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  1. I think there are too many components in this system which makes it really confusing. There were no bugs in my case, but It took me forever to figure the system out . My two main Hurdles in successfully directing Resources into the Spacefarer Module: Output AND input of the Rocket Port (The thing next to the platform) need to be connected to pipes. Because I had no Intention of moving something OUT of the rocket, I just built a pipe leading to the rocket port input, ignoring the rocket port output. nothing happens. I expected something like the liquid reservoir, where it is not neccessary to build an output pipe for the reservoir to work (namely storing something inside). Which would habe been more in sync with the existing stuff i think The Fact that you need additional gas/liquid/power Modules, not just the Port next to the platform and the Fittings inside the Spacefarer Module, confused me too. The Modules store the resources, the Ports direct them to the Spacefarer Module? First I thought that by installing the fittings inside the rocket, a brand new input/output port would appear on the outside of the spacefarer module, which was not the case. When I discovered the Rocket Ports , i tried to somehow connect the Rocket Port to the Fittings directly for the longest time. Building Rocket Ports INSIDE the Spacefarer Module should definitly not be possible, just like it is not possible to build Fittings in the outside world. Why even bother with the Rocket Ports? Are the Gas/Liquid/Power/Modules neccessary when you can just stack infinite amounts of stuff directly into the rocket? placing a pipe directly between the different Modules or just linking an external source with a pipe to the Module would have been more intuitive. The Inside Fittings are great and give you flexibility in placement and choice, but so far I can't see the purpose of the rocket ports besides making the system overly complex. Any thoughts? I'm sure I just haven't figured it out yet and the system is really useful somehow.
  2. the hatch thing is not a serious bug IMO, and not really relevant after the early game. My hatches will never burrow again anyway, they just breed and drown. There is no hiding in the ground from their fate. The aforementioned "free steel by nosecone" bug is way more annoying and a constant temptation for me.
  3. same. The price is ridiculously low compared to the years (!) of pure fun I got out of the game. spaced out frightens me a bit: before the Addon, your world was perfect and finished at some point, but now I just hop onto the next planet and work on my gigantic multiplanetary dupe society. There is literally no end in sight. The only reason to quit a game at the moment are updates & changes to the world seed, then I start a new one. I hope that ONI will enjoy the same support and care as dont starve, and that every now and then an addon with new biomes and critters will come out. for years and years to come. ONI is the game to end all other games for me. Thanks Klei. I appreciate the hell out of you guys, you are so much more than just a game company.
  4. Yay! Cant wait to explore the new Stuff :) I'm rapidly approaching 2000 hours with ONI, but I can savely say that I never had more fun with the game than right now. Space Exploration is a genius addition to the base game. infinitely expandable, infinite fun! Judging from a pre-existing save, the "change Spacefarer Nosecone to something else - get 2400 kg Steel for free" bug is still in the game - which seems strange to me, since it is relatively easy to fix and also kiiiinda gamebreaking in the sense that you can just skip steel production alltogether with a couple of klicks. You can resist the temptation of course, but it is bound to happen by accident at some point anyway. Just wanted to throw that out there. Or is it fixed with new games?
  5. if any interactable object is on top priority and the player clicks on the "Yellow Alert" Text while on another map to switch the view directly to the prioritized object, the object itself can not be selected. It can only be selected and interacted with after the player klicked on any OTHER object FIRST. Which is highly irritating, since the purpose of klicking the text is almost always to interact with this specific object. The type of map (asteroid / spacecraft) or the type of object is not relevant it seems. it happens with fridges, plants, orders, anything
  6. Will the alpha save files still work when the DLC is out? I have a lot of free time until the 8th and would love to just build away, but I'm afraid all the progress will be lost and I will have to start over when the dlc finally arrives. I tend to get heavily attached to my ONI colonies and spend way too much time building intricate worlds I fully understand the purpose of the alpha of course and won't be mad if the saves will be gone. Would just be nice to know in advance. thanks! edit: huge thanks to the dev team by the way, 'spaced out' is shaping to be the dlc of my dreams. I played the base game for 1500 hours and there is no end in sight, thanks to the marvellous work Klei puts in.