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  1. [Game Update] - 278467

    I have two issues - Bathtime isn't being respected. If I turn on the showers, Dups will try to go to them even when it's not time. My other issue is, could we make the block of time that it currently is in the day light up? I'm not sure how this is configured - is the first block their normal morning? Other than that, I am very excited by this change. I want to run a day crew, a night crew and maybe a swing shift to get things done. I think it will alleviate the time we spend watching them break and sleep.
  2. [Game Update] - 273263

    It's always on a Thursday. Sorry
  3. I feel this way too...or I would if I wasn't too busy starting a new colony
  4. Invisible Dupes?

    Post patch today, still disappearing. It seems to happen the most when they are off screen and come on screen. If you zoom in or out, sometimes they will pop back in. The Upsidedown Duck.sav
  5. [Game Update] - 265004

    You're the best! thanks
  6. [Game Update] - 259080

    I think the gas geyser nerf is going to force a little more care into setting up power. The use of smart batteries is really going to be essential now. I have an oxygen setup that uses a smart battery, the hydrogen generator and a coal generator for backup. The coal generator only runs for a few seconds, keeping it from wasting that energy.
  7. It's not maxing the ram. I seem to keep doing things that cause crashes when I use debug mode. lol. It doesn't happen in the stable branch though. I think it's a case of "one too many things" going wrong there.
  8. Did you make a bug report? I'm on day 78, no debug mode. I find the debug mode with the preview branches is very, very unstable. I usually crash a couple time an hour with debug when I try to do things too quickly, like replacing tiles.
  9. [Game Update] - 259043

    But I liked my dupes to be both dead and not dead at the same time. It was Schrodinger's Dup!
  10. Hatches do not eat from the auto feeder

    Thank you. I watched the twitch stream for the update after I posted this and figured out the shine bugs. But yes, a description for the animals for what they add would be excellent. Thank you for making this game. I'm 1300 hours in and loving it.
  11. Hatches don't eat from the auto feeder. Nothing does as far as I can tell. Also, what the heck do shine bugs eat?!?!?! Swanky Canteloupe.sav
  12. Yes. I'm having this trouble too. If I change the storage to sweep only, it works properly though.
  13. You can't get the new geysers unless you go through map creation, so a new map. You won't lose the existing saves unless you delete them. you can't have the main game and the test branch at the same time. if you revert, it will remove the test branch files and you'll just have the main branch.
  14. *Edit - false alarm. The little buggers were hiding in the airlock door. Don't panic!