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  1. The thing is, is there was errands but with like 50 tasks before them, it would mean a priority issue. Here, when I watch the errands tabs of the food, there is nothing at all. On that save map, I have 24 duplicants, which at least 4-6 are storing things as their main job. And with the priority enabled option, they should pick the food at least in the morning before going out of the base to do stuff farther away with the same priority. As for conveyor, they could help but considering I am always out of power (which I do not understand and I am trying to figure out), putting more stuff that takes power on my grid would not work. Maybe once this work it could help though...
  2. I am playing on the last release from earlier today (371951) with a few mods (but nothing new for a least 2-3 weeks I would say and the following problem was not happened last week). I was wondering why my great barbeque and stuffed berries were going rotten since it never happened in the 1800+ cycle of this base. So I checked my kitchen to find that all the food was on the floor instead of the unpowered fridge in carbon dioxide. Checking that the path was free did not reveal any issues, yet no errand at all was queued (it was not that the rank of tasks was too low but that there was no errands at all being queued for that food. When I ordered manually to sweep the food, the duplicant brough the food to the fridge but I could not see any errand at all being generated. Save file is attached for investigation. The Transdimensional Pigpen.sav
  3. In the following picture, you can see that both the Gas emptier and the Gas canister (the two with red arrows) are under the Liquids branch of the tech tree. But they act on gas so I guess they should be under the Gases section, right?
  4. I guess that now we will need to use real machines to cool things down and not the Water Sieve. Exit the cooling loops early in the base. The way I understand it is the following: - Input at 10, output at 40 (for the Water Sieve) - Input at 65, output at 65.
  5. With these options, it almost means you need to rush for space if you want metals. So you need to make sure that every kg is not wasted at all, especially if you want some steel around for space tech buildings.
  6. So, to give an idea of Oceania with some of the new traits, I tried to create a new map and it seems completely messed up (which means a lot of fun to play!). Here are the code name of the map and the traits: OCAN-A-1139048250-0 Frozen Core (Ice replace the magma layer and I even have 2 geysers hidden in the ice!) Slime Molds (Slime in a lot of place, even in the depth of the previous magma layer) Subsurface Ocean (More Salt Water!) And here goes the full map:
  7. When you have more than 7 duplicants in the skills screen and you hover on a duplicant to see its stats, the pop up window is cut if you have more than 7 duplicants. It makes it impossible to know from this screen which jobs I should give them. Picture in attachment shows what I see with duplicant #5 (which works) and #8 (which does not).
  8. You can disable the research job in the priorities tab.
  9. Something I just found, do not know if it is related or not. But the Emergency Errand button seems to be working like a priority button. And the sieve on that picture was no longer having a priority 6 as before. When I clicked back on 6, the enable / disable trigger stopped.
  10. First, let me say that I am sorry for this one. I was not planning on finding this bug A few cycles ago (on the map in attachment), I had to disable the sieve on screen as my toilet were running empty (I added the clock sensor after it). Since it was during downtime, I used the Emergency Errand to get it done ASAP. I am aware of the fact that the message stays on even after doing the task so I just reloaded, which is not the issue here. Now, everytime the automation signal disable the sieve, the Emergency Errand mode is back (both the red frame and the error message on top left). Antfarm.sav
  11. As my duplicant finish up some of the buildings from my Med Bay (top of the base), the game crash. If I cancel them out and rebuild them, it still happens. With my duplicant starting to be sick, a Med Bay will be useful Chaotic Lab.sav
  12. I've laugh way more than I should have been while reading that sentence
  13. Weird, as I have been using it quite often without any issues. I will have to move it and also add a thermo sensor so it does not cook my duplicant there.
  14. Is that new that the Rock Granulator now produce as much heat at the Metal Refinery (80W)? I was wondering why my duplicants were scaling near them until I see the tooltip there. Will hurt the start of a game if it produce that much heat.
  15. Even if you change the job, the duplicant keep the highest tier reached so they will still ask for tier 4 morale in your case