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  1. No, ONI's systems don't work that way. You'd need the Liquid Reservoir standing Chlorine gas to disinfect the liquids it contains. You can't exactly do that in the vacuum of space. In theory you could use some space inside the rocket to do that, but there's not exactly a lot of room in there for it. That said, if the only thing you are using it for is the Sink and Lavatory, you don't need to do anything about it. Dupes aren't drinking the water in the Sink or Lavatory (at least... I hope they're not... might explain a thing or 2 though...). Food Poisoning must be consumed, either on food or in the various drinks (Water Cooler, Espresso Machine, etc). Touching things that have Food Poisoning on them aren't the issue. As long as your Dupes aren't playing with the Polluted Dirt that comes out of the Water Sieve while the Rocket is in flight, there's no way they can get sick from Food Poisoning from recycled waste water.
  2. It would also translate into raw calorie throughput. Less time making each individual meal means more meals made overall. A higher Cuisine skill, like Researching, it very valuable.
  3. On the Cool Steam Vent topic... The larger issue here is that Plastic isn't a given. By the time you're looking for an infinite water source, it's pretty doubtful you've gone to the Oil Biome to get Crude for turning into Petro then Plastic. Especially for a newer player, as this discussion has been framed, you are probably still on Algae and are in need of an Electrolyzer setup. Depending on how much Water your particular seed has/had in the Starter Biome, you might not even have Steel, and only then if you have got a Hatch Ranch set up for the egg shell to make a lot of Lime. A newer player probably won't have a Glossy Drecko Ranch for alternative Plastic, meaning they can't build a Steam Turbine. This presents a substantial challenge for newer players who are desperate for Water and happen to trip over one of the exposed Cool Steam Vents, or even the Water Geyser or exposed Salt Water Geyser. You just don't have any tools to work with other than the latent temperature of the Cold Biome for cooling that water and/or Oxygen for your base. This is one of the common death spiral points, because the hot water will heat the base and stifle crops. I wonder if that's why there is some Crude Oil that spawns with the Teleporter Pod. I don't know how the numbers work out, if that's enough Crude to make Petro from for a quick'n'dirty early Plastic Press, and how much Plastic you'd get from that.
  4. Hydrogen has no waste products to output that heat into (NatGas does), and therefore is just destroyed. As long as you have a decent material to build Insulated Tiles and Insulated Gas Pipes from, you will have hundreds of cycles to work on getting a cooling loop in place before it becomes relevant. You can also just choose to not open it if you are concerned about generating too much heat from it.
  5. Ideally, Meteor Showers would be something that is predominantly variable from one planetoid to the other. The starter world, for example, probably shouldn't have any on most start types. Or if it does, they should be rare. Probably don't want to put them on the Molten Asteroid that has the Niobium Volcano, either, since that would probably make colonizing it impossible. But perhaps other planetoids should have them.
  6. I'm slightly confused about this apparent reduction in guaranteed Geysers now in Spaced Out. In vanilla, the Sandstone start had a lengthy list of guaranteed spawns: exposed Cool Steam Vent in the Jungle exposed Cool Steam Vent in the Swamp exposed NatGas Vent in the Swamp exposed NatGas Vent OR exposed Chlorine Vent in the Jungle exposed Salt Water Geyser in the Salt Biome bricked over Cool Slush Geyser *somewhere* So has the Swamp exposed Cool Steam Vent been removed from the guaranteed list? It has the same chance of spawning as any other PoI in the Swamp Biome? Is there somehow a reduction to some of these other vents/geysers? I ask because I went through a long series of map generating to find one I liked just a few days ago in Spaced Out, and the list wasn't any different. All the exposed ones were there. Is that not supposed to be the case?
  7. Working on a new colony, and was presented with this from the Printer Pod: It's currently cycle 12, and I have 4 existing Dupes. I still need a Chef, so the Nisbet is an option. Not a great option, given she has Allergies, but... I've never seen Ranching roll a +15 before, which would be phenomenal. Even this early with Anemic and Undigging, it's difficult to pass up a high level Rancher. But I would still need a Chef to work the Grill for the Eggs and/or Meat that would result. I'm very tempted to take Nails here, but I don't know if that's gonna be a good choice. I'll need at least another 3 cycles for the chance at getting a Chef, and I may never see that good of a Rancher ever again (never have before, playing the game on and off since Early Access).
  8. ...feed it to a worm thing, that can be sheared for Tungsten? Sounds like a pretty exotic diet to me.
  9. Is that... bad? My understanding is that originally Abyssalite was never meant to be meltable in the first place, and it only became a thing as a side effect of fixing various other temperature related bugs, like good old Drip Cooling. That said... what if instead of a Volcano, renewable Tungsten came from a critter? We have the Beetas that require extreme cold to survive, and often won't live through a rocket trip back to the main base. How about something that needs a minimum temperature even higher than a Molten Slickster? With a relatively exotic dietary requirement to book. Have them spawn on the Volcanic Planetoid. Maybe add some lore files to suggest it was an unsanctioned project that developed it. Typical evil genious can't stop themselves kind of thing. I'm thinking some kind of worm-like creature, sort of like the Grubgrubs, visually occupying multiple tiles. Can the Shearing Station be built of materials able to withstand that heat? Use that to clip off plates from its body, which can then be put through the Refinery to make Tungsten.
  10. I don't remember if it was this thread or a different one, but someone made the connection that Orbital Research should be tied into exploration of space, and I like that idea. Keep the new Orbital Lab as an infinite source. Additionally, bring back the Virtual Planetarium and the Databanks. Each empty space tile revealed by the Telescope and the... science rocket module whose name escapes me at the moment... can generate: 1 Databank for every empty Space tile 3 Databanks for discovering a Space PoI (fields, gas clouds, etc) 5 Databanks for discovering a planetoid rocket module can collect an additional 3/5 Databanks for being in a Space PoI or in orbit of a planetoid, respectively Adjust the rate of Databanks to Orbital Research, and the Orbital Research cost of techs as needed. Splitting Orbital Research into 2 sources (Orbital Lab at the cost of plastic, Databanks from Telescope and rocket module) gives the player options on how they will pursue the research, with both simple and complex methods of obtaining. Forces the player to do both if they are going to rush through the research. As a separate commentary... why does the branch of Research containing all the Automation Wire, Ribbons, and Logic Gates come out of Decor tech? Shouldn't it emerge from the tech that gives you the Super Computer and Red research?
  11. Have to agree here. It's a really nice addition that I want to stick around, but it needs further iteration. The appearance doesn't really fit with the art aesthetic, and honestly just kinda sticks out.
  12. Probably because of this: The way mods themselves are handled has changed, so all mods, whether they use the new things or not, need to be updated to a current version. Even if nothing actually changes to the mod itself.
  13. The first asteroid, Terra, will not spawn any Traits. All other asteroids still do.
  14. I feel like if we're talking about setting up Sweeper Arms and Conveyors to supply Wheezeworts, we're not talking about early game spot cooling. In order to get Sweepers and Conveyors, you need to get to, what, tier 4 research? Not to mention have the supply of Refined Metal to build all the parts, and have spent at least 6 Skill Points on one of your Dupes to get Mechtronics. None of that is early game spot cooling, which is what Wheezeworts were best at and most often used for.
  15. Some new players would figure that out, sure, but we've all seen enough people come to the forums asking if there's a bug, because they changed the pipe to insulated and it's still breaking etc etc. Some of the warning tooltips could be clearer.