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  1. It's really not a reliable method for sorting. It will only work as long as the pump picks up exactly two different elements and always in the exact same order. You would have to keep the balance of gases around the pump to prevent it from getting two packets of the same element consecutively. A stray packet of polluted oxygen would also ruin things. Either side filling up would ruin it, too. There are better and more reliable sorting methods, if that's what you're looking for. What you're observing is just coincidence, not a mechanical certainty.
  2. Why do you think I don't know how it works? I wasn't actually asking for help or design critique. I was filing a bug report. That's why this is in the bug tracker, not the general discussion forum.
  3. My Polymer Press output pipe ended up in line with my Natural Gas Generator's output line, and the steady stream of 22.5g packets of Carbon Dioxide seem to be preventing the Polymer Press from plasticizing, pursuant to proper passing of previous precipitate. This was fixed a while back for other buildings (Latrine and Sink, as I recall). Perhaps parity pending possible Polymer Press patch? Pretty please? I'll show myself out now.
  4. File a bug report and upload your save game with the rocks in the sieve? That seems obviously a bug.
  5. If you're marking debris for sweeping, then it's also a tidy errand. The priority system is complicated, and can be surprising, but it does work. If you really think you've hit a bug in that system, please file a bug report.
  6. If you de-prioritized storing, then there might be something preventing them from performing the task you'd rather have them on. You can also mark storage containers as sweep-only to get further control. I would strongly recommend Terra until you get the hang of things. The later asteroids can be much harder.
  7. Not to be facetious, but it's by managing resources efficiently. Don't get more dupes than you can handle. Automate where possible. What specifically is tripping you up in the first 50 cycles?
  8. The transformers let you step down from higher capacity lines to lower capacity lines. It looks like you are mixing regular wire and heavy wire in the same circuit, which isn't going to help. You also have the transformers inline with each other. You want to run heavy wire from your generators to your transformers' input, then regular wire from the output to machines. The transform divides the input and output sides into separate circuits. Make sure that the total draw on the wire is less than it's capacity to avoid overload.
  9. Clicking the new X icon to empty an ice maker causes the ice debris to appear, but it is left suspended in mid air and does not appear to be accessible.
  10. Was just coming to report the same thing. Great Hall is no longer achieved with the stated requirements. Mess Hall still works, but I can't convince the room to upgrade.
  11. Park requirements unclear?

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm sure the Park requirements will become clear as we progress toward launch.
  12. Park requirements unclear?

    Replacing the Briar with another Mealwood did make the room a park. It just isn't clear from the descriptions that Briar isn't a wild plant. Now I have a small park with a grill. This pleases me.
  13. I noticed a couple of wild plants by my grill and decided to see if I could make my first park. I expected I might need to relocate my grill, but to my surprise it actually complained about there not being enough plants. Is the Briar not a plant? The Mealwood? Or is the grill the problem and the tooltip is misleading me?
  14. When placing a Ceiling Light the lighted area is still shown as a cone below the fixture. After building, however, the Light Overlay shows light in a more spherical, or cow-like, shape around the fixture.
  15. Immediately upon starting my first colony in the preview branch, I received the Outdoor Renovations achievement.