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Arty Stuff :) (Requests Acknowledged)


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Hey, guys, I'm new on the Klei website but I've been on the Don't Starve Discord for a while. I can do little doodle requests and scenarios for any one who wants to see a certain thing brought to life.

I mainly draw Willow, Wilson, Maxwell, Webber, Wendy, Wes and Wilbur but I can draw most of the characters anyway

(I prefer to stick to these though ;P)

Oh we can just chat or whatever, that's fine. I might just drop random drawings in here anyway.





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Which Discord?

How about Beefalo skin trader man?:wilson_smile:

If @Donke60 saw this thread, he'd probably ask for Guest of Honor Wes.

Nice work so far! I'm not familiar with your work but thanks for the examples you listed so far. They show what your work is like.  You got a wide talent on your hands.

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Just now, AretMaw said:

@minespatch I can do that :)
@Donke69 Sorry about that, man  : O I didn't think it was that important. Also, I'm doing that Wes for you too. I didn't forget.

its not I'm just teasing you, also to do mentions correctly you have to click/tap there name on the dropdown menu. Can't wait for that Wes! 

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18 hours ago, AretMaw said:

@DragonMage156 I haven't unlocked Woodlegs yet ;_;

Cos who wants to fight quacken? >_< Not that he's that good anyway. He constantly looses sanity on land. Idk how to get the crown for Wilbur though. Sometimes I find Wilbur first, sometimes I get the crown but I can't get those two together in one game :/ (although I haven't played SW in a while and I've gotten better since then...)

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