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  1. Getting Thermium?

    Yeah, I do not mind having to go to 120000km or more to get wolframite or tungsten as it increase the difficulty. Having no source at all just put a limit of your gameplay that blocks you from going above, except with exploits. Guess i will decide what I do next then. Thanks for the info on this subject.
  2. Getting Thermium?

    I guess this is why I never succeeded in doing this: I though the heat from a liquid would radiate toward something to melt. Not that it would melt the pipes itself by being too hot. Will see how it goes but as I said, since it is a bit cheesy, I may start over a new map. I was enjoying my 2200 cycles map though...
  3. Getting Thermium?

    I was referring to molten metal because someone else told me before in this thread to check that. As for having magma in the pipes, I understand. There is one problem I can't figure out: What material to use for the pipe so it does not break when it is time to send the heat from the magma to the thing to heat up (being abysalitle, insulation, other thing). From radiant pipes, any metal breaks (except tungsten that I do not have since it is the goal to get it) and even regular pipes breaks when the magma turns back to rocks because it is too cold. As well, for your thrad, it is clearly an exploit so I will not go there. Testing in debug is one thing but I want legit stuff, even if not as efficient
  4. Getting Thermium?

    How can you pump magma into pipe without Thermium Or Tungsten. I tried in debug and things breaks directly. Even Thermium pump melt. Pumping metal could be possible, using a refinerie, but the only examples I found on the forum are using exploits...
  5. Getting Thermium?

    They do? I will have to look at my options here, especially for what kind of temperature I can reach and handle without Termium. Thanks for the hint. Edit: After checking, how can you mel them, considering they require 3400+ temperature? Volcanoes does not go that up. Does Hydrogen rockets can go that high? If notm what other options are there to do this? I love the challenge and it took me quite a while to reach space because of that planet choice. And I did not pick a frozen core because I wanted to handle the heat and not the cold in this game. Yet, I though that all planets were there on each map yet not on the same order (it is my first time playing up to rockets). Seems I am wrong on this one.
  6. So, I have been for a few hundreds cycles building my rockets and doing researches and some explorations. Yet, I have not been able to get thermium, which limit me in building some machines (for example a sour gas boiler or handling some volcanoes after they erupted and no longer in a vacuum) so I searched how I could get it. I'm playing on an Oasisse map and I do not have a Glimmering Planet on my space map. I have searched the content of all planets up to 70km (oxylite + petroleum engine), Is there another way of getting some Wolframite / Tungsten so I can get Thermium? I know that Niobum with a +500C is good for some equipment but to build a big mass, it takes a lot of time when compared to getting Thermium. Maybe another planter I could search for, hoping to get that material? I was hoping to see some on the Carbon planet or on the Interstaller Ice but I have not found any yet.
  7. Food is not put into fridge

    The thing is, is there was errands but with like 50 tasks before them, it would mean a priority issue. Here, when I watch the errands tabs of the food, there is nothing at all. On that save map, I have 24 duplicants, which at least 4-6 are storing things as their main job. And with the priority enabled option, they should pick the food at least in the morning before going out of the base to do stuff farther away with the same priority. As for conveyor, they could help but considering I am always out of power (which I do not understand and I am trying to figure out), putting more stuff that takes power on my grid would not work. Maybe once this work it could help though...
  8. Food is not put into fridge

    I am playing on the last release from earlier today (371951) with a few mods (but nothing new for a least 2-3 weeks I would say and the following problem was not happened last week). I was wondering why my great barbeque and stuffed berries were going rotten since it never happened in the 1800+ cycle of this base. So I checked my kitchen to find that all the food was on the floor instead of the unpowered fridge in carbon dioxide. Checking that the path was free did not reveal any issues, yet no errand at all was queued (it was not that the rank of tasks was too low but that there was no errands at all being queued for that food. When I ordered manually to sweep the food, the duplicant brough the food to the fridge but I could not see any errand at all being generated. Save file is attached for investigation. The Transdimensional Pigpen.sav
  9. So, to maximize the number of neural vacillators and to confirm which resources is on which planet, I need research modules. I'll keep at least some of them around then and will build more rockets to use to get back rare resources instead. I guess I will need much more steel then
  10. I'm sorry if it is written somewhere as I did not see it. Playing right now my first map where I ended up sending rockets to space (and watching Brothgar's videos to find out how to produce liquid oxygen and hydrogen!), I am wondering if there is a value to keep any research modules on a rocket once you have unlocked all the things there is to unlock. I'm trying to find out if I keep them or if I switch them out for cargos so I can get the materials that space planets can bring back (like tasty sleet wheat and juicy steel). Or keep some of them, in case there is some value. After all, right now, I keep getting more and more data-banks and unless I missed something, there is nothing to do with them once researches are completed. Any thing I missed?
  11. Starving with 232,863 kcal?

    Actually, it shows at 1000 calories left. So if they eat 1000 per day, you will have the warning quite often...
  12. In the following picture, you can see that both the Gas emptier and the Gas canister (the two with red arrows) are under the Liquids branch of the tech tree. But they act on gas so I guess they should be under the Gases section, right?
  13. I have a few ideas myself for new traits: - Gaseous core (same as the Frozen Core but with gas and you could switch from hydrogen to chlorine to phosphorus to create variants) - Acid cesspool (same as subterranean ocean but with a non useful liquid: maybe sulfur or something else) - Comet (space all around the map and not just at the top) - Inverted (space is at the bottom and lava is at the top) - Poisonous (where slimelung is literally everywhere outside of the starting biome) - Atlantis (combining the Displacement pod location with Subterrean ocean to make a lone island in the middle of a huge pool of liquid)
  14. [Game Update] - 348553

    I guess that now we will need to use real machines to cool things down and not the Water Sieve. Exit the cooling loops early in the base. The way I understand it is the following: - Input at 10, output at 40 (for the Water Sieve) - Input at 65, output at 65.
  15. [Game Update] - 347957

    With these options, it almost means you need to rush for space if you want metals. So you need to make sure that every kg is not wasted at all, especially if you want some steel around for space tech buildings.