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  1. It appears that Sweepy's Dock acts like a Storage Bin. By setting the dock to a low prio while other Storage Bins are higher (and not marked Sweep Only), dupes will move items from his Dock to the Storage Bin.
  2. When wrangling a shove vole, it can bury itself. The dupe then delivers a "buried object" graphic instead of a shove vole graphic. This may or may not be specific to the vole pup. It is purely a graphical issue; it is a vole pup, just with the wrong graphic.
  3. Happy to see loafu tofu, give a little more utility to Nosh Beans.
  4. Confirming this bug still exists in 278511. Unfortunately the dupe died way back in cycle 5, so essentially impossible to roll back to a prior cycle. This was not an issue until this weekend. Save file attached. Clone Supernova.sav
  5. Same issues here. Jobs are broken with saves.
  6. Have refrigerator, empty, at priority 5 Have critter feeder, full, at priority 6 Make Gristle Berry (or any food that could go in either one) Dupe will endlessly pick up the Gristle Berry, drop it, pick it up again, drop it, forever Disallow Gristle Berry from Critter Feeder to break the endless loop Before they pick it up, they seem to know it can go in the refrigerator (else why would they pick it up). But then once they've picked it up, they suddenly decide it can't go anywhere, likely wanting to put it in the Critter Feeder and not looking at the next option when it is full.