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  1. When you have more than 7 duplicants in the skills screen and you hover on a duplicant to see its stats, the pop up window is cut if you have more than 7 duplicants. It makes it impossible to know from this screen which jobs I should give them. Picture in attachment shows what I see with duplicant #5 (which works) and #8 (which does not).
  2. I just saw that you actually added this suggestion of mine. Do not know if it was in the update from tonight or not (do not see this in the update list) but still, it is a huge improvement now that I can see the full list of things in there Thanks for that, I appreciate it and I am sure others will do as well!
  3. Oups, you are right with the mafic rock. Still, for mafic rock, it is a great material to insulate tiles as well for when you do not have insulation material (or if you do not want to spend hours on the recipe, as you said). In big bases, I almost always ends up doing insulation with mafic rocks. It is better than igneous rocks.
  4. Mafic Rock can be used as a filtration medium (to replace sand where it is used). So you can convert an unlimited amount of polluted water to water and purify polluted oxygen. For abyssalite, there is one recipe at the end of the research tree that use it (an ultimate form of isolation). For balm lilly, you can transform them in drugs in the apothecary or compost them for dirt production. Not sure but I think some hatches also can eat them. Either way, there are ways of using them right now.
  5. [Game Update] - 309851

    You can disable the research job in the priorities tab.
  6. Emergency Errands + Enable / Disable bug

    Something I just found, do not know if it is related or not. But the Emergency Errand button seems to be working like a priority button. And the sieve on that picture was no longer having a priority 6 as before. When I clicked back on 6, the enable / disable trigger stopped.
  7. First, let me say that I am sorry for this one. I was not planning on finding this bug A few cycles ago (on the map in attachment), I had to disable the sieve on screen as my toilet were running empty (I added the clock sensor after it). Since it was during downtime, I used the Emergency Errand to get it done ASAP. I am aware of the fact that the message stays on even after doing the task so I just reloaded, which is not the issue here. Now, everytime the automation signal disable the sieve, the Emergency Errand mode is back (both the red frame and the error message on top left). Antfarm.sav
  8. As my duplicant finish up some of the buildings from my Med Bay (top of the base), the game crash. If I cancel them out and rebuild them, it still happens. With my duplicant starting to be sick, a Med Bay will be useful Chaotic Lab.sav
  9. So, I am back to ONI after almost 4 months without playing to find out that quite a lot of things has changed (yay), which means a lot to try in a new base (yay). But, right now, with my 24 duplicants base, I receive in average 150 warning messages of the type "Building lacks resources" for my farms because I am out of slime. Which is not an issue since I have more than a million kCal in Fried Mushrooms while I build my push ranch (or just dig some more). So, instead of having 150 warning, one for each of my farm tile, would it be possible to gets all of them in one line? For example, it could looks like this when I hover, do not hover with my mouse: NOT HOVERING: - Building lacks resources (150) WHEN HOVERING THE PREVIOUS LINE: - Farm plots (145) - Rock Granulator (2) - Grill (3) -etc... That way, I can actually see on one screen what is missing, which I cannot do right now.
  10. [Game Update] - 279889

    I've laugh way more than I should have been while reading that sentence
  11. Weird, as I have been using it quite often without any issues. I will have to move it and also add a thermo sensor so it does not cook my duplicant there.
  12. Is that new that the Rock Granulator now produce as much heat at the Metal Refinery (80W)? I was wondering why my duplicants were scaling near them until I see the tooltip there. Will hurt the start of a game if it produce that much heat.
  13. Even if you change the job, the duplicant keep the highest tier reached so they will still ask for tier 4 morale in your case
  14. Clearly, I am way too stressed right now
  15. [Game Update] - 279276

    How much decor have you got on your base to achieve +12 as a bonus?