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  1. Thanks for another awesome short and update! @JoeW Maybe it's just me, but the GIF for the announcement on Twitter seems to be just a second of black?
  2. Dear asset extraction experts, I'm trying to get a clean png of the Lunar Sapling, the diseased Lunar Sapling and the Mast, however, the ktools are giving me the error "ERROR: Duplicate anim 'empty' in bank 'sapling_moon'/'mast'". Is there anything I can do about this? I'd appreciate your help.
  3. My friend and I were travelling on the ocean at night and were suddenly surprised by the incoming shore. I started lowering the anchor, while my friend was holding a torch. In panic, my friend accidentally set the anchor (which was still in the process of being lowered) on fire with a right-click, which resulted in the attached error screen.
  4. If WX-78 consumes poisonous food (Posion Dartfrog Legs, Tuber), the UI indicates that they are poisoned (arrows and green bubbles on the health meter). However, only their Sanity is depleted while their health does not change at all. Very misleading.
  5. The rotating Pig Ruins Turret ("pig_ruins_dart_statue") is missing a proper name (it is called a "Striking Carving" like the dart traps on the walls).
  6. The mob is called Batilisk, not Batalisk, so I was just wondering.
  7. Thanks for your feedback. We might look into getting it removed. I don't think anyone actually uses it.
  8. Ouch. That's what we're working for everyday.
  9. I hear you! It is so frustrating to invest hours of work every week, to have your efforts constantly undermined by the company that runs the servers and uses your work to attract visitors. Doesn't really help with our standing in the community either. You're correct. Curse basically tricked us into creating the fork on Gamepedia, then sold out to Fandom just a year later. So it really doesn't matter anymore. I'm not involved at Gamepedia, but I imagine it's only a matter of time until the notorious ads start popping up. My dream has always been an official Klei-hosted wiki, no third parties involved that don't actually care about Don't Starve, a clear situation on copyright issues , only Klei-related tasteful ads,... but that won't happen sadly.
  10. @Daxterr This is highly concerning, thanks for your report! We had another report about embedded malware yesterday, so there's definitely something going on. I'm not sure if we wiki admins can do something about it, certainly not if it's related to ads. I have contacted Fandom staff and am waiting for a reply. For now, please make sure to have some sort of adblocker enabled while browsing the wiki. Logging in also removes a lot of ads.
  11. @Corey Do you have the Steam Promo GIF of Wormwood, please?
  12. The fact that the description for Wormwood's Cactus skin is "Hug?" breaks my heart.
  13. I'm still hoping the beta update will be here soon, so I don't have to switch branches.
  14. I'd be in favor of the second suggestion, making the Celestial Altar a tech tree upgrade of the Celestial Orb. The reason that it's implemented the way it is might be that they didn't want to spoil the recipes and craftables for the lunar island, when you've only just found the Orb on the mainland, however.
  15. Don't Starve LGBTQIA+ Pride Center

    My question was directed at Buckles. I'm fully aware that WX-78 is not an object, but a character portrayed with personality traits and everything.
  16. Don't Starve LGBTQIA+ Pride Center

    Then why are they not adressed with "it", but "they"?
  17. Don't Starve LGBTQIA+ Pride Center

    I have now slept about this and I have to say that the fact that this thread had to be put into the Off Topic Area doesn't sit very well with me, to put it lightly. After all, we are still on the topic of Don't Starve.
  18. Don't Starve LGBTQIA+ Pride Center

    Since it's been buried in the other thread: This is a crappy card that I made when I gifted the DST Mega Pack to my boyfriend for Christmas a few years ago. He's Woodie, I'm Wilson. Happy Pride everyone!
  19. @Pop Guy Please consider removing your latest post. @ImDaMisterL Could we please have this thread locked? People shouldn't be personally attacked just for voicing their opinions.
  20. I don't know if this has been mentioned but there are unused examination quotes for Icebergs, Parsnips and Walking Planks.
  21. [Game Update] - 333702

    Thanks for the hard work and the nice trailer, people at Klei!
  22. That's because the quote is just an empty string.
  23. The Bramble Bloom's ("bramble_core") idle animation only plays once, then the object freezes at the last frame.
  24. It's possible for the player to put items into the shelves at the back wall of pig shops. To get the item back, you then have pay an Oinc.
  25. The examination quotes for the Ancient Herald ("ancient_herald") are assigned to the prefab "apokalypse_herald" [sic] which does not exist.