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  1. [Game Update] - 272331

    Guys upload your dump files from: ~steamlibrary/steamapps/common/OxygenNotIncluded This is mine: I was trying to make a small natural gas generator using debug + sandbox then it happened. SimDLL_CRASH_preview_272331_20180611-17.47.06.dmp Unfortunately I don't have visual studio, if anybody has the tools please analyze it, where and why does it cause an access violation?
  2. [Game Update] - 272331

    I do, every time I tried to make a steam turbine working I ended up with a mess. I very much so like to see building it in practice. The Diseased Supernova (BACKUP).sav Here try to make it work in this save if you like, there's a volcano nearby.
  3. [Game Update] - 272331

    If only there was a way to make that without debug/sandbox
  4. Bug #1: Hatch gets sweeped and has is 76 cycles old on cycle 13 save file: The Beautiful Lab.sav
  5. I'll test this and post any bugs I find Thanks Klei
  6. [Game Update] - 269773

    You're right You actually have a pretty decent pc I don't know why I confused it with something else :/ But it's still interesting that I don't have any stuttering issues with your save file. Would you open the save, then close the game and post output_log + dxdiag's output?
  7. [Game Update] - 269773

    @Lifegrow I watch your videos, I think you have an onboard graphics/audio card, which means your CPU handles both graphics and hd audio processing. When you add a dedicated pci-e graphics card, your graphics card handles all the graphical parallel processing which leaves room for cpu+ram to handle audio along other things more efficiently.
  8. [Game Update] - 269773

    Hmm I took a look at your save file, it is not overly complicated by any means. Interestingly, I had no stuttering issues with it. Try reinstalling or updating your video driver. You could also buy a new graphics card (a 1050 3GB or 1050ti would do any new game @ 1080p) at a decent price
  9. [Game Update] - 269773

    How many critters do you have running around? go to room overlay and count total critters in all stables, I'm really curious to know. the audio stuttering clearly shows that it has too many tasks to handle for its number of running threads, and that is because of overly complicating the gameplay, as I said before even engineering programs face "stuttering" issues for overly complicated designs.
  10. [Game Update] - 269773

    Lifegrow, brother, don't over design your base. every program has its limitations, your base is an exception. Even mainly used cad programs like fusion 360 have their limitations, Oxygen Not Included is just a game. (go to: here as an example) Some exceptions need to remain exceptions and should be dealt with using ostrich algorithm.
  11. [Game Update] - 266385

    I can't get rid of my Cheshire nonsense, learning English for IELTS exam has ruined my brains
  12. [Game Update] - 266385

    Klei thinks like this: Develop early access -> let some players play as guinea pigs -> receive feedback -> fix issues -> release the game -> fix some more issues It is really nobody's beer Hmmm, I also think that gas pipes are the main reason behind temp increase
  13. [Game Update] - 265550

    I wonder if it is somehow unity's limitations? Like there is too much graphical processing -> don't show stuff
  14. [Game Update] - 265069

    [WARNING] ConsumeMouseScroll is true onImmigrantScreen , but activateOnSpawn is disabled. Mouse scrolling might not work properly on this screen. [ INFO ] WattsonMessage OnActivate Sometimes it gets stuck on tile selection. Try this: aggressively and rapidly click right toolbox items
  15. [Game Update] - 265004

    Weirdly buttons didn't work on the first run, I saved and reopened the game and they started working.
  16. Will mixing normal + insulated pipes or making pipes using different materials make them bugged? I think that is the right question.
  17. [Game Update] - 261394

    1-Last save crashed 2-Reassigning the auto-assigned cot crashes the game It has something to do with yog's oc bed/medbed hotfix I guess Error details below:
  18. 2 small issues

    1-artist's hat temporarily disappears when the duplicant makes a quaint paiting/sculpture. 2-priorities are unselectable.
  19. I'm testing it right now, some problems: game gets laggy when you select research station and drag it around, ore transport menu and utilities don't work when they are not researched conveyor overlay shows f3 instead of shift+f3 I'm gonna remove my worldgendata and saves, then try testing it again.
  20. Winona! Added right on programmers day, nice Happy programmers day guys note: maybe mending tape is just temporary? to show that Winona's the engineer.
  21. Beefalo Problems

    Pre-requirements: A naturally spawned beefalo (in-heat or normal) with some children (preferably a day 36 or 71 beefalo) Glossamer's saddle (saddle_race) Beefalo hat Problems: 1&2-Saddled beefalo doesn't orphan its children and sometimes suddenly starts following its herd. 3-Saddled beefalo (specially in its heat-state) loses speed and the ability to ask for food (?) and suddenly loses obedience (and tameness?) 4-Taming an in-heat beefalo is sometimes possible, sometimes not.
  22. Beefalo Problems

    Go and test a little bit then reply such comments The beefalo loses track of its owner when that happens as it goes into the in-heat state. At last, please learn that assumptions are not experiments. Assumptions based on wiki or your personal experiences with the game doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist.
  23. A New "A New Reign" Update Log

    PvP needs improvements I tried wolfgang vs wigfrid today in 80-90% fights wolfgang would win over wigfrid the only time wigfrid wins over an over-mighty wolfgang is by having shadow armor, or thulecite armors we've tried every combination of main-world armors possible, and wigfrid dies easier (wolfgang is able to take many more number of attacks compared to wigfrid)