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I can't believe I finally managed to get some reeds out of that forsaken swamp. I swear there's something moving below there. But I had to risk it, I HAVE to write this down; take it out of my head. I don't remember when was the last time I slept.

I can barely see what I'm writing, the fire is getting too low. I better put some more logs in it before the darkness surrounds me completely. I don't like the darkness. Where IS sun?

The sun has risen, but so did my hunger. I better go find some carrots or
enough I won't be able to defend myself...

Damn carrots are getting harder to find every day that passes, there's gotta be a better way. If only I could grow them, or use it to lure some tasty rabbit into my hands I could strangle it and have a feast, for once. But they are fast. If I can't outrun them, I can outsmart them. I'm a scientist after all. How hard can it be?

EUREKA! I cought one with a rudimentary trap. Heh, eureka... how long since I had a bath? And I only spent a whole day gathering the grass and twigs, making the trap and waiting for the bunny to fall into it.

This isn't going to work.

I guess I'll have to eat the berries. There's plenty of them around. Too many actually, not even the damn crows eat them. What if they are poisoned? And whats WITH the crows? They follow me around no matter where I go, like vultures. I wonder what they taste like.

. SEEDS. That's how stationary trees spread around. I feel ashamed I didn't realized this early. I blame the lack of sleep. I'll make a straw roll out of grass and try to get some rest.

Well that was a waste of good grass. I couldn't close my eyes at all. I'm not sure what was out there, moving by the trees, but whatever it is... is not happy. It's almost like every time I rekindled the fire the forest complained about it. Stationary trees. Stationary. Bullshit. That tree wasn't there yesterday. I'm gonna map out EVERY. SINGLE. TREE in this forest. If I catch JUST ONE of them out of place tomorrow, I will kill tree.

I just re read what I wrote yesterday. I'm losing it, I have to focus; experiment. I need to be in control.

Experiment Day 1.

I've collect several seeds. I improvised a little farm field and planted them. They may not fill my stomach now, but perhaps they will in the near future and I can finally stop worrying about starving to death and start figuring out a way of getting out of here.

Experiment Day 2.

I spent all night looking it grow, whatever "it" means. I don't know what kind of vegetable or fruit a crow eats, but I sure hope is a big one. Like a pumpkin. Then I could carve a face on it and make a scarecrow to keep the damn crows AWAY FROM MY CROPS! But then again, they would just eat him.

Experiment Day

Ok, it's definitely a carrot. Also, it's definitely not meat. Why can't I just grow meat? I guess that would be too easy, wouldn't it? Why does it grows so sloooooooow..?

That's it, I can't take it anymore. We need MEAT. And I'm not talking about rabbits anymore. We want BEEF. Why are YOU covered up in tasty meat and warm wool when WE have to catch disgusting frogs and piss of the trees by burning them for warmth? No more frog legs for me, YOU HAS MEAT. And it better be good. Tomorrow, we hunt a beefalo.

My head hurts. Damn beefaloes, they came straight towards me. But they have to sleep sometime.

Weird. I had the strangest dream while I was unconscious; I swear I heard Maxwell saying to me "say pal, you don't look so good".

I better make a fire before it get's darker. Fire is good.

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I recorded the voice. Still don't know if it sounds OK-ish... I'll certainly make the video, I am just a bit busy, but I think it will be done by tomorrow. I'll send it to Excess first for approval! Wait for epicness to come!!

(And you, Excess, keep writing, so I don't get out of material to dub...)

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