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  1. I think that it's possible also that some of the good cards to use with discard are unlocked when finishing a game, so in first game, discard isn't that great ?
  2. Yeah, there is a difference between the "end turn" discard and other discards that is important and matter a lot and that wasn't obvious enough for me. It is probably obvious for people familiar with card games ?
  3. I suppose enhanced trigger is useful if you want to spend more charge ? Like for charge management ? About the heavy anchor i don't really see the point. Maybe to use with cards that gain bonus if you have high cost cards in your hand ?
  4. Hi ! Here are my first feedbacks. I got the game the 15 of June. At this point i finished Sal's story 3 times (with some failures) and Rook's once (just today, finally managed to finish it). I am not familiar with the genre of the game, which will impact my feedbacks. I have also not unlocked all the options (cards mostly) yet, so some suggestions may be already in the game somehow. First, since english isn't my first language and since i'm not familiar with the genre, i was a bit confused by some effects and meaning. Tutorial was helpful but a bit limited. I was mostly confused by effects happening when "you discard a card" since cards discarded at the end of the turn weren't triggered. A tutorial explaining such things, special effects triggering and all would be great. I am pretty sure i'm not the only player that isn't familiar with card games and that would benefit for such a thing. Second, i really like the option to restart at the beginning of the day, it's very useful for players like me who are discovering the game and make mistake. It is really great to get another chance and see what you can do better. However, prestige level informations are a bit confusing. It would be more clear to say something like "Eeach level includes the modifiers from all previous levels except lvl 0", or whatever wording would be better, so players will not think that this bonus is inherited. I totally understand why you don't keep it (it's a good bonus to start the game, not for later), but it's at the moment a bit confusing. On other points : - In my games i sometimes got cards a bit difficult to use at their full potential. Mostly, in rook's story, i got options to use cards that will have effect if the enemy has composure. But composure is a bit unreliable (some enemies will gain a bit of it, some will gain it reliably and some will not gain it). A card allowing you a better control on enemy composure would be great (maybe a card making you and the enemy both gain composure). So if you have cards allowing you to steal composure, you can plan something to use them. It's possible that such a card already exists (as i said, i didn't unlock all cards). In the same idea, a card dealing bonus damage if the enemy has composure may be interesting. - I encountered pets that are helpful in combat, and if you train them, will help you in negocation. Does the contrary exists ? It would be cool to have a pet that will help you in negocation but not in battle, but, if trained, will support you in battle ? - reward like "remove a card from your deck" are probably really useful for some players, but as a begginer, it's hard to know what is a good use on it, making it a bit of a "no reward" quest for me. I don't know how this could improve, except maybe by giving tips on "deck managing" so players like me will see the use of it more easily ? I try to not do everything at once with one deck but still know there are room for improvement, it's just a bit hard to know where. - I feel that the repetitiveness of the game is a bit amplified by my tendancy to prefer some kinds of choice, i don't know how it could be solved. Maybe a mutator giving you random friendship with one "faction" ? If i have friendship with some people i may prefer to side with them rather than having to kill them, and so will try new things. - Maybe a mutator option for more ambush/event could be cool and both beneficial (more xp/reward) and detrimental (danger/risk of losing health/resolve) ? - I like graft, but feel i often encounter the same ones. And it's a bit frustrating when you got some you have no hope to upgrade because there isn't enough day left. An event giving you the opportunity to get some progress on a graft (random, chosen ?) could be cool. Or a limited (paying option), or both. Not an entire level of course, but one bar can be precious when it's the one you need before going into the real danger ! - Black market in Rook's mission feels a bit empty. Another seller may help filling it a bit. About Rook's story
  5. I have a question about the flower lady not accepting poop anymore in the future update : it was of a big help in early game to obtain the first gold nugget needed for the science machine. Will they accept something else as a trade when the change will be made ? I understand that the combo "cleaning poop" + "giving poop" was probably a little too much, but something else to replace the poop trade would be welcome.
  6. Got this bug just right now. I can go out an in by hitting space. I entered the same shop before without problem, the day before. log.txt This should be the save file related, just in case this could help ?
  7. Well, it's also the point of the beta, testing balance when bugs aren't here. If it's too op, having 2 days of delay instead of one is one option, for example.
  8. When going to a food shop, some names aren't displayed correctly. I got the case with eggs and fishs. Instead of "Buy Egg For 1 Oinc" The games display "Buy bird_egg For 1 Oinc Egg"
  9. I see, in French we can use hypocrisy for this, but we can also use it in a more larger meaning, which probably caused the confusion here. I guess it's a kind of faux-ami in this situation. Anyway, thanks for the explanation, and sorry for the off-topic.
  10. I was refering to this part : For me, this would be hypocrisy (someone saying that all is ok when it's not), and this isn't discuss the situation. I'm not saying he is hypocritical, but that the hypocrisy he present as the "right" way to discuss the situation isn't needed. However, english is not my native language : it's totally possible that i used the wrong word, or that my sentence wasn't clear enough (but if hypocrisy isn't the right word for "someone saying that all is ok when it's not" i would like to know the right one). I hope it's more clear now.
  11. You don't have to rely on hypocrisy to express that you find that there are too many problems recently and too many updates and fixes that cause other problems. You don't have to say that Klei isn't doing any testing to express this either. This isn't the fact, you don't know the reason why this succession of problem is happening. So just point the fact. The fact is that a lot of people were unable to play multiple time recently and that we got a lot of fixes causing other issues.
  12. Well, to be honest they didn't said this, it's players that are discussing this. I agree that this isn't a good situation when you have multiple issues in a short amount of time when people couldn't play (and not just bugs that people could avoid or stuff like this, especially when related to new stuff, situation that is more understandable). About fixing it, there seems to have been updates today so i don't know if the problem is still here but i suppose they are working on fixing it, like you ask. I am personally in this case in the understanding side, but it's both ok and important to express that players being unable to play multiple times in a row isn't something that should happen, and these feedbacks are needed so we avoid this in the future. Should we have got a small beta to ensure that all was working fine ? Is it possible that the fact that the update was so small prevented it ? It's ok to ask questions about why this happened and ask that efforts are done to avoid this in the future, i just dislike the assumption that nothing is tested or no work is done because they don't seem fair to me. It doesn't mean that all is fine, and there are surely things that should and could be improved. Also, the comment about lack of testing tend to become rude and agressive very quickly, especially when multiple players are expressing it in a way that let other players becoming more and more rude. I saw this happen in situation when other companies made similar mistakes and this could become toxic very quick, which is something i like to avoid. It's not my purpose to stop people for expressing that something was wrong, but we can do this without assuming that no tests were done or stuff like this. There is no need for this to state that the repetition of problems start to be tiring.