down the gameplay. Doesn't make sense either. Sure, the sandstorm effect I can understand, but fog? I don't slow down while walking during foggy weather. There's no reason to. Why not just reduce visibility? Allergies are to me an enigma as I just encountered them recently. I sneeze every so often and drop 1-3 items along with losing a bit of sanity each time. The only remedy I found was to eat the tree nuts but even those were not a permanent solution. I thought about making a gas mask but I did not have the necessary materials nor did I know if (or even where) I could get them now. Also the thorn-vines that grow throughout the ground may be a necessary evil of the season but at least have them drop something if hacked? Like vines?
  13. Don't Starve Hamlet LP!

    I return with more Don't Starve Hamlet DLC, Closed Beta episodes and today, we finally get to play as my all time fav. character, Wolfgang! Lets see if we have what it takes to survive even longer with him!
  14. Iron Goliath Concept

    Ok I thought I was the only one who tried to connect them all by activating them. Maybe they're one of the Giants that requires something to transform into an Iron Goliath. I can totally see this being some kind of Iron T-Rex.
  15. Don't Starve Hamlet LP!

    On today's episode of Don't Starve Hamlet DLC [Closed Beta] we try to sail to new lands without any luck. Then, the weather suddenly changes and new enemies begin to sprout out of the ground like daisies! What new devilry is this?