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  1. Unless it changed, lighting your Terrariums also increases their P-H2O output as well.
  2. Since you're already going to the trouble of using a gas filter *gags* can't you add a floor lamp to improve the efficiency of the Terrariums? That will increase their output.
  3. Have to agree here. It's a really nice addition that I want to stick around, but it needs further iteration. The appearance doesn't really fit with the art aesthetic, and honestly just kinda sticks out.
  4. Probably because of this: The way mods themselves are handled has changed, so all mods, whether they use the new things or not, need to be updated to a current version. Even if nothing actually changes to the mod itself.
  5. The first asteroid, Terra, will not spawn any Traits. All other asteroids still do.
  6. I feel like if we're talking about setting up Sweeper Arms and Conveyors to supply Wheezeworts, we're not talking about early game spot cooling. In order to get Sweepers and Conveyors, you need to get to, what, tier 4 research? Not to mention have the supply of Refined Metal to build all the parts, and have spent at least 6 Skill Points on one of your Dupes to get Mechtronics. None of that is early game spot cooling, which is what Wheezeworts were best at and most often used for.
  7. Some new players would figure that out, sure, but we've all seen enough people come to the forums asking if there's a bug, because they changed the pipe to insulated and it's still breaking etc etc. Some of the warning tooltips could be clearer.
  8. I would also like to point out that we're right back to the devs telling us basically nothing about a change or why they are making it and expecting us to figure it out, all over again. It was just the previous update where we had that big outrage about this very specific topic, and again we're getting a sweeping change out of left field with no direction. I gotta admit though, I was surprised they were actually making posts directly responding to us for all of a week. Seems we're going to have to reinvent the wheel, though. Again. *sigh*
  9. Sounds like they oops'd the code and had it look at the Sand's temp instead of the Polluted Water's temp.
  10. Auto-wrangling from the Critter Drop-off works on fliers. Standard Wrangling doesn't. I don't understand. Instead of requiring 500 g/s of NatGas while running, it now only requires 100 g/s while running. Still very disproportionate to the NatGas Generator, though.
  11. @Cairath do your have a plan for when the official release comes, with the 2 additional biomes? The changes to the map generation required to facilitate that will, based on historical data, invalidate all existing map seeds. This will require the seed library to start from scratch.
  12. You can already do that by building the walls and doors out of Refined Metals, such as Steel. They can't dig into Steel.
  13. You have to assign them separately on the Skills screen. They are no longer automatically equipped.
  14. But a Visco Gel "airlock" is not a Door for the purpose of creating Rooms. It creates a thermal and fluid seal, but the game will not create, for example, a Plumbed Bathroom for your AstroDupe to use when they return from a mission with a full bladder. You're forced to build a firepole from the top of your Rocket Silo down below the Surface level of the asteroid in order to make the bathroom into a Plumbed Bathroom for the Morale benefits. That's why the Pneumatic Door was given "backwall" properties like both Airlocks. At least, that's my theory on the matter.
  15. It's probably for the purpose of creating Rooms with high traffic on the Surface. When both Manual and unpowered Mech Doors open and close too slowly for a room that sees a lot of traffic, like a Plumbed Bathroom or a Great Hall. The way around this is to use a Pneumatic Door. But if Pneumatic Doors don't block Space Exposure, you're going to be constantly bleeding air through the Door.