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My base at cycle 300 (Post yours)

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Base + electric station + fertilizer production and iron volcano chamberimage.thumb.png.fc5ed9ac0f773860103579f52b85af98.png

my 100+ slickster ranch. 720kg of petroleum, per cycle


semi-automatic food production + squeaky pufts for bleachstone


and water cooling chamberimage.thumb.png.0901c1e1da4c4976f9471bb6e50c5edf.png

cycle 617

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Interesting.  I find peoples bases rather fascinating indications of style.


I just cant bring myself to put coalpower up top like that.  Mine always goes at the bottom of the base, to keep the CO2 lvls up in the food store zone, and stop the warm co2 heating up the core living areas.


I also seem way more fond of keeping natural plants in gardens than most people.

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Cycle 197, still pretty rough. My dupes wanted to spend most of their time exploring. The seed is 798007812, from the "[Ranching Mark II] Share your best game seeds"-thread.

Trigger warning: There's an overpressure exploit-using gas sorter in this base; apologies to those who frown upon such things. ;)













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So....  I see a handful of Mushrooms in these screenshots, but no other plants being grown for food.  Is it really all just eggs?

Looking at setting up a Bristle farm now, but I don't see how I could ever produce enough water.  20 kg/cycle per Bristle, and the average Geyser only has a continuous output of around 1.7 kg/s.  My current Geyser is just over 1 kg/s, and the Electrolyzer is eating 1 kg/s.  There's just not a lot of water to work with.

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1 hour ago, PhailRaptor said:

So....  I see a handful of Mushrooms in these screenshots, but no other plants being grown for food.  Is it really all just eggs?

18 dupes, 26 mushroom, 15-18 puft, wild sleet wheat and barbeque with wild pincha pepper...And i still over produce food and slime. 


This is mine btw. Cycle 1199. I am using all of the nullifiers with oil for cooling. That is why pipes look messy.




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Seeing all these nice looking bases made me want to sign up to show my appropriately named "The great Trainwreck": @ 405 cycles in.

Here we have the whole excavation:  I like going up and down first to make use of fire poles.  Going up is nice, tubes up and poles down is so fast.




At the top is a failed attempt at sleet wheat autofertilization.  The fertilizing worked fine, but piping in liquids overheated it, and mistakenly thought I could cool it down to the left with an aquatuner, but it heated up the cold biome instead.  I wouldn't recommend the project anyways  since it takes too much work to set up when you can automate mushrooms a lot easier.



In the middle is A glorious mess of gas and screwed up automation that I always seem to be one cycle away from having time to fix:

And at the bottom I've got a massive gas ball of doom that's 200 degrees celsius, 500 at the bottom, and has a density of 220kg per tile.  Holding off hell's gate is one hatch and a pressure sensor.


I would have hooked up the oil well, but there's a few million watts there anyways, and I actually don't think I can safely even enter the top xD

Currently suffering from heat death due to not realizing heat doesn't just go away xD  Interestingly mostly from the steam geyser, not the natural gas of doom.

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Cycle 291. A lot of liquid lock to separate gasses and biomes.


Trying ranch for foods, already let go 30++ hatchling die of old age, they eat too much though.

Room up there is oxygen tank for pressuring base and supplying exosuit dock.

To the right is small drecko ranch, can sustain 3 dreckos, can not remember how many plants in that stable.

Food supply at the bottom and below water tank.


Glossy drecko ranch, water lock to separate H (for drecko to produce plastics) and CO2 (for mealwood).

Coal power production.

Puft ranch and Sage hatchling. Run out of slime right now.

Trying to spawn morb using outhouse.


Electrolyzer with automation connect to atmo sensor in base, active below 3000g.

Liquid lock to prevent heat transfer.


Water supply.

Steam vent dormant at the moment, Going to build room for condensation. Any idea?


Have no idea why abyssalite rock heating up, same in cold biome.

When I mined the hot abyssalite it will heat the oil nearby.



Abyssalite pipe raise in temperature, but not conductive, CMIIW



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Cycle 500. It is my first base I am really proud of, because it basically runs itself and I put a lot of effort in efficiency. Every dupe can only enter the segments of the base he is supposed to and i programmed every electric device to be active at only a certain time. This way my base consumes only a fraction of the electricity it would in total. There are dozens of Tube terminals all over the map.

It has everything I can think of, from an automated hatch-butchery to a slimefarm. My food reserves are approaching the 5 million mark and I am out of ideas what I can do next.




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Seed 1261890628

12 'geysers' of which SIX are metal (4 Copper, 1 Iron, 1 Gold) -- 2 NG, 3 Cool Steam (total 1.95 kg/s long term), 1 cold CO2.  Two are very high (NG at top center, cool steam top right).  1 copper straight left of center and the other 9 are all across the bottom. 

Tons of water in the starting biome.  Very few slicksters but I think about four survived long enough for me to dig them out.

Huge cold biome on the left was broken by POI in three places and contains two copper so heat is a bit of an issue long term.


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