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  1. SPOM Noob Trap Edition.

    While this is necessary while "priming" the system, once you've filled the upper space sufficiently with Hydrogen, you can disconnect your filtration system. As long as neither output ever backs up, and you've got your output pumps controlled by automation to only pump full packets, you will never get a wrong output.
  2. This might be a good time to invest in one of those infinite gas storage chambers that are all the rage, and just suck it all up and compact it into a little 5x6 space and not deal with it for a long time.
  3. While I would agree that this is the ultimate goal for ensured sustainability of the base, this seems, to me, to be a little heavy-handed of a statement. You can have your limited resources (fossil fuels, as you put it) run as often as they can, as long as the rate of consumption is lower than the rate of acquisition. NatGas in particular is actually quite beneficial to run continuously. You are guaranteed at least 1 NatGas Geyser on your map, and on average can have (depending on seed) 2 more. And running them produces P-H2O, a resource that most people can't get enough of. If you are using PetroGens, the same thing happens, though it's more efficient to boil your Petro to NatGas if you're using it for power, which in turn just goes right back to the NatGas Gens.
  4. The actual value of heat energy removed is unchanged, however by sending a percentage of already cooled fluid back through with uncooled fluid, you can achieve a lower end temperature product, albeit at a slower rate. This will also save you power, as you are only running a single Aquatuner instead of several.
  5. @Cairath do your have a plan for when the official release comes, with the 2 additional biomes? The changes to the map generation required to facilitate that will, based on historical data, invalidate all existing map seeds. This will require the seed library to start from scratch.
  6. That's kind of the point. Every time they make any changes to world-gen, it breaks all map seeds created prior to the change in world-gen. Not only will the map itself have a different layout and different placement of features, but the PoI features will also be different. They will be placed in the same locations, but they may be a different Geyser feature -- for example, your guaranteed Cool Steam Vent in the Caustic Biome will be at a different location, and you instead get a Minor Volcano in that location. Or, it could be the locked Morb/Vacillator PoI.
  7. Unfortunately the easiest way is to use parallel fabricators, and control their priority to assign it to the recipe they are making. Another, more complicated option is to create a storage sorting facility with Rails, Conveyors, etc where Dupes do not have access. Any new materials that are swept up by the Dupes are entered into the facility through a specific Loader that has max priority. In this way you could use the Sweeper solution you tried when you disabled Supply tasks.
  8. My overengineered oxygen plant

    After it has been initially primed (filled) this is untrue. And if it were something you were still concerned about, it would be trivial to set up the alternative element sensor shutoff bypass filter for a mere 10 W consumption (once Klei actually makes it cost that -- currently it just needs to be plugged in and doesn't actually draw) to catch anything that, somehow, manages to get through.
  9. I haven't built a Jukebot, Arcade Cabinet, or Espresso Machine yet. It's pretty easy to get Morale into the mid 20s with just Rooms and Decor. Barracks, Plumbed Bathroom, Great Hall is pretty much all you need for quite a long time. Put up Paintings and Statues made from Granite, some Crown Molding, and a few Plants in the Barracks, Rec Room, and Great Hall, and call it good. From that point you should be moving (or have already moved) to an Electrolyzer setup of some description, and be branching out your Power options to start running the ridiculous (though, balance-wise, understandable) power cost of the Jukebot.
  10. Based on my observations, it's actually the other way around. Hand Sanitizers have a specific germ removal number, with a specific animation length. A Sink or Wash Basin will remove all germs on a Dupe, but the duration of the animation is proportional to the number of germs present on the Dupe. This means that Hand Sanitizers are single-use for a fixed amount, Sinks/Wash Basins are a rate.
  11. With Tubes, I see no reason for an Elevator. However, I do very much see a reason for Teleporters, both a Dupe version as well as a debris version. Sometimes you just need to move things a very long distance, and it takes a lot of time, even with Tubes, for a Dupe to move that distance. And in the end, you can move debris out of an area pretty effectively with a Conveyor and a Sweeper, but you can't effectively bring construction materials in that way.
  12. Good map seed

    English beats up other languages in dark alleys, then rifles through their pockets for bits of spare grammar and vocabulary. And honestly, "Here it is" doesn't actually shorten in English. "Here's" makes no sense, you'd be saying something belongs to here.
  13. Strictly speaking, Morbs are not actually Critters. They are a coalescence of disease that has formed into a psuedo-creature. As such, they cannot be Ranched, and none of the Ranching equipment (Drop-off, Feeder, Groomer, etc) applies to them. The only way you can relocate them is to build Critter Traps to catch them, and then move then to a new destination. Personally, there's no reason to do this. Just murder them. They are relatively easy (if time consuming) to create intentionally in an area dedicated specifically to the task of collecting them and eliminating the Slimelung they produce.
  14. I would disagree with this in one regard. If the Geyser isn't useful, it's just flat out not useful. I'd rather have an extra PoI roll in that spot, which could be a Vacillator or an AETN instead. The simple fact is that there will, inevitably, be some that are better than others. But the disparity between, say, the CO2 Vent/Geyser compared to NatGas, is ridiculous.