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  1. No, it's unfortunate and could be frustrating for the players with you but this kind of stuff happens. It's not something you chose to do. It happened to me a few times even if i can't tell a number. Also, some people could be in the circle of people that play with my friends and still be toxic and someone i want to avoid. Anyway, the fact that you didn't encountered such cases isn't really a sign of anything. I don't think it's useful as players to reject an option because it seems useless for our personal case : Klei can have a better and global view, what we can do is explaining what problems we encountered and suggesting ideas, not really rejecting others because they don't solve our specific cases. Except, of course, when the option is creating issue, which isn't the case here. In the same way, we don't need to save Klei resources or stuff like this : if a solution is too costly (like the report system usually is, for example), they can tell themselves. But listing the problems so they can have feedback is important here. I will not post anymore in this topic, but i hope this discussion will not happen for next event or next year.
  2. Is your mod uploaded on the workshop ? If yes, maybe it's because the version of the workshop isn't up to date and erase the new version ?
  3. It's not that true : in event like The Forge (and The Gorge, to a lesser extend) ping matter a lot, so you'll encounter people from the same region of the world more often. Add to this that people will usually play often during these events and it's totally possible that you'll encounter them a couple of time. Anyway, it's a tool that could be helpful, and it's a step in the right direction. And it's not as costly in resources to implement than a report system. But this or something else i don't really care, i just hope that, in long term, Klei will do something about this. If they don't, it's their choice, i just really think it's an important topic if they want to bring regular occasions when people will play with strangers, especially when these events are stressful or competitive or both.
  4. You could at least have the option to mark people you find toxic. With possible things like blocking marked people when creating a classic server (auto adding them to the blacklist/ban list), and filtering them for games in Gorge and Forge, for example. It will not solve everything (they can still join Forge and Gorge game if i join a game then they join, but i still choose to leave if playing with them is a problem). I saw people i found toxic in Forge, people insulting others multiple time, for example. I wasn't the target of the insults, still i don't want to play with them anymore, more tools for this would be welcome. Some people suggest to leave when this happen. When multiple players in a game are toxic, maybe this is a solution. But i don't want to punish an entire team for only one toxic people, this will only make things worse. Especially because i will add annoyance to the toxicity, so it will be double punishement to the people victim of toxicity. Again, i know some solutions aren't perfect, but i think the topic deserve more than just asking for players to manage the situation on their own. People harassed or insulted shouldn't be isolated even more and answered a "just mute and go on", letting them alone to face this is a problem. So i hope we will see improvements in the future, not for this event since all of this take time, but at least something for the next would be very welcome. There are maybe other solutions to at least help a little, even if it's not perfect or one of the "classic" solutions. Even small additions can make the situation a lot better.
  5. Because it doesn't solve anything, it's just hide the problem. Because people insulting others and being agressive are a problem that is better when taking seriously in account instead of just put under the rug. Because a community could become more and more toxic when the toxic people are free to do harm to others. I understand it's costly and hard to provide a solution, but i'm sure that it's possible to improve things, and the more we'll have community events, the more a proper solution will be needed. I do love this game, i don't want the toxic part of the community growing bigger and bigger, it already happens too much in video games in general.
  6. Maybe we need better solutions than "it's unfortunate". I know a report system is probably a lot of resource, but muting people isn't enough.
  7. Fire bomb - hit or kit?

    Well, maybe it needs a bug report ?
  8. French Forge team

    Il y a un serveur discord avec pas mal de monde, avec un serveur dédié à The Forge et la recherche de groupe : (It is a french server : if you don't speak french it's better to join an english server, thanks )
  9. I really do like young wickerbottom. On the other hand, it's very rare to be able to play an old woman character (i know like 2 or 3 game when it's possible, this one included), so is it a good idea to have a younger version of this character ? I don't know. I really like the art, and it's nice for a kind of "flashback", but maybe not as a playable character. Making some character older will create other issues. People are already sexualising Wendy a lot, i'm not sure i want this to be more common.
  10. Maximum wins needed for Community Progress

    Is it possible that different bosses give more point ?
  11. Maybe with the events "attacked" and "onattackother" ?
  12. The thing is that the character eating only meat will do this based on the foodtype of the food, as far as i know. But there isn't a foodtype fruit, there is only the veggie one. So it will require a bit different coding, like having a list of "fruit" food somewhere (probably not a good idea to change the foodtype of the food)
  13. Ok, since you posted this in a topic about mods i was thinking that maybe something like this would exist.
  14. What mod is doing this ? I would like to make a mod to display trinkets and stuff like this, i'm not aware of existing mod doing this (but Hamlet has something similar with Shelves). But if a similar mod already exists, it will probably be better.