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  1. If someone gives you polluted dirt, just leave it alone and let it off gas until it is gone.
  2. Do corners in a tube make a difference (i.e. up 50 then sideways 50 vs [up 1, sideways 1, repeat 50 times]) ?
  3. Ice Maker is the only real early game option if you don't have a cold sink (ice biome or at least some cool water puddles nearby). Your image is quite small but looks like you have some salt water at the top. It's usually a decen temperature to dump some heat into. If the oil biome is too close/too hot prevention might be the more prudent option i.e. speed research insulated tiles and block it off. In theory any water you can heat up and get used in your research or food production will destroy that heat but it's hard to scale very much until you can build an aquatuner. Once you can build an aquatuner you can build a gold one in some water (cold water or LOTS of water if it's not cold) and use that to target cool what you need to until you get to the mid-game and can setup proper steel aquatuner/steam turbine setups.
  4. [Game Update] - 364722

    Collapsible is great for when working on the right side of the map. Forced scrollable is terrible. I now can't see everything I want to monitor at the same time even on a 4k resolution.
  5. Does the dupe in your image have the same priority for Tidy as Storage? If you put the priority on that storage compactor to 1, will they still pick up the closest dirt first? I use the proximity option but haven't noticed the issue you describe but I typically leave my sweep only storage containers at default and then set the sweep priorities as I need and they grab the high priority ones (like wild eggs!) first even when they're all the way across the map.
  6. Map generation bug

    I have a similar issue on Arboria seed 1223116479 on the right side towards the bottom of the map. Not the covered geyser in the middle of the screenshot but in the Neutronium directly to the right of it. Has a single space gap in the neutronium so I'll send in the army of space kittens but no dupes allowed.
  7. [Game Update] - 321393

    I prefer the way hats are now to the way they were before. I can have everyone wearing the hat of what I consider their primary job making it easier to find the one I want even when cross-training instead of having the entire colony all on the Tidy 3 hat when I got the morale to put everyone on Exosuit training.
  8. [Game Update] - 308684

    I got a similar situation when clicking on a Research Complete notification. Hitting the H key zoomed me back to the base from the distant north.
  9. Rowan is a primary Digger. He came down and dug a single tile just next to the platform he is standing on then started twitching. His next errand shows 'Test Text'. Other diggers are able to go past him and dig out the area. I am able to manually move him back to the rest of the base but he is unable to path, even manually, to the dig area shown on screen (which is the only dig area on the map currently). After a minute or so he self-corrected and joined the other diggers.
  10. Auto-Sweeper Looping Dropping Ice

    Update: I used a conveyor bridge to jump the wall and the problem seems to be resolved. Ice at -8C instantly melting (and creating new water) in an insulated ceramic tile -- working as intended?
  11. These auto-sweepers are set to pick up the ice and plastic. The bottom one stays on a loop as the ice is put in the loader then disappears a couple of spaces down the line and drops back to the floor under the loader (Note the empty crates on the line). When plastic arrives the loop is temporarily broken but then returns. I have saved and exited/reloaded and no change. The Golden Lab.sav
  12. Auto-Sweeper Looping Dropping Ice

    @Brook Agreed. I double walled where that ladder is and not only is it still doing it but the top one is sometimes doing it now as well. It looks to be creating water in the process as I've mopped the area clean and new water is spilled but the dropped ice remains the same size on each iteration. Strange as I have used a similar design in previous versions before QOL 1 and never had the ice melt like this. That wall is insulated ceramic (although the incoming petroleum is in that same wall which may be making the difference).
  13. Starvation when on toilet

    This issue starts even when they are on the way to the toilet but not yet there.
  14. I was digging and dumped some water down the side of an AETN room and all the liquid forced itself into a single tile at the bottom breaking the wall of the room. Perhaps it's a freak of nature due to the gasses that were in the column? Acropolis.sav Acropolis Cycle 406.sav
  15. Confirmed it was the clicking on the oxylite tank to check the contents that caused the dropping. Slider was set to 900 but watched a full 2700kg get loaded before clicking on it.
  16. I'm having this same issue on my first petro/oxy rocket. It's been filled and dropped at least twice so far that I can confirm (first by seeing 2700kg of oxylite dead center on the floor under the rocket and second by watching it seconds after deconstructing the gantry to prevent over-filling as the dupes had already put more than the slider was set at).
  17. Map was started in the current release version. All planets have been scanned but no rockets yet launched. During the session when the last planet was scanned, the Telescope Idle message came up and stayed up which was mildly annoying as there was nothing I could do about it given I had no research modules and there were no more planets to scan. After a save/load/next day the Telescope Idle message no longer appears, but the researcher goes to the telescope and goes through the motions despite nothing being productively done. Save file show Mi-Ma in the telescope doing just this. You can send her off to do whatever but she'll come right back. She was definitely not doing this in the previous session after finishing the final planet as I was watching her closely to get her astronaut training complete to launch the rocket! Acropolis.sav
  18. Thanks for the confirmation. I did end up disabling it. Does it have further use? The data modules from the first launch went to the planetarium for research. @bountygiver
  19. So after re-loading the attached save, Mi-Ma has gone on to her other duties so looks like this isn't reproducible at least for now. Will report back if any other related nonsense happens! Umm ok so Mi-Ma ignored it for a bit and I put her in the rocket prepping launch and now Otto is in the telescope, still with nothing to research/scan so it is consistent! I just realised there's a meteor shower coming when you load the save so the doors will close which was why Mi-Ma ignored the telescope the previous cycle.
  20. [Game Update] - 291278

    Violent aggressive hatches that ate sleeping dupes!
  21. Thanks @Mr.Trueba That is what is wrong with my save in the post above yours. There are two voles swimming in a frozen lake and one of them dies seconds after the save is loaded.
  22. Also getting a consistent crash within a few seconds of un-pausing on this save. It was created in preview branch and lasted about a cycle into this build but now crashes whether I do things or not. Unfortunate Crew.sav
  23. I wonder if this is how I got voles in my base. I broke the surface two cycles ago after building a double airlock/insulated tile corridor. No materials from space were mined and dropped through yet these two voles are directly beneath the breach area.
  24. This one is amusing imo. It's related to the current bug in which the metal refinery occasionally superheats the coolant although this one is still technically possible even without that. If a dupe eats infected food (food poisoning or slime lung) such that they do the tongue rubbing animation after eating while standing in a location that causes scalding, they will never finish the food animation before having another scalding animation resulting in them looping those two animations until incapacitation. In my case, this was due to the refinery exploding super heated steam just outside the base next to the eating area.