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  1. Blue Crocodogs are supposed to shake water off themselves and spawn puddles around them. This cannot occur naturally. I think there is something in the code preventing puddles from spawning during any other season than the last 3/4 of Monsoon Season (Green Season in the code). Maybe it's components/flooding.lua, lines 72-80. However, Blue Crocodog naturally only appear during Hurricane Season (Wet Season in the code), see components/hounded.lua, lines 50-52. Maybe there is been a mix-up (Wet Season - Green Season), and Blue Crocodogs were supposed to spawn in Monsoon Season, or this might be an oversight.
  2. I really don't know what to say, I'm quite disappointed. Is this game completely about useless cosmetics, decorations, fancy boss fights and bragging rights now? In my opinion, the game design for DST has suffered a lot lately and is getting repetitive. This had some much potential, but instead Klei added a Laser-Deerclops. A ridiculous Laser-Deerclops! I mean, seriously, what even is that?
  3. Found this on the following day after full moon. There were even more to the right, on land too.
  4. Redbirds in Bird Cages in Vanilla or RoG wear little pirate hats.
  5. Hey Jason, I think, I've found the problem. You can inspect other boats' inventories via left-click while standing on another boat. If you right-click on the sail of the other boat, it works just fine and you're holding the sail with your cursor. But if you left-click (which says "unequipp"), the sail from the boat you're standing on correctly lands in your inventory, while the sail from the other boat completely disappears. This can also be reproduced by having a Boat Torch, Lantern or Cannon attached and by unequipping a Boat Cannon from another boat via left-click.
  6. Everytime I try to hammer down a Coral Reef to get the Coral Larva (after harvesting it completely with a Pickaxe), the boat of my character constantly moves into it and begins to vibrate, but can't seem to reach it.
  7. I think the prefixes for wet items are broken. In my latest game I had a lot of "Wet Soggy" food items for example. Occurences like this have also been reported at the wiki several times. I have no mods installed.
  8. [beta] Reeds in the Sea

    Is this spot right in the centre of your map?
  9. Yeah, I've noticed this too, and it's been reported before. I also think it's caused by Strong Winds and that there's a problem when Trees, Saplings, Grass Tufts and such go from their "wind swaying" animation to their "chopped" animation.
  10. Rabbit Holes can be interacted with, but are not visible. I have no mods installed.
  11. When thrown, Rawling says "You miss 100 of the shots you don't take!" instead of "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!". This is caused by the game font not being able to display the % sign.
  12. Placing Manure inside a Chest, you can hear the flies sound that normally plays while it's lying on the ground. Additionally, the sound and animation are not played if Manure is dropped on the ground by the player.
  13. [Game Update] - 233745

    Jason, you're a hero!