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  1. [Game Update] - 333702

    Thanks for the hard work and the nice trailer, people at Klei!
  2. @Corey Thank you very much! They're lovely! @Instant-Noodles Thanks to you as well! That's very good to know.
  3. This is a humble request for the developers: I love the promotional GIFs that are used to promote the various Character Updates in the Steam Announcement popups, and would like to use them to illustrate the wiki's version history of DST consistently. However, unfortunately we completely missed out on the Wortox GIF while I was only able to grab the German version of the Willow GIF from my personal account. Therefore, may I ask if you could make these GIFs available here at the forums like you did with Winona's? Thank you!
  4. Dear developers, I'm so happy you fixed all those missing strings! Thank you very much!
  5. @Portmanteau Thank you for the reports, they are very specific! I added them to the list. I guess that the third bug is also relevant to Wagstaff's and Wheeler's personal items? I'm on the fence about the Stone Slab regeneration, too. The code is quite convoluted and I can't tell whether it's intentionally not working or not.
  6. In comparison to the other pig buildings, the art for the Boar's Tusk Weapon Shop looks unfinished imo. It doesn't even have any shading on the panneling, as if the artist just stopped after filling in the colors. Sterling Trough Deli for comparison.
  7. I'm continuing this thread and added a lot of strings issues to the OP. I also noticed that the general bug fixes mentioned in Update 328827 are not present in the beta branch, so even more confusion, yay! Except for the map icon for Cork Barrels, they don't seem to be fixed in neither main nor beta branch...
  8. That's because the quote is just an empty string.
  9. The Bramble Bloom's ("bramble_core") idle animation only plays once, then the object freezes at the last frame.
  10. Peagawk hat

    "The wiki" actually lists both the Peagawk Hat and the Hay Fever Hat in the unimplemented items section...
  11. Just to add: There is also an issue with the front hair part being visible when she's struck by lightning. There's an image of it on her wiki page.
  12. I might be in the minority here, but I'm not entirely impressed by Wagstaff. I am by no means an expert, but it seems clear to me that Klei has lost some of the direction of the original art style, for example the messiness. When you see Wagstaff's portrait in the line-up next to the other vanilla characters, he sticks out like an (admittedly very well done) mod character. His outlines are way to clean and his hair looks like it has been ripped off a dupe from Oxygen Not Included. I think Wilba, Wormwood (and even Warbucks) were better in this regard, maybe they were done by a different artist. Design-wise I can't say much because I haven't played a lot, but overall I got an impression of: "Look at the cool shaders we now can do! Let's see how many of those we can cram into a single character!" I also feel that certain strings should be excluded from the random pool of object names he's using, mainly unimplemented items, character names and causes of death from the morgue. Right now I'm living in a house with a door called Woodie and a fridge called Resurrection Sickness. I do enjoy his quotes though (even if they show an unusual amount of typos).
  13. I finally got around to test all the fixed stuff and have updated the list accordingly. I also added a few more missing examination quotes. I will continue to add polishing / niche issues to the list, however, I understand that the more imminent issues in the beta branch take precedence.
  14. It's possible for the player to put items into the shelves at the back wall of pig shops. To get the item back, you then have pay an Oinc.