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Don't Starve: Hamlet | E3 2018 Gameplay Trailer

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10 hours ago, DragonMage156 said:

How many people betting this will be better then SW?

Did SW ever have this much hype?

(I didn't play ds back then so I'm using yt trailers as referance)

Back in 2015 it took 4-5 months for Klei to release early acces after announcement trailer.

We've waited almost a year to get gameplay trailer and even now JoeW said that beta will help them catch some bugs which means that Hamlet still isn't a finished product.

If we have to wait that long compared to past dlcs then obviously we're expecting it to be good

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13 hours ago, __IvoCZE__ said:

Why are there so many new people , taking beta passes and leaving nothing to us

You know, there are some people who actually play the game instead of wasting their time posting and reading the Forums all the time. :p 

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17 hours ago, Rellimarual said:

SW was pretty much a total surprise 

Well, it was announced in July, and we had the PAX version which was also shown in a Rhymes with Play stream, so there was a fair amount of hype. Of course, it's still nothing compared to waiting more than a year and still knowing so little about gameplay.

The biggest (positive) surprise for me personally is the inclusion of the Shipwrecked boating mechanic. It just sort of feels nice to see, after everything in the past years has been focused on time-limited and game separating stuff, like, "This still all belongs and fits together."

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