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  1. Winona! Added right on programmers day, nice Happy programmers day guys note: maybe mending tape is just temporary? to show that Winona's the engineer.
  2. Here's some tips and steps: 1-Pick a huge area, preferably in the center of the map. 2-Make a crafting area asap science machine -> alchemy engine -> prestihatitator -> shadow manipulator or science machine -> prestihatitator -> alchemy engine + shadow manipulator 3-Make lots of boxes, tag them, and always keep them organized. I should note that how you tag and organize those boxes depends on playing styles of the players. I usually make a box for twigs, one for grass, one for minerals, one for logs, one spider related, and one for any sort of magical item. 4-Use a pitchfork to make 8x8 areas (~1 screen size) then use cobblestones to connect these areas to your main base. You can easily make berry farms, bee farms, butterfly farms, drying rack areas and etc in these areas. 5-If you want to stay in base at summer, place flingomatics in the center of each area and build around the flingomatics. And as always, don't forget, the goal is to Don't Starve
  3. Let me give you a hint. You should put Don't Starve Together aside and take a look at what Greek people believed on their own ancient times (which inspired Metheus puzzle's story).
  4. Beefalo Problems

    Go and test a little bit then reply such comments The beefalo loses track of its owner when that happens as it goes into the in-heat state. At last, please learn that assumptions are not experiments. Assumptions based on wiki or your personal experiences with the game doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist.
  5. Beefalo Problems

    Pre-requirements: A naturally spawned beefalo (in-heat or normal) with some children (preferably a day 36 or 71 beefalo) Glossamer's saddle (saddle_race) Beefalo hat Problems: 1&2-Saddled beefalo doesn't orphan its children and sometimes suddenly starts following its herd. 3-Saddled beefalo (specially in its heat-state) loses speed and the ability to ask for food (?) and suddenly loses obedience (and tameness?) 4-Taming an in-heat beefalo is sometimes possible, sometimes not.
  6. Looking for players

    Easiest solution: Go to Klei's public servers -> find some good players and add them -> play with them
  7. Well I used to trade games/items on steam, so one time, about three years ago, I randomly got Don't Starve, because I couldn't trade it with anybody else, I decided to add it to my library, played it for like 30 minutes, didn't understand what it was about. Years later, I got the Don't Starve Together gift from Klei. Recently, I remember getting tired of playing dota2, and since I was playing on linux, there wasn't many games available to play, so I decided to install Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together, watched some videos, liked it and started playing. Soon after, I became a Klei fan. Interesting how randomly I got into this game. The nostalgia:
  8. Well, if you're running it on windows, you can run it as a service. There are plenty of options available for that, but the best one I've ever encountered with was FireDaemon (which is specifically made for game servers). I haven't tested it for DST server though (it used to work perfectly with HLDS) Give it a try and let me know.
  9. For the first one use this instead: return { override_enabled=true, present="SURVIVAL_TOGETHER", overrides= { autumn = “verylongseason”, day = "longday", lightninggoat = “often”, beefalo = “often”, }, } Tip: Always have a worldgenoverride.lua.original file backup from the default settings.
  10. Go to step4 -> e Don't forget to copy and save your token as cluster_token.txt
  11. Today I bought this game, because I kind of like its gameplay style, it is basically a visual operating system building game (maybe thats why people's bases get eaten by blackholes aka deadlocks) Also, since I got the DST gift long time ago from klei because of purchasing DS, I wanted to show some support. Only problem is there's no linux version, so I'll have go to my laptop for playing it. So please do a linux version, I'd be happy to test it.
  12. Random Topic Starter

    I must apologize to all the mod makers here, but mods are disorders, I dont understand why somebody would ignore all he knows, and try something moded? only mods I've ever used were Geometric Placement, Health Info and Global Positions, now I don't use any of them when I play alone, and on the servers, I sometimes use Geometric Placement you see, global positions for example, makes cartographer's desk and compass useless, health info, disrupts the learning process, and geometric info, on a internet based server can be quite a concern (some might theoretically use this game as a means of encrypted communication)
  13. Make new abilities for Wilson? For example: being able to read books (including codex umbra) --- Add an ability to WX78 to be able to produce gears (using Trinkets?)
  14. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    PvP needs improvements I tried wolfgang vs wigfrid today in 80-90% fights wolfgang would win over wigfrid the only time wigfrid wins over an over-mighty wolfgang is by having shadow armor, or thulecite armors we've tried every combination of main-world armors possible, and wigfrid dies easier (wolfgang is able to take many more number of attacks compared to wigfrid)
  15. Can't host a server

    go to ~/Documents/Klei/DontStarveTogether/ and post client_log.txt then go to ~/Documents/Klei/DontStarveTogether/Cluster_1/Master and also post server_log.txt