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[Game Update] - 223464

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Fourteen new sound files (three distinct, but there are several variants of each) also got added in this patch.

  • electric_explode_A
  • electric_explode_B
  • lavaball_explode_B

However, similar to the fumeagator sounds that got added during ANR Beta, these sounds aren't being used in the actual game yet.

EDIT: And here are the new sound files:


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On 7/13/2017 at 6:09 PM, Instant-Noodles said:


  • lavaball_explode_B

In before Misery Dragonfly Hard Mode 500000 health, 24 players required all must know how to 360 no-scope a Catcoon with blowdarts; fight takes ten hours one mistake resets the whole thing. Reward: Fireaxe, axe that sets things on fire. 80 Damage per hit, lasts for three hits.


Secretly is planned unique item for new hybrid character class, Willoody, that people will find dialogue strings for in the games code but the character will not only be never released but the developers won't even comment that it ever existed.


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Maybe the electric explosions will have something to do with either the electric goats or the portal in the Atrium, especially the Electric Explosion A, its sounds as if it is echoing. The only thing I could see for the lavaballs are perhaps a new dragonfly weapon or attack. 

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52 minutes ago, sosiskaKi said:

Now how I supposed to get all skins? Without trading and Market. Family Sharing was just speeding the process.

Eventually you'll realize that's a dream that's never going to happen, especially without trading or using the market. Trust me, I tried to do exactly that. My advice: don't worry too much about skins. That's not really what the game is about anyway. I mean it's not like we're playing Pokemon here. There's no real need or reason to catch collect them all. Even if you did get 8 per week, look at how far you've come vs the time invested to get that far. It'll take ages before you got everything.

Honestly, I eventually caved in and bought a couple skins off the market. Wasn't much. It was maybe only about $5. Once I got a couple skins I actually liked and use a lot, I lost a lot of the urge to collect them all. I mean if you enjoy the game enough and think it's worth it, I'd recommend doing that too. Because let's face it, you'll never get the skins you want without buying or trading for them. The drop rates are just abysmal...

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