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  1. Definitely interested to see how much ground we can cover with closed testing, enough reason for me to sign up Good luck with the closed beta Klei
  2. Dear Lord this announcement is enough to bring me out of a half year Don't starve hiatus So excited!
  3. SECRET- Hidden in the video

    These Necroes are getting quite ridiculous, I mean where do they even find these threads? it must of been at least 20 pages back.
  4. Beekeeping Expanded

    It is quite a strange feeling to come back to an old thread and find that it has become a discussion about anteaters..... Not that I mind of course, Carry on!
  5. I think this solves the problem of who we are playing up against,EDIT: Wait! what is that chess move called?
  6. why not simply make it negative sanity? assuming you can get that far it would be quite the art shift. Happy and insane
  7. I've decided to finally cash out all my XP the only way I can... By dying magnificently of course! This was my first world for Don't Starve and I've grown quite attached to it indeed.How should I end it?Any ideas?
  8. Trail Mix

    Yes! It could be an optional research item then?Something early on in the game to make berries and seeds more useful
  9. Thinking about the foods already available in the game I came across the idea of trail mix; Berries and seeds, nothing more, nothing less. It could be made in a crockpot as a slightly better alternative to carrots or berries.Any ideas?
  10. I always saw it as a nice surprise and nothing more... who would invoke 100 krampii for a couple of extra slots?
  11. Some suggestions

    Try using q and e, it will quickly fix the problem mind you,Sadly a couple of these ideas have been suggested before but I especially liked the pig man lost in the snow idea, seems to fit well within the theme.Also, perhaps you might like to look at the modding section?
  12. Keep it safe or the denizens of the baby beefalo support forums will kill you but seriously, is that a new feature?
  13. Floral Head Wreath

    Maybe it could incite the wrath of nearby bees?
  14. The one issue i have with this is the fact that it may force the developers to give abilities to ALL the characters, but a good idea nonetheless
  15. Using twigs, a bit of beard hair and some silk, Wilson can now craft spiritual proxies of himself, Twig Dolls. Twig Dolls look similar to a meat effigy but have a twig like body coated in beefalo wool and are about the size of a graveyard item. Making one takes 10% of your health and will also drop your sanity by 20%, Why make one? Well these objects hold a dangerous and terrifying power...Hallucinations will fixate upon these objects instead of you and will attack it until it breaks, upon which it will turn to ash. Even on full sanity when they can't be seen they will still attack them and this can be shown by having the doll thrown around/turn to ash etc.Twig Dolls have absolutely no effect on spiders or normal animals but can buy you valuable time when insane and can be found under the magic department.Now, Discuss!