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  1. I think that with the new colors, Hamlet's visuals are closer to the original Don't Starve than Shipwrecked's visuals are. Certainly, everything looks more bleak, especially the new design of the clouds surrounding the islands (there is another consistency issue with the steam clouds that sometimes pop up from there). The one thing I don't understand is the addition of the aqua/green-blue color tones. I was actually hoping for a Claw Palm Tree recolor, but the new ones do not fit nicely into their biome at all in my opinion. The Rainforest biome with the new blue turf and the pink trees reminds me very much of The Gorge. There, this combination fit very nicely to the gloomy victorianesque design, but in Hamlet I find it very distracting and unpleasing to the eyes in combination with the orange and gold tones and the exotic environment.
  2. This affects: - Jungle Burrs for Rainforest Trees ("burr") - Pine Cones ("pinecone") - Birchnuts ("acorn") - Seed Pods for Tea Trees ("teatree_nut") - Tooth Traps ("trap_teeth") - Bee Mines ("beemine") - Butterflies for Flowers ("butterfly") - Lureplant Meatbulbs ("lureplantbulb") Of course, this not only happens in Hamlet's lily ponds, but also affects all kinds of Shipwrecked ocean water. Spider Eggs, regular Traps and Bird Traps, Tar Traps, Claw Palm Saplings, Coconuts and Jungle Tree Seeds are fine.
  3. Drop a Shamlet Mask on the ground and look at it not being visible.
  4. Just craft a Smelter and look at it on the map.
  5. When trying to load my savegame with Wilba on day 29, Don't Starve consistently shows me this error screen. Clicking the Exit Game button crashes the entire game. I saved and closed the game earlier today without any problems. The only really weird thing that happened during gameplay was the general store shopkeeper suddenly running out of the building and leaving the shop unattended, but I doubt that's related. I also have no mods installed and did not mess with world customization options. log.txt
  6. This is unbelievable! Thank you very very much, Klei! Now I'm off, buying every DST skin set I can find...
  7. The Curio item is called "Haunted Forest Portait", however, it should be called "Haunted Forest Portrait".
  8. I played for 16 days, got the 'endless rain' bug (but I doubt, it's related), relogged again today (while standing outside of my home). Now, in every interior I tried I cannot drop any items on the ground or place any structures. Additionally, the cloud particles effect occurs a lot in the rooms (see images). It seems like the entire ground has become invalid to drop anything. Reloading does not fix the issue. In both cases, dropping the items on the cursor is not possible.
  9. This doesn't just apply in the second season. As soon as you've entered an interior while it was raining, your game is bugged: It may eventually stop raining, but it will start all over again each time you leave a house, store, cave oder ruins entrance. Reloading doesn't fix the issue. This ruined my WX-78 run, and now I have it in my Wilson run too, because I wasn't careful enough.
  10. I believe this bug is caused by entering a house while it is raining.
  11. I have this problem as well. It seems it was caused by entering an interior while it was raining. Since then 6 days have passed and it has stopped raining several times, but each time I leave a house, store, cave or ruins entrance, it starts all over again. As I'm playing as WX-78, this is really awful.
  12. Well, it was announced in July, and we had the PAX version which was also shown in a Rhymes with Play stream, so there was a fair amount of hype. Of course, it's still nothing compared to waiting more than a year and still knowing so little about gameplay. The biggest (positive) surprise for me personally is the inclusion of the Shipwrecked boating mechanic. It just sort of feels nice to see, after everything in the past years has been focused on time-limited and game separating stuff, like, "This still all belongs and fits together."
  13. Thanks Klei, for all the quality of life changes! One thing I particularly enjoy about this update is the animation of the Celestial Orb just unceremoniously plopping on the ground when you're done with it.