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  1. Sorry for off-topic: Initially, when I read your comment, I thought: "Of course, they're right". The Turfs page has recently been edited by someone from the Reddit community to add the Hamlet turfs, but I hadn't yet verified the dominance order list that was reworked by them. But now I tested ingame, and actually this time, the wiki is correct. Maybe the dominance order for Beefalo Carpet and Deciduous Turf is just different in DST? Or this has been changed with the introduction of Hamlet?
  2. The layout of this image is admittedly a bit confusing. You start at the top with Beard Hair Rug, then move to the left. Then you go down a row and move from the left to the right, go down another row and move from the right to the left again, and so on. So carpets actually have the highest priority.
  3. It's like a limbo chest connected to all the others. You can access the items inside them from any other Root Trunk. Put an item inside of one, open another, and there is your item. And yes, they are amazing!
  4. Yay, thank you for these fixes! You guys are wonderful! I just tested ingame and updated the list! Now I have a lily pond full of happy Rainbow Jellyfish, but - I'm sorry to say this - it seems, still none of the pigs seem to take interest in the Hound's Teeth I'm offering them.
  5. Yes, sorry, I should have clarified. I was aware the bug is still present because I tested it as well, and after like ~10 Lost Totems ("relic_2") he started dropping them again. I just didn't want to add the issue to the list without verifying whether it affected him specifically or all shop keepers.
  6. What's up with the Pig Traders' inventories overflowing causing them to drop the latest item they bought? It has been reported independently several times, but the latest report has been marked as "can't reproduce" by Jason. Is it only the Oddities shop keeper that's affected or is it more notable with him because the relic items don't stack?
  7. This only happens when hammering the fish in the inventory, at least as far as I can tell.
  8. Oh, so that's how we ended with that little edit war going on at the wiki going back and forth on the Spider Monkey article! The 20 dmg and 125 hp are actually the Splumonkey's values (just "monkey" in the code)! And they probably copied the prefab and forgot to change these lines. This is also why lily pads are using the ponds' examination quotes, because they copied the ponds' code and forgot to remove a specific line.
  9. Thanks to everyone for their likes, and thanks, and comments! I added a lot of the stuff mentioned in the previous comments to the list. What I left out, I either deemed to be too much of a personal suggestion (which are fine, that's just not the list for them), to need more testing or to be fixed in the meantime. However, I'm happy to discuss anything! Sorry for taking some time for updating, but I feel obliged to test everything personally before adding it to the list. And then in the process, so far, I've always found another related bug. I'm also amazed to find that in fact, there are custom quotes for Lily Pads, they're just not used because their code says no.
  10. One very minor thing I noticed was that the Critters Tab icon was changed slightly. However, I'm not sure whether that happened in this update or some time before.
  11. Dear fellow Starvers, development time for the Hamlet DLC is coming to a close, with only 1 1/2 months to go and still a lot of content to be introduced. Looking at the Bug Tracker makes me feel very nervous. Sure, it's absolutely reasonable to focus on fixing frequent crashes and game-breaking stuff first. However, my concern is that once April rolls around, the game will be left in an unpolished state with many of the minor issues and oversights never being adressed (similar to how the Shipwrecked DLC ended up being dropped like a hot potato before the Home Sea Home update beta branch). Also, the Bug Tracker is a mess. It's 60+ pages of bugs reported over and over again since November, all in varying degrees of clarity and reproducibility. A lot of them have been fixed since, but were never marked accordingly. Some of them have quite obvious solutions and require only a single line of code to be fixed, others are described in a very vague way or may be caused by mods. When Shipwrecked was criticized for being unpolished, understandbly the most common response by the developers was: "Please tell us exactly what those bugs are, so we can fix them." So that's my plan for this thread! I'd like to create a comprehensive list of issues still present in the Hamlet DLC, grouped into categories. Each of these issues should be sufficiently reproducible, be described as precise and tight as possible, and have dates, links and credits to their initial reports. No duplicates, only stuff that is clearly not working as intended, no suggestions or personal opinions. If you think, this could be a good idea, please feel free to comment and contribute! I'm hoping to have your support! ________________________ All listed bugs have been tested and reproduced in a completely non-modded game version (Steam Build-ID: 3601636) with verified file integrity. Testing for Build-ID 3661759 is under way! Interiors: Characters: Items: Mobs: Strings: UI: ________________________ Stuff to look into (not tested yet): Stuff that has been fixed, hooray!
  12. I was not aware of this disagreement at the time, but the issue seems to have been that the edited Rhinocebros image was missing parts of their feet.
  13. Hey there, I just corrected the Spider Monkey's damage value, thanks for making us aware of that mistake. I'd also like to drop you a link to our Ballphin Palace page which has existed since September 2017. We also usually avoid adding information on unimplemented features to the respective article while the game/DLC is still in Early Access or actively developed. That would just double the work effort which is already huge considering how much and how fast things are changing for Hamlet and DST. However, our Unimplemented Features article still has sections for the Chicken, the Peekhen and the Snap Dragon. You and anyone else of the talented, coding- or animation-proficient people in this thread are more than welcome to create a Wiki account and start contributing. It's not hard at all, it's actually quite fun. We're striving to become a content-complete, trustworthy resource, but it's a never-ending struggle and we can't do it without the community's help.
  14. Thank you a lot!
  15. Since you originally wrote the post, a lot of effort has been put into completing the wiki's collection (and it actually has been continuously updated with the post-Gorge skins during the last half year). So as this thread is still active, maybe you could consider updating the OP's introduction text?