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  1. I was playing DST The Gorge with my friends in a pass-worded custom server, and we were about to win except we all got disconnected on Round 9 trying to make the Creamy Onion Soup. I shrugged it off assuming it was a problem with my internet (since I was hosting the server), then the next game we got disconnected again on Round 9, as I was heading for Sammy, the merm who sells the onion seeds. The only mod I had on was Gorge Extender, however I am fairly confident that this is not the problem since I have not been disconnected in my other games with this mod, and because my friends already had this mod on as well. This seems to be a problem with hosting a custom game, because on the official servers I have had no problem.
  2. Ban xedlord foreign language arts teacher is the only thing that is the best of the planet and is also the apes who are there (this is what auto fill gets you if you're wondering)