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  1. I confirm that the succulent plant is using symbol. You create a symbol by the folder name. If your folder is named flower, then the symbol will be flower. The names of image also need to be at the right format. It seems to be the case here. So i guess you need to adapt your code. What is your code looking like ?
  2. Sometimes even when the game crashs that way you can have a log. Try see here : (Note : we aren't in the beta anymore so your folder should be DoNotStarveTogether). I put it here because it could help you to find yourself what is wrong, just in case (and because being able to find log is very helpful in many cases)
  3. Sometimes compiler makes multiples atlas instead of just one. About not including the other flowers, two hypothesis : Maybe you have to make one anim for each flower. In this case you needs to do the different anims (and say to the game to use them) Or maybe you have to set up a symbol that will be replaced by the image of the flower. In this case you need to have a symbol (and say to the game to use it) How does it works for the potted succulent/potted fern ?
  4. Need help fixing

    WIthout code, it's not possible to help.
  5. I disagree. Moon lenses are very useful in group (to mark spot, for exemple). Mushrooms planter make it very easy to have a lot of food/heal/sanity options (and you don't even have to beat treeguard with the totally normal tree on the map). Especially with blue mushroom (very versatile, could give you any of the three stats). Cartography is also very helpful in a group, twiggy trees are very convenients. Also, you speak about difficulty to get started, but none of the things you mention happen early. Gecko is a rare event of transplanted grass, and doesn't happen early. Summer is usually the last season of the cycle, not early. And diseased plants can't appears before day 50. None of this is early. Yes, there is a lot to learn at the beginning of the game and it's why it's often better to start the first games in a solo game, but none of the thing you listed affects the early game.
  6. Also, the mod shouldn't use a skin, even if it's the original appearance of the item. It's a skin, so it's agaisnt the rules. Either the mod change the appearance of the infernal staff or it obtains Klei permission to use the skin.
  7. The build. You can't rename the others.
  8. Try using the build renamer. You'll found it in the list of tool here : Note : you can remove the anim.bin file since it's the same than the original file.
  9. Then wait for the next event, the next forge event, or try one of the mod game mode like the hunt. Forge is an event that only last for some time for various reasons. Because players will become bored eventually, creating a circle when people take more time to find a group, leading to more people bored, leading to more people taking more time to find a group. Because the event is repetitive. This is needed, so people can learn and become better, but doesn't work well over time. Classic DST has randomness and diversity to counter that. Look, yourself in the same post ask for Invisible Inc. 2. I suppose that playing the mission of Invisible Inc again doesn't provide the same fun than a new Invisible Inc ? It's why event must change over time. Because one day we will have other events. So people must not be divided between forge and other events. And there must be a pause between events so people can relax, enjoy the normal game and not feel like there are too much event. Because of balance for skin, too. Skins are attractive now, but with forge forever, people could get bored to obtain again forge icon they already got a lot, or disappointed they bought a pack because they have enough spool now...
  10. All Achievements Reward

    I don't want to feel forced to do achievement. The current system is great and balanced.
  11. I'm not sure but maybe you can try to make your friend despawn or something and see if with a new character the error appears again ?
  12. The Forge Extended to Dec. 4th

    The reason is probably that the event should end when Klei is available to end it, precisely because bugs happen. They were able to fix quickly the problem because they were here. At midnight, you usually don't have a lot of people working. I agree that more information in game would probably be better next time : they gave some informations on forum, it would be nice to see them in game. They probably can't give the exact time, however, just an estimate.
  13. Yes, it should. Edit : Ok, Klei's members are too fast for me !
  14. The Forge Extended to Dec. 4th

    Yes, you can, but there was a very short bug when it wasn't possible. Now it's good.
  15. This is probably a bug, i suggest you to wait a little.