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  1. Walter the Dark Priest

    I was talking about that part where you mentioned how his voice could sound like so I tough that you wanted him to talk. By the way I really like this sacrifice and favor idea. But it would be a bit hard to gather food if animals try to flee but that would make the game more difficult which is what I (everybody?) like.
  2. [Gameplay] Game and map quicky switch

    In my opinion, you guys deserve that I pay a full copy but like I said above, I can't pay it for now but I plan to do so. By the way, you're the best developers that I've ever heard of! Thanks for your awesome work.
  3. FREE Don't Starve Game

    Michael Jackson and a child molester enters a bar. He orders a drink. Ba Dum Tss...
  4. [Gameplay] Game and map quicky switch

    If I could pay it I swear I'd do it but for now that's impossible. And I honestly think that they will prefer me to pay it after the official release.
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number crack Issue title Game and map quicky switch Steps to reproduce 1.Enter the game 2.Hold Tab (map key) Describe your issue By the way I'm really sorry but I play on a cracked version... So to make it simple my Tab key got stuck and it make the map and the game switch rapidly. I really wanted to report it because if a epileptic player get the same issue... I don't want to know the rest. Sorry again for not paying the game.
  6. Ramblings

    I can't wait to see that video online. Let's hope you are taking your time to offer some quality content but I honestly have lost fate in that project to come alive... Too bad!
  7. Walter the Dark Priest

    For his voice, it could sound like the seller from Resident Evil 4.