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Tone down a bit, I suppose?

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This is pretty straight foward. I know some people like those and all but.....JEEZ

What are the odds of, on the very FIRST chest of the whole event, I manage to get dupes?


Or to stack a third of the same pic on the SECOND chest of the event?


I know.....probably bigger than the previous event as there are fewer items, but it just becomes frustrating after a while. I'd rather have clothe dupes instead of those damn pics. Neat items that I could have gotten get replaced by things I'll probably never use, as I can just weave the pic I want and never touch that tab again. Doesnt help that now there are pics and bgs with rarity levels, so they interfere in the rare item pool too :/

I'm not asking you guys to like...remove pics completely. There are probably SOLID reasons you tuned the drop rates like this, I suppose you could simply add a code line or two to decrease the chance of getting dupes of these sorts of items or something. Probably will never happen, But this is a real insatisfaction on  the skin side of the event



^This happened within 10 minutes. I opened the 4th gift expecting...something cool....and it was this. So I bought some commons on the  Steam market and went to the Trade inn, only to get the same freaking item. Ha.....



*throws PC out the window*


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Loot boxes don't shower you in the stuff you want so as to encourage transactions of some kind or another? You don't say.

You just unravel the stuff you don't want/need and keep trying your luck. That's clearly the intent. If you don't want to play the slots, pony up the cash to buy the outfits outright.

If you do decide to play the slots, the event is expected (but not officially stated) to last the same three weeks as last year, so don't weave items until you've completely run out of drops.

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