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  1. Reviewing my 5th base

    The air looks a bit stinky.
  2. This was a while back..but when I mopped all the magma from the bottom of the map I got about 10-15 fps. It seems like replacing it with neutronium would be even better.
  3. In my powerplant I soak up some heat with CO2 and then send that CO2 into space (deleting the heat).
  4. I use oil as the coolant then send the hot oil to one buffer tank (liquid reservoir) and from there I refine it into hot petroleum and then burn it off in the petroleum generator. You can use polluted water or water instead of oil if it's cool enough (I think 30C is safe).
  5. You've made a wonderful game. Congrats to the entire team!
  6. [Game Update] - 348553

    I like the removal of fixed output temperatures but don't like the 40C fixed minimal output. I would prefer the input = output temp and just have the machine generate more heat if they want to nerf it without it being confusing. Less favorable would be to increase the heat of the liquid by a certain fixed amount like 2-3C (maybe configured in the difficulty settings).
  7. The temporal tear (wormhole?) is way way 200,000 km out there. Asteroids shrink as you mine them...but also grow back.
  8. CTD when clicking "colony summaries" in main menu

    it works if you have previous saves but crashes if there are none.
  9. PSA: Don't click colony summaries at the moment it crashes the game.
  10. Loads up ONI......!!!!
  11. Algae distiller is taking in many materials

    This bug still exists. I started a new base with QoL mk 3. I still get this issue and it also happens with the rock granulator and molecular forge. @Brook This also happens with critter feeders.
  12. Save File Editor

    Found the reports under Savegame. That tree goes DEEP.
  13. All sorts of things are ending up in the algae distiller that don't belong. It is being treated like a storage container. It may be the auto-sweeper or dupes (not sure which). see save file. q134-algae-bug.sav