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  1. Waiter 101 Add recipe and some food. Balance some ingredients (Limit ice or mushroom as filler). Koalefanta proboscidea Chance to find new species of koalefant, with specific unique drops. Beefalo Milk You can obtain milk from beefalo, make cheese and some new recipes. Useless Junk Chance to obtain trinket and gears when fishing. You can customize chance to obtain item, i suggest something low so it's balanced. Make fishing a little more exciting. Aquarium You could make an aquarium, raise fish and obtain roe. Pickle It New food, a new structure to pickle food. Bee Nice When wearing a bee hat, bee will not come outside the beebox when you harvest honey.
  2. This. As far as i understand the game code, which isn't certain, yes, you can't drop the trinket if you didn't unlocked it. As said before, i'm not sure about it. You can try using console command if you think you got a bug and if you are the host. For obtaining the trinket it will be something like : c_give("trinket_16") (If you are in a world with cave, be sure that you have "remote" next to the console line.)
  3. Help for beginners?

    I like using trap near a nest when it's a nest i want to destroy, if there are spider warrior. This way i can have a chance to trap them and only have to fight spider. Trap are useful for this and anyway i usually have a lot of grass and twigs. Of course, it's not something to do to fight a lonely spider, of course if you haven't a lot of grass and twigs, keep them; But a trap could have it's use.
  4. Help for beginners?

    Run far away from treeguards, wait for them to become neutral. Other option, befriend a pig, let him attack the treeguard, don't attack the treeguard again, and the treeguard will become neutral. Plant pinecone near the treeguard, the treeguard have a chance to become neutral. When you'll be more confident, you can try to fight a treeguard with a spear and armor. Hit twice, retreat a little, avoid the treeguard attack, repeat. There are many options for bases. My favorites are usually close to a point of interest but not too close so i'm quiet. For example : near a swamp (source of food because merm, spider and tentacle fight each others), near a pig village (useful for cutting tree), near beefalo (manure), a sinkhole not too far (but far enough so bats don't come in your camp). Again, you shouldn't be TOO close of theses because they could be hostile to you. There are others options of course, and i'm not the best player, so some could be better, especially depending your playstyle. I know some people like the desert, for example. You can try to play wolfgang (good for fighting, but will require food), or Winona (pretty neutral, but she could be great the time you learn exactly how to play and how to manage things so downsides of others characters are easier to manage). If a day you manage to make a beebox, don't put it too close to your camp, bee will become agressive in spring.
  5. Axe and others tools have finite use so maybe you can use this as an example ? Edit : sorry, i miss a part of your post, you already have this part.
  6. It's a lot of missclick, poor players. But i must admit, the topic must be due to multiple missclicks too, so everything is possible.
  7. This discussion is more and more strange.
  8. I'm glad you found it Have fun with your mod !
  9. Check Wigfrid code. File is "wathgrithr.lua" in prefabs.
  10. Making tutorial isn't exactly easy, starting with basics could be a good thing. Sure, here we know already how to obtain the bundling wrap, but maybe the author want to post this tutorial somewhere else too, and ask for advice. And future tutorial will probably be about more complex things.
  11. As far as i know, you will not have new stuff related to world generation, like oil and stuff like this.
  12. Need help with LUA error.

    Try finding the mod workshop-875024493. See if someone else reported the crash on steam, too.
  13. I guess it's because you already have a common postinit function and you override it by adding another. Try to add the tag here : local common_postinit = function(inst) -- Minimap icon inst.MiniMapEntity:SetIcon( "bowse.tex" ) end
  14. It's hard to know how much things you'll have when you put setting on more and lot.