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  1. a brain and a morb

    You can't dismantle it. The only way to get rid of it would be to force it to melt, or to break it with pressure damage. Apparently it's intentional, to "force you to adapt to your surroundings" or some such.
  2. Ice biome

    Yes, this changed with the Oil Update some time ago. Ice Biomes now have a minimum spawn distance from the starter biome when the world is generated.
  3. a brain and a morb

    Based on the tooltips, Neural Vascillators are able to accommodate more than 1 use. However, I have yet to encounter a vascillator that actually has more than 1 charge available to it.
  4. I'm not opposed to the concept, however, that is not the goal that is being achieved. If anything, it's going to encourage people to make even more elaborate NatGas/FertSynth loops to make up for the lost geyser. It's simply way too convenient to have all that power available on a feedback loop that requires zero input from the player or from Dupes to maintain.
  5. I just don't understand why they keep nerfing Geyser spawns. We already went from ~10 each down to 2/2/1. Now it's not even that.

    There is a checkbox on the Configurator that will enable Debug for you, without you doing anything else. It may be overriding the normal Debug enable.
  7. Sleet Wheat, at least, still does it. The big changes regarding seed and plant behavior for Agriculture shook everything up pretty good.
  8. Hydrogen would be moving upward, not downward. Down favors right, up favors left.
  9. So based on your larger screenshot, we can now see that it is a result of your Dupes breathing while using the Showers and Lavatories. They will breath out CO2. Since CO2 is a heavy gas, it will sink below the O2. Due to a quirk of the game engine, gases moving downward prefer to move to the right, rather than to the left. Over time, this will accumulate on that right side.
  10. Is that an enclosed room on the left? A wider zoom would be much more helpful.
  11. Rolled a nat 20

    Should post the map seed in that Asteroid Seed Sharing thread. I'm sure a lot of people would love a crack at it.
  12. Can't find geysers

    Wow... your entire map is the starter biome. Well, that explains why you aren't finding any geysers. They don't spawn in the starter biome.
  13. Couldn't you use metal tiles between the Weezewort/Hydrogen on the sides and the central resevoir? I know you have shift plates behind, but wouldn't it still make it faster?
  14. Slanted gas layers?

    It seems to have to do with the decision making on how gases move. When "blocked" from moving upwards, they seem to prefer to move to the left over going to the right. The opposite is true for moving downward -- when blocked, they prefer to move right rather than left.
  15. Multi gas filtering

    There is a way to do it with a single Pump and Filter, but it will take a very long time. Build both of them, with the Filtered (orange) output leaving the system, while the Filter's output goes to a Vent that is back in the same room (ideally far from the Pump). Select one of the types of gas in the room to be filtered, and let the system run. Eventually, the Filter won't have any of the selected gas to remove (or at least, not any getting to the Pump). At that point, you turn off the Pump. Then, reconfigure the pipe from the orange output of the Filter to whatever location for the next gas, switch the Filter's selection, and turn the Pump back on. Repeat until you run out of gases in the room.