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  1. Wolfgang - Salt Crystals ("saltrock"): " Wolgang (-> Wolfgang) confused, thought salt came from tiny shakers?" Wilson - Feathery Canvas ("malbatross_feathered_weave"): "I'm making a quillt (-> quilt)!" Although it has been previously marked as fixed, characters still use their Steering Wheel ("steeringwheel") structure quotes for the Steering Wheel Kit ("steeringwheel_item") item.
  2. Lune Tree Blossom ("moon_tree_blossom") - Willow, Wolfgang, Wendy, WX-78, Wickerbottom, Woodie, Maxwell, Wigfrid, Webber, Winona and Wortox. Moon Crater Turf ("turf_meteor") - Wormwood. Rocky Beach Turf ("turf_pebblebeach") - Wormwood. Toadstool's Sporecap ("mushroomsprout") - Wormwood, Wortox. Steering Wheel Kit ("steeringwheel_item") - Characters use their quotes for the structure ("steeringwheel") instead of those for the item.
  3. Dear asset extraction experts, I'm trying to get a clean png of the Lunar Sapling, the diseased Lunar Sapling and the Mast, however, the ktools are giving me the error "ERROR: Duplicate anim 'empty' in bank 'sapling_moon'/'mast'". Is there anything I can do about this? I'd appreciate your help.
  4. If WX-78 consumes poisonous food (Posion Dartfrog Legs, Tuber), the UI indicates that they are poisoned (arrows and green bubbles on the health meter). However, only their Sanity is depleted while their health does not change at all. Very misleading.
  5. The rotating Pig Ruins Turret ("pig_ruins_dart_statue") is missing a proper name (it is called a "Striking Carving" like the dart traps on the walls).
  6. The mob is called Batilisk, not Batalisk, so I was just wondering.
  7. My friend and I were travelling on the ocean at night and were suddenly surprised by the incoming shore. I started lowering the anchor, while my friend was holding a torch. In panic, my friend accidentally set the anchor (which was still in the process of being lowered) on fire with a right-click, which resulted in the attached error screen.
  8. I'm still hoping the beta update will be here soon, so I don't have to switch branches.
  9. I don't know if this has been mentioned but there are unused examination quotes for Icebergs, Parsnips and Walking Planks.
  10. Thanks for the hard work and the nice trailer, people at Klei!
  11. The Bramble Bloom's ("bramble_core") idle animation only plays once, then the object freezes at the last frame.
  12. It's possible for the player to put items into the shelves at the back wall of pig shops. To get the item back, you then have pay an Oinc.
  13. The examination quotes for the Ancient Herald ("ancient_herald") are assigned to the prefab "apokalypse_herald" [sic] which does not exist.