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[Game Update] - 278467

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  • Developer
  • Mourning effect has a higher stress penalty.
  • New stretch animation when waking up.
  • New animation when dupes eat contaminated food.
  • Dupes will ignore break time during red alert.
  • First version of the schedule editing system is in. This is still under development but you can now give it a try and let us know what you think!
  • New arcade cabinet art.
  • Water cooler interaction can now happen from either side.

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Nice functionality.  Couple of quick issues:

1) All the dupes are named meeep in the scheduler.

2) the jobs tab doesn't display all the jobs of the dupes.  Although they still have a job, the tab just doesn't show it.  Machinery doesn't recognize that dupes have the skills they have.


Rocky Planet.sav

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I have the same jobs problem on my save.  See above for the save.


I started a new game and the scheduling tab says everyone is MEEEEP even though I don't have a MEEEEP.


During the new game when the jobs board is first built, there are no dupes in the "unemployed catagory."  When I assign a dupe a job they don't show up under the job just assigned.  Added a new save.


New game save.


Acidic Antfarm.sav

Acidic Antfarm 2.sav

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I have two issues - Bathtime isn't being respected.  If I turn on the showers, Dups will try to go to them even when it's not time.  My other issue is, could we make the block of time that it currently is in the day light up?  I'm not sure how this is configured - is the first block their normal morning?  Other than that, I am very excited by this change.  I want to run a day crew, a night crew and maybe a swing shift to get things done.  I think it will alleviate the time we spend watching them break and sleep. 

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I am having the same issues listed above.  The job board is empty and everyone has Meep's name.  I did notice you can still place dupes into jobs (I think), but they don't show up on the board.   You do see a color change on the Job dropdowns.


Any chance of another patch for the job board yet today?  Or should I just revert to Cosmic?  Is it possible to revert one patch back as this one is very hard to use now.



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