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Winona lifelike poster from the old days?

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Thats a WWII very famous poster.

And I think you're right, this might have influenced the design. I noticed the likeness with it when the character came out.

My first tought: There you go... Klei SJW agenda confirmed...         Still luv u Klei don't worry

Meanwhile, EdgyRick being all RRRREEEEE    :wilson_enraged:

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1 hour ago, Bluckles said:

it was definitely the inspiration but i don't see how it fits the timeline if the game takes place around the 1920's

The start may have, yes, but we don't know how long the characters have been circulating in the Constant.

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It's a reference, but a meta outside-the-game one, like how Wilson can paraphrase M.C. Hammer and Webber can quote David Bowie.  In other words, repeat to yourself:  It's just a game, I should really just relax.  ;)

But yes, Rosie the Riveter is totally a (visual) inspiration for Winona.  SJW?  No...they're just referencing a famous WWII poster.  Said poster was about getting women into the factories to make weapons, and in turn THAT had less to do with actual empowerment and more to do with the fact that most of the guys were out fighting, so SOMEbody had to run the factories...

(And yes, women were doing that in WWI as well...and THAT, I imagine, is where Winona actually got her assembly-line experience.  Anybody here seen "Upstairs, Downstairs"?*  One of the female characters in that show ended up working at a munitions factory during WWI...which then got blown up in an attack.  Whoops.  Winona is VERY lucky _that_ didn't happen.)

EDIT:  Oh god, the "SO-AND-SO IS PINK DIAMOND!" thing has me wondering which gem/gem type each Don't Starve character would "be"...SHUT UP BRAIN!  : P

(Willow is clearly a ruby because fire powers.  ;))


*For those of you who don't know what that is--which is probably most of you--think Downton Abbey only made in the '70s, and with more likeable characters.

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I don't know if this is a troll post, but I'll bait xD

That is a very famous image, to the point it became a pop culture symbol, specially with the feminism movements having place all around the world. Winona is clearly inspired on it, as many other things are nowadays. Including some girls clothing fashion, and female characters on many video games, movies, and every other form of visual art / entertainment.


DST is special, but not THAT special xD

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