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  1. Yes, the autocompiler should be in the game by default, as far as i know. Maybe it is also in steam tools ? Worth to look just to verify. So if you run my version, you don't have the "could not find asset anim/honeymuffin.zip" error ? But your game crash when you try to give you the item ? I would suggest to use an existing anim for your item and test it so you can exclude/verify one reason for the crash and narrow it down as much as possible.
  2. I don't know what was wrong, honestly. I tried to compile files and it seems to work. I can't test because your mod seems to be for DS and we are on the DST section of the forum, so i didn't notice it wasn't for DST at first. Imp Warly With New Foods.zip Anyway, here is the (hopefully) compiled version, the structure of file should be the same for DS and DST so it should work properly on DS, but i let you test it and see if everything is working fine. If you still encounter trouble, i'll try to help but can't promise anything. Also i have no clues about why the autocompiler did nothing on your side, i didn't touch anything, just copied the file in my mod folder, started the game and the compiling started fine.
  3. Can you attach your entire mod ? At this point it would probably be easier for me to find why it's not working. ( Zip your entire mod folder, then use the attach option here in the forum) The game compile spriter file ( .scml file + .png files) into the anim.zip file (anim.bin file, build.bin file, texture.tex file). I don't know exactly what kind of information about the file format you need, but if you can't use spriter, the best way to proceed would probably be to use existing anim and change the .tex and build.bin file (as i said, in this case, you still use the original bank of the item). It limits your option, of course...
  4. One explanation possible is : if you modified an existing file, changed the .tex file and renamed the build, you don't create a bank. So, for example, let say you take "carrot" as a template. You rename the build "parsnip", you change the .tex. And in your game, what you need to have is : Because when you change files in the .zip, you don't change the bank name, you use the original bank name. When you create an item with spriter, THEN you create a bank (for example, the bank and build name of your honey muffin done in sprinter will be "honeymuffin".) I put it in the "exported" folder, and the game compiled it. It will automatically put the anim.zip in the anim folder. At first sight, the structure looks right. Did you put it in the "exported" folder ?
  5. Yes, i'm aware of that. But i feel it's a great occasion to put some other character under the spotlight with less dramatic consequences, and offers opportunity to have turnover between events and so between "best" characters, and encourage people to play someone else than their usual favorite. No, it doesn't remove the need for a balance and tuning in base game, but it allows some space for creativity and changes that aren't possible in the base game, for various reasons, or too dangerous to make.
  6. I don't think that developers are doing this or that it's their intent in any way. When you play a game with multiples characters, either you try first the first character (because usually it's the one suited for beginner), or you try multiple characters (trying to find one fitting your taste). Also, in this case, unlocking wouldn't help a lot because Willow is the first character we unlock, usually. Anyway, i think it would be welcome to have some small change for Willow, Woodie and maybe some other characters. I wouldn't be against a small tuning to make Wickerbottom less great but i understand why it's something to risky. And i like the fact that in events, role and balance of character could be completely different. It's a nice change, even if it doesn't change the base game. I like playing Wickerbottom, but in the Forge, i liked playing other characters (Webber was one of my favorites). It's not the same thing than a base game balance, of course, but it's a great way to introduce changes and make people considering characters in another point of view.
  7. Without the code, it's not possible to tell. Look at your code searching for the occurence of the "name of your backpack" to see what could spawn it ?
  8. No log even in the log files ? Here you can see where the log files are located. You can find here how to solve the invisible food on crockpot problem : I hope this can help.
  9. Well, it's really important for players to know that Klei didn't abandon DS or DST.
  10. Yes, it's one of the reason we don't modify base game file for modding. The other is that, as Aquaterion said, when we want to share a mod, these changes aren't shared with other players.
  11. Well, the dlc is usually released on steam for the early access. At least it was how it was for shipwrecked. So we'll see. But i agree, no new trailer or teasing or something could mean that the release isn't that soon.
  12. It's hard to find mods making the game harder in a balanced way. Also i think that the feeling you are searching for needs more than difficulty, it needs change so you have to adapt. For example, there is a mod (waiter 101) that prevent you to use too many of an ingredient as filler (for example too many mushroom). This is great because you need to adapt and possibly change your playstyle. But this mod is adding a lot of food and doesn't make the game harder, just different. Still, i think that if you want a harder mod, you need stuff like this, changes you need to adapt. The only mod i see that makes the game harder at the moment is the season randomizer : seasons become less predictible and long winter or summer could be dangerous.
  13. Basic Worldgen

    If you want to add something to worldgen like grass, meaning something that will be in one entire biome, here and here, rather than a set piece (ensemble of things that will spawn in one place), i suggest you to use this code : This add, instead of "replacing" stuff to worldgen and ensure a good compatibility between mods. Hope it could help.
  14. A set piece is an ensemble of objets that you can find in the world of don't starve. For example, this is a set piece : It's a killer bee set piece, when 3 wasphive are surrounded by grass. Some are garanteed to spawn in a world (bee queen, toadstool in cave, pig kind...), most of them are random. A set piece could be beneficial to the player (pig king), detrimental, both, neutral... Pretty much everything you want. For example, the killer bee set piece is both detrimental (killer bee are dangerous, and the wasphive are close together), and beneficial (if you can destroy the nest you have honeycomb and a nice spot of grass to harvest).
  15. [Upcoming] Skin Essentials

    Just wanted to wish you luck. Early Access could be hard to manage, especially since your rythm and people expectation could be very different and some people don't manage their impatience well. Don't hesitate to ask help, people here are amazing and helped me often with code.