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  1. That is some magical schizophrenia if the multiple voices he is hearing are somehow passing through his ears and out of his mouth while it is open and just so happen to be spoken as if he is saying them even though they're supposed to be voices being spoken as if to him and or just being inane. Or maybe it's because Pugna's drum voice sounded too much like an actual Don't Starve character voice so they decided to change it to match Winona's and keep the theme of this-doesn't-sound-like-an-instrument-mimicing-a-voice consistent.
  2. This really shouldn't be a thing. It basically means if some body quits or disconnects you all might as well leave. It's possible to reach the Boarrior with a team of five but actually winning is not remotely likely just because of how damage-race the Boarrior gets at low health. There really should be a join in progress and kick player from lobby feature.
  3. Then at some point they really need to fix the consistent glitch where when you attack from the side, your body armor slips forward and reveals your actual back everytime you swing. This happens in the main game too, although maybe it's a Wendy problem.
  4. Maybe she'll be Xbox One's exclusive piece of Don't Starve Together. Every other iteration has had something the others did not.
  5. In before Misery Dragonfly Hard Mode 500000 health, 24 players required all must know how to 360 no-scope a Catcoon with blowdarts; fight takes ten hours one mistake resets the whole thing. Reward: Fireaxe, axe that sets things on fire. 80 Damage per hit, lasts for three hits.
  6. Are you attempting to peddle the idea that it is unruly to want the company to be even remotely transparent about their intentions, in a game that massively thrives off receiving new content. In a stage where there is no current knowledge about what is going to happen next at all when the community should have received a statement at this point as to the what the future plan is for this game. Perhaps some body should have arrived sooner and said "cue 1 line rant contorting a justified trend and right of the consumer base into an outrageous act of self entitlement in order to contrive something to be negative and condemning about" so that they could have received a cluster of likes for predicting the future you made a reality.
  7. Am certain those new spear skins will be as popular and useful to Tencent players as, any of the other item skins are to Steam players.
  8. Well, we could make it so players can randomly acquire Ruin Relic blueprints by smashing Ruin Relics, offering a neat cosmetic reward for interacting with a curio players normally do not bother with. OR. We could make it so the Metheus puzzle agony never truly ends. Fantastic game design guys, as if adding a boss with 99999 health was not alienating enough for players who actually want to have fun when they play games instead of experiencing a chore-simulator.
  9. It is always amusing when people say they are firefighters while waving around a burning torch.
  10. Yes actually you are one of the people doing it, multiple times. But to ease your egocentricity this, was the factor that turned the habit into a trend. If the post is talking about people doing something, and you are one of the people doing that thing, what exactly is the merit to making a comment where you point that out. Or is there some new internet fad where people state an obvious fact and it is meant to be some kind of wildly clever retort. Alright, here it comes. Your post contains words. #BurnsSoSickTheyNeverLeaveTheHospital
  11. Ironically this is basically the thread where people show up and say new skin releases are confirmed, without providing any actual evidence to prove it. But there is an anime skin collection coming out soon. It has been confirmed.
  12. Oh wow really. Developers aren't omnipresent. Never knew that. You are genius for figuring this out. Actually was referring to the fact that the developers have made no real statement or acknowledgement to games transition from ANR, and thus right now the entire game is in an obscure stasis where the community knows absolutely nothing about what is supposed to be happening. Which is highly unusual and awkward for a company to do to their playerbase when a game is in the post stages of its life, and thus the game and community are depending on the developers updates to keep it fresh. You know, that whole thing. It was a well discussed topic before and after the Metheus puzzle because the developers then and now have said nothing about what they are actually doing; since they have reached the end of the road map they originally laid out. Perhaps some people forgot about this entire concept. Perhaps.
  13. Fixed bug where Wigfrid's model would sometimes be replaced with a fridge. Improved loading time of NPC dialogue. Fixed bug where Wendy would sometimes be Abigail. Winona is now a playable character. Reduced the physical radius of Tesla trees. Improved drop table for frogs. Fixed bug where Wolfgang would sometimes kill everything.
  14. Wonder how long they plan on jerking the community around with these filler updates, before they actually do something. Or are they literally bidding their time before they sneak something important into one of these inconsequential fix updates.
  15. More pay-to-have skins instead of actual content. Could have used those to make a higher tier Miner and Rain hat. Nope. Just more cosmetics most of the community won't use. Which is ironic, because the straw and rain hat already are almost never used. So they're making pay-to-have skins almost no body will use, for items already almost never used. Stellar decision making.