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  1. If they release it un-tested...thing will likely go very bad unless the new content really is purely cosmetic and not really game changing.
  2. This bug still exists. I started a new base with QoL mk 3. I still get this issue and it also happens with the rock granulator and molecular forge. @Brook This also happens with critter feeders.
  3. Late game FPS drop

    My experience with a 2000, 3000 and 5000 cycle base is that the save file increases linearly and the auto-save time gets slower. I've read in some posts that it is likely the compression of the save file itself. I'm not sure how much the reports are part of the save file inflation though. I begged the devs for a config option for auto-save frequency with never being an option. I've attached a 40Mb save file if anyone is curious. I did notice that debug mopping the magma at the bottom gave me about 10-15 fps boost. Most of this magma was trapped by nutronium. r166.sav
  4. Experience level table

    I haven't de-compiled the source since a few updates ago. Gotta love C#
  5. Experience level table

    DOH! I'm an idiot. I will delete this post in 3...2.....
  6. Experience level table

    @WanderingKid I looked at the xp gained/total needed in the skills screen at each level. XP required for each subsequent level decreases. I'm assuming it's a bug.
  7. For the mk3 preview branch I checked the xp needed for each level: level xp 1 5203 2 6536 3 7584 4 8473 5 9258 6 9965 7 10612 8 11214 9 11777 10 12308 11 12810 12 13289 13 13747 14 14186 15 14609 16 15016 17 15410 18 15791 (all I've checked so far) Dupes gain xp even when doing nothing at the rate of about 1300-1500 xp per cycle. I suspect they get xp faster when doing things. If you load an old map your dupes all start close to zero but each have 2 skill points to spend.
  8. plz fix physics

    Considering it takes many computers to simulate the folding of a single protein molecule I wonder how many computers it would take to simulate a small asteroid. I'm not sure the game would be fun if it was just a 100% accurate physics simulation. I prefer real life for this. I love ONI because of it's inaccuracy, quirks and puft farts.
  9. QOL Mk-III Beta Release ?

    Well hello and thanks
  10. Mop up the magma and you'll get 10 more fps
  11. QOL Mk-III Beta Release ?

    Waits patiently.....
  12. Save File Editor

    Found the reports under Savegame. That tree goes DEEP.
  13. All sorts of things are ending up in the algae distiller that don't belong. It is being treated like a storage container. It may be the auto-sweeper or dupes (not sure which). see save file. q134-algae-bug.sav
  14. Save File Editor

    Thanks for making this RoboPhred. I was poking around in the advanced area. Are reports saved in here somewhere?
  15. Dupes stop cooking certain recipes

    Likely a duplicate of: