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  1. The Forge Has Ended

    You guys rock. And I feel Forge ran for precisely the amount of time it should have. It didn't leave me upset, wishing for more time, and it didn't overstay its welcome. Amazing work. You folks seem really attuned to your fan base. Keep up the great work!
  2. connection failed

    Just to follow up. At 11:15am EST, I retried connecting. It appears the problem's resolved; I'm connected to the server list, and everything looks to be operating normally. Assuming the outage is also over for the rest of you.. Where are you folks from and what's your download region? Maybe we can figure out what area/demographic got the outage, and why.
  3. connection failed

    Just here to throw in my 2 cents here as well. I too have this recent problem. (Things were just fine last night). Less than an hour ago I was streaming some game, and switched to Don't Starve Together. I'm getting the same error 'cokll' posted a screenshot of. I too went to access and indeed there is no server status page. I've tried restarting Steam, restarting my computer, and verifying game cache integrity. No luck. To see if it was just me, I checked some other DS:T streams. Not many to pick from, but so far I've seen a japanese streamer and a russian streamer connecting fine. So... Perhaps this is just a East Coast thing? Or USA thing? Or English-speaking-dominant thing? Or a download region thing? I have no idea. But judging by how many views the 2 most recent topics on the same subject on this forum have in such a short time, there's probably a pretty big group of folks with this problem. For the sake of data. I'm in the U.S. on the East Coast, in PA, the approximate Philadelphia area, connected to the Philadelphia download region in Steam.