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Best Character Set for each Character?

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Which character set looks the best in your opinion? Character sets are clothes that are in the same collection for a character. (EX full shadow is shadow collection character set)

Wilson - Roseate/Survivor, the Gardenrose jacket looks amazing, one of the best distinguished outfits. Survivor looks badass on the other hand, and looks like Wilson's been through some stuff. I would've picked snowfallen if it only weren't for the beard.

Willow - Snowfallen, pretty cool (heh) skin in my opinion. Blue is my favorite color and there's a lot on this character set so yea.

Wolfgang - Roseate, he looks like one of those toys, but I just like the detail on this character set.I l

Wendy - Guest of Honor, best by a long shot in my opinion. The head is very detailed and the outfit fits well with it.

WX-78 - Gladiator, another best by a long shot. Very detailed and looks badass

Wickerbottom - Snowfallen, looks like an ice queen. Also it's blue and I like blue.

Woodie - Roseate, I would've picked Guest of Honor, but the head just doesn't do it for me.

Wes - Triumphant, the mime looks badass and I really like the shades he wears.

Maxwell - Gladiator/Untriumphant, I like Gladiator because he looks like a mage you would see in MOBAs, and I like untriumphant because it gets rid of that purple hue he has on all his other skins and because I like his suit.

Wigfrid - Guest of Honor, I really like the Valkyrie type look she's rocking in this skin. It fits well with her character.

Webber - Snowfallen/Gladiator, his Gladiator skin is very detailed and in my opinion it is one of the best Gladiator skins along with Maxwell and WX. His snowfallen skin on the other hand makes him look very cute and it's just adorable.

Winona - Survivor, I'm not a fan of most of Winona's skins but her Survivor one looks really cool, for the same reason as Wilson's survivor skin.

Also if you saw this unfinished I'm not sure why it posted midway while typing.


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Willow -Triumphant due to her hair looking like flames
Wolfgang - HE makes MAcTusk a fashion statement
Wendy - Survivor, due to her looking like she stepped on the set of Flintstones
WX - Guest of Honor due to him looking like a French waitor
Wickerbottom - Rosette, She looks even way more classier than her Guest of Honor or Winterfall skin
Woodie - Hallowed Night due to the irony of him becoming what he eats.
Wes - Triumphant, now he can be a part of the Umbrella Academy.
Maxwell - Torn between Untriumpant, Hallowed Nights, or Forge. Untriumphant shows William carter, Hallowed Nights makes him finally a cosplayer for the Mexican Santa Clause movie, and Forge brings him back to a time when druids lived.
Wigfrid - Guest of honor. It actually makes her a valkyrie.
Webber - Rosette or Winterfall. One makes him a Lydia Deetz cosplayer while the other lets him be able to prank people during Winterfeast.
Winona - GOH and Hallowed Nights. One brings her closer to her sister, the other makes her something I didn't expect: A creature that poops grass in terror.

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