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  1. The other advantage to using a Reservoir as a buffer is the fact that inputs into the Reservoir are are averaged across the contents, and the contents are averaged across the output. That is to say, if your Reservoir is nearly full and very cold, and you input a small amount of very hot, the thermal difference from the small packet will be spread evenly across the entire contents of the reservoir. This has the effect of greatly stabilizing temperatures across the system, even when input packets are of very different temperatures. This also aids in disinfection processes of disinfection, because Germs are split the same way.
  2. Ruins

    It isn't so much the amount you get from deconstructing these items that is the issue some players (and I'm sure some devs) have raised. Rather, deconstructing those objects "unlocks" that resource, adding it to the roll table for the Printer Pod's "Care Packages" that come up as alternatives to Dupes ever 3rd cycle. Pretty sure @_Q_ was referring to the inevitable priority-related issues during that transitional stage where you haven't yet taken enough Dupes to specialize a Dupe for every given task. The point where you've got 8 to 10 Dupes and you have about 15 tasks at any given time you need to get done, but you'd need to be reconfiguring your entire priority tree every 1/4 of a cycle if you were going to advance any of your current construction projects (predominantly expanding your early game bare-bones systems for greater efficiency/throughput) in a timely manner.
  3. A Dupe will automatically pick an available Mess Table and assign it to themselves if they do not currently have one, just like Beds do. However, I have frequently observed that with Mess Tables, Dupes will fail to use them the first time if they pick it themselves. Following meals they do use it correctly.
  4. Ruins

    There's a mod that lets you. Base game, only a handful of the Ruins objects can be deconstructed.
  5. Where is the CO2 coming from?

    I don't believe they've ever fixed the issue with Flatulent. As it happens, Flatulent Dupes will simply fart wherever -- the Exosuit will have no impact on it's release.
  6. You'll notice the blob of Algae with the Thimble Reed growing out of it. This would appear to be one of the mini oil biomes generated by the "Irregular Oil" trait, and as such it is at a much higher position in the asteroid than normal. Given that there are 2 Oil Reservoirs in it, it is likely paired with the "Buried Oil" trait, reducing the amount of "free" oil but increasing the number of Oil Reservoirs to work with.
  7. Sterile Atmosphere

    Are you on the Performance Preview, or the live branch? There are a number of things that may or may not be borked on the Preview.
  8. Oxygen generation?

    This statement is backwards. They produce O2, and then if it is present will negate a bit of CO2. And for the record, they are the strongest of the low tech oxygen production methods, but not in isolation. It is the P-H2O bottles they produce that are the winner, through the Deodorizer, that makes tremendous volumes of O2. They can easily over-pressurize your base.
  9. It would make sense that Reservoirs average temperature, since they also average germ count.
  10. Except it's not a noob trap. It is an advanced concept that requires forethought and a minimum level of existing infrastructure. You also can't just slap it down and ignore it -- you have to be creative with how you process the waste products to make it worthwhile. Which, yes, includes that huge volume of CO2. The simple fact that you can create all that waste, and deal with it, while coming out ahead by 200+ W is already a big benefit. And it's slightly more efficient as you add more "units" to the complex. You only need 1 Liquid Pump, for example, to deal with the Polluted Water output of 13.333... PetroGens. The Water Sieve can process 5 kg/s of Polluted Water, but you only produce 4 kg/s from the 4 Skimmers. Stacking your Ethanol Distillers and your Arbor Tree farm, you can collect the Polluted Dirt and Lumber, respectively, with only a single Sweeper Arm and Conveyor Loader each, using Doors for flooring that open once a day for 1% or 2% each cycle.
  11. ......but what does that have to do with Sage Hatches, specifically, that other Hatch varieties don't also provide?
  12. Arbor Tree farming

    The big advantage of the Ethanol cycle is that the clean-up and supply parts get more efficient as you add more units to the complex. Assembling your wild Arbor farm can be done so that you only need a single Sweeper and Loader to automate the entire thing. Just build it vertically, and with no flooring under the branches of the Trees, so that all the branches will fall down to the range of the Sweeper at the bottom. A Liquid Pump maxes out at 10 kg/s, so a single Pump can clean up the Polluted Water produced by 13.333... PetroGens. Each unit requires 4 Carbon Skimmers to offset, but the Water Sieve can process 5 kg/s. Rather than Composting the Polluted Dirt that comes from the Distillers, you can feed it to either Sage Hatches for Coal for more power, or to Pokeshells for Sand and Molts for Lime. Both produce Eggs, and the Hatches will produce Meat. Ethanol complexes are not meant to be isolated units chugging away in dark corners of the map, but rather as resource converters as part of a vast interconnected network.
  13. Starting new asteroid

    That should only be true for that particular save file, not for other files you create.
  14. Starting new asteroid

    Try validating your game files through Steam. Sounds like something's corrupted, or missing.
  15. The holy grale of bad seeds

    It depends on what biomes are present on your map. Exposed geysers will generally have an output that is in the "above average" segment of the bricked over geyser's possible range. If your map has Swamp Biomes, you are guaranteed 1 exposed Cool Steam Geyser, and 1 exposed NatGas Geyser. If your map has Tide Pool Biomes (*note* NOT a Sub-surface Ocean), you are guaranteed 1 exposed Salt Water Geyser. If your map has Caustic Biomes, you are guaranteed 1 exposed Cool Steam Geyser, and 1 additional exposed geyser -- a 50/50 chance between a NatGas Geyser, or a Chlorine Geyser.