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  1. That was papered over in the second of the three updates we got so far today, by forcing naturally occurring abyssalite to the temperature of its non-abyssalite surroundings (link below). Exploring through the veins can get pretty toasty/chilly now. Also, make sure you don't dig out a biome's protective layer accidentally. And you shouldn't build anything non-insulated out of abyssalite, unless you know exactly where it's coming from and are OK with its temperature. On the flip side, you shouldn't build insulated things out of anything else; it's as good as it ever was in that role.
  2. Can confirm, CTD on saves written by 265257 and 265689 (edit: nonsense. 265646, of course) on unpausing after load. I've attached a few saves from April 8th through last night, all failing. If it matters, I'm on macOS. Zero Gravitas II Exosuits Cycle 162.sav Zero Gravitas II Exosuits.sav Digression Explored.sav Also, the Abyssalite pre-heater has a bit of trouble with some corner cases, see e.g. the warm horizontal strip on the left bordering cold slime in an ice biome, or the vacuum patch on the far left, but overall this should help. I really appreciate the effort to minimize the fallout, but, seriously, wouldn't it have been better for everyone to revert and regroup on the heat transfer issue?
  3. 4. See Kasuha's reply above. Otherwise, if not already, "You're in a maze of twisty little special cases, all different." ... and that will only lead to a dead end. But, looking at 265689, Klei preferred 1.
  4. This is about the world outside your base. See here:
  5. Serves me right for trusting that Wiki. Thanks! The radiance factor is insane.
  6. This, exactly. I've played around with the numbers for a bit (see below). The original (minimum) formula breaks radiance (assuming that it's implemented as a constant factor, analogous to insulation before). The arithmetic mean kills insulation between solids. Kasuha's proposal causes self-conductance issues as you noted, but even if you "fix" those (say, by doubling the result), naive radiance still doesn't do what one would expect. The geometric mean looks much more reasonable.
  7. The really annoying part about that abyssalite thing is that it now matters from where you got the stuff. The bottom of my base is heating up quickly because there's a formerly thermally inert wall of 35+°C abyssalite tiles from a jungle biome boundary. Other parts are getting a bit chill; their walls came from an ice biome. All that specific heat capacity is hard to counter. Ah well, time to start over, I guess.
  8. For some unknown reason, it is possible to end up with fractional amounts of countable foods and ingredients (here: 2.3 peppernuts; I've seen this with other foods as well). Once this happens, any supply and storage tasks involving these foods will be performed in very small amounts (999.5mg of Omelette, "0" (actually, 0.001) Hatchling egg, ...). Dupes performing these tasks are rendered effectively useless, spending several cycles to move a single meal from the grill to the fridge. Reloading sometimes mitigates the effects for a short period of time, but so far they have always returned for me. (side note: the macOS save file location is ~/Library/Application Support/unity.Klei.Oxygen Not Included/save_files, at least on 10.13.3.) Digression Microeggs.sav
  9. (Edit: this was in reply to a reply to Grimgaw's question above, showing a screenshot of the "advanced mode"-tooltip.) That doesn't answer the question, though. "Helps new bases run more smoothly" can mean pretty much anything. Given how easy it was to have your priority 9 outhouses overflow just because you gave somebody a hat (luckily, that checkbox now defaults to "off"), I am fairly certain that my idea of what is helpful differs starkly from the devs' ideas. And that's fine, but I would like to know instead of being fairly certain. I understand the gameplay value of "secret mechanics", but this is "secret interface design", and, frankly, that's ridiculous.
  10. Are these "under the hood" prioritization rules documented anywhere?