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  1. The simple fact is that mass deletion is still a thing. If the concentration of other gases (namely O2) is too high, CO2 will still mysteriously vanish when no one is looking.
  2. Battery Heat Math Question

    You'd need to use Large Batteries rather than Smart Batteries, I'd think. You'd probably also need a "double floor" of Mesh Tiles for the Batteries to sit on, and then an actual floor of solid Tiles underneath, to ensure the Batteries can't ever be Flooded. Or use the... Submersible Batteries(?) mod, that has an equivalent set of Batteries and Transformers that can be submerged without becoming Flooded.
  3. Damaged Nat Gas

    The Wire is not involved, as it is the NatGas Generator itself that is damaged. Is it possible they are receiving something other than NatGas? That's the best way to damage a pipe or duct fed building -- giving it the wrong element.
  4. Since you've asked (the room), it's because they are completely different arguments. Flooding the vent in an infinite storage complex is generally viewed as acceptable because it falls more under the category of getting around a gameplay limitation. There are only 2 types of vents. And even if you weren't going to use a not quite flooded Vent for an infinite storage, you can still make one "more legitimately" with a Door Compressor anyway. A Flooded Electrolyzer, on the other hand, is abusing the mechanics of 1EpT to take very small amounts of liquid, generally only a few grams, to layer on top of one another and tell the game that those particular tiles are full, and put other elements elsewhere. And you're able to do this without the Electrolyzer itself shutting off because it's flooded with liquid. Which it wouldn't be, if the liquid were allowed to flow, since it's so small an amount. Except it can't. So now a few grams of 2 different liquids, layered on top of one another, are pushing kgs of gases out of the way, with no ramifications. And for the record, I (and quite a few people) think it's silly that thousands of tons of gas pressure can't break tiles more than 3 thick, or that Doors will never break under pressure no matter what. Since I know that's going to be the next thing you point at, as it usually goes with, as you put it, "this old argument". By all means, if you want to use explotiy builds, use them. But don't act all surprised when people immediately call you out on it. And cloaking yourself in the statement "it's a single player game I can do whatever" doesn't give you an unassailable bastion against that criticism. Post an exploity build, take your criticism that you've earned, and move on.
  5. Just a couple notes on Slicksters... -> If the CO2 is too cold, they can freeze to death. Fortunately they have a lot of mass, but their starting temp when they hatch isn't extravagantly high. You may end up needing to pre-heat your CO2 for them. -> Because the CO2 will be cool or cold, the Slicksters will start laying Long Hair eggs instead of normal Slickster eggs. You'll need to relocate those to a location where you can feed them Oxygen instead. This will, ultimately, cull out the normal Slicksters, as they lay more and more Long Hair eggs over their lifespan. They will not repopulate themselves if you do not keep them warm enough.
  6. Drakeos and liquid

    I know for other liquids it needs to be above a certain per-tile mass. I imagine Visco-Gel would be the same, but I don't know if the value is above the mass that makes Visco-Gel "flow" to the sides or not.
  7. I can tell you that their output was absolutely nerfed when they did that Geyser rebalance pass. After adjusting to take inactivity into account, old NatGas Vents would produce ~200 g/s. Now, you're lucky if it actually makes the 90 g/s you need for a 100% uptime NatGas Gen. And now we also need to feed the Gas Stove for high tier cooking, which we did not need to before.
  8. In the past I'd have said NatGas was amazing, since you received basically free power and some Polluted Water. However, the output seems to have been reduced substantially. Used to be you'd get a high enough NatGas to run 2, sometimes 3 NatGas Gens. Now, you're getting just under the amount needed to run a single Generator.
  9. Schrödinger's World

    I specifically remember this concept being true, though I can't speak to the numbers. The positive traits are stronger than the negative ones, so if you have both, the result will be slightly positive.
  10. You can't directly connect them. You'd have to use Smart Batteries, Transformers, and Power Shut-offs to create an in-between reservoir of power on a set of Batteries, and when they are full, disconnect it from the "feeder" circuit before connecting them to the "hungry" circuit.
  11. For the swarm

    I mean... they could be Ultras, with the Burrow Charge ability...
  12. On the right, Dupes are 2 tiles tall. They can hang on the Ladder, but they need a free tile above it to move across. On the left, the Exosuit Dock is blocking access. Either disable (or deconstruct) the Checkpoint, or give it power/air/a suit so Dupes can use it.
  13. [Game Update] - 364722

    Have to agree here. It's a really nice addition that I want to stick around, but it needs further iteration. The appearance doesn't really fit with the art aesthetic, and honestly just kinda sticks out.
  14. [Game Update] - 364722

    Probably because of this: The way mods themselves are handled has changed, so all mods, whether they use the new things or not, need to be updated to a current version. Even if nothing actually changes to the mod itself.
  15. Chiming in with the issues for liquids getting deleted in an infinite gas storage cell. I've had to use sandbox to fix them several times since the Launch Update. When I build my next set I'll take some more exacting measurements of how much liquid.