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  1. Tall birds...THOSE DEVILS! They run fast, dont let go and hit hard! Even with Wolfgang i came down to 60 health from 1!
  2. It was a fire hound, I call it Hell hound becuase it burns like hell...they can drop rare stuff like butter and red gems.
  3. I think thats F something, Maybe F3.
  4. Off the topic, I love the Abyss in your eyes....So...Lifeless...
  5. Post in the bugs area, Probaly a visual glitch.
  6. Bzz...bzz.....BZZZ.......and now its time to jump into the ocean! ^-^
  7. i have 1 nest..its between 2 swamp islands and 1 pig beefalo island so...yeah
  8. No one knows me, so i recommand dandytard, becuase of his posts and pictures
  9. Today, when i fighted Krampus, He dropped charcoal and then i thinked, before christmas....naughty and good....charcoal? OFCOURSE! Krampus is santa claus! but he kills you.
  10. @Dandytard u got some wierd posts...dont slip on seeds mate....
  11. OMGOMG OMG OMG OMG OMG, Is there a...NEW BIOME AT 1:23 or 32? lol i forgot,Up and right, right up corner, SQUEEZE.
  12. So i did for now is to plant some saplings.. http://imgur.com/7e052,J7yLp,9Hajn,plwd7,u47s You can post some similar things... i wanna see monster meat .