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  1. Singleplayer DLC

    Yes, how constructive. General toxicity.
  2. Honestly, absolutely zero hype for Hamlet because of this. "Here's more content for our game, but you can only play it in the outdated singleplayer version of said game" That's, that's just so great. Am not sure if Klei understands that DS and DST at technically the same game, just a different iteration. So what are they trying to give players more reason to go play the singleplayer game over the multiplayer game, it's the same game. The difference is the singleplayer has less content, no multiplayer, and less polished combat. So they're consciously breaking up content and dumping it into the old singleplayer to try to get players to go back to it, instead of just adding it to the new multiplayer which is the entire lifeblood of the game. Yes they don't want the singleplayer to just become pointless, but they happen to have made that choice by releasing the multiplayer as a separate entity to begin with. There's only even a portion of players in the singleplayer game at a given time compared to the multiplayer now, why, because the multiplayer has more content and polish and can literally be singleplayer if one chooses so. It's very unfun and discouraging to know that the centre of the game and it's playability, Don't Starve Together, is purposely being locked out of an expansion just so the developers can try to make Don't Starve look better. It already had Shipwrecked. And, in order to play this new expansion you are basically not allowed to be online and must have a combat handicap. Generally it's such a demoralizing concept that the game is getting more content, but it's exclusive to an older version of the same game which also has no multiplayer and is missing random pieces of content.
  3. Winona confirmed perks

    Honestly it's pointless to debate with your side because you have zero foundation for anything you are supporting, you're just saying "what if" over and over again. Requires no effort or thought at all. So regardless of what is said you'll just say "what if" again because it's impossible to disprove something that doesn't exist yet you still try to use that thing that doesn't exist to prove your own side. Am done with this "debate", will be returning to the real world now with real discussions about real things.
  4. Winona confirmed perks

    Wilson doesn't have any negative perks either, because his positive perk is not considered powerful enough to warrant a weakness. It's possible they employed the same logic with Winona, which currently makes sense.
  5. Winona confirmed perks

    And you are again still advocating for a theoretical group of people that hasn't actually weighed in, so you're speaking for something that doesn't exist yet. At least on my side, the people are actually real. And considering how widespread the standing on this character is at the moment, it's obvious to assume the rest of the community likely won't differ unless they're some kind of different sub-species of humans who fundamentally think differently.
  6. Winona confirmed perks

    It would be the only good she's brought with her at this point.
  7. Winona confirmed perks

    Where are these phantom community members excited for this character, you seem to be advocating for a theoretical minority. Most if not all the people here are blatantly disappointed by how clearly uncreative Winona appears to be, or they're being desperately hopeful that there's something more.
  8. Meet Winona!

    What the hell did I have to type with my own goddamned fingers.
  9. Winona confirmed perks

    That remains to be seen for when Klei actually decides to release her for the PC. Could be today, could be a month from now. Because apparently they want to start a trend of developers arbitrary leaving their consumer basis completely uninformed about everything so that they can cause false hype, needless chaos and confusion.
  10. Winona confirmed perks

    I main Willow for a reason. The point is, Winona is a massively teased character who is the first the game has seen in a long time and the first one to be released exclusive to Don't Starve Together; and she's literally just a slightly better Wilson so far. As unfortunate as it is that her perks don't measure up to the meta, the bigger problem is that her perks are downright uncreative and barely usable in general. The sewing kit already exists, and usually only new players are at risk from Charlie. This is more of a reminder that people have different reasons for condemning something then you.
  11. Winona confirmed perks

    Could be a reference to her "indomitable spirit" yes. When the group is out of food but needs Wolfgang to go super-saiyan, they feed him one of the plebeian characters instead.
  12. Winona confirmed dead

    At this point it feels like her parents gave her the name to boost her inevitably low self confidence.
  13. Winona confirmed perks

    That's one way to completely back down from a debate while not actually taking responsibility for it yes.
  14. Winona confirmed perks

    Xbox can have loseona.
  15. Winona confirmed perks

    Well, Don't Starve Together can also be played alone. And it's not a coop game, it's a multiplayer game; there is zero precedence for any kind of player cooperation outside of the Lazy Deserter and major bosses. By all means explain what OP meta strat Winona is going to cook up with another character using a sewing kit, 0.5 faster craft speed and a free Charlie hit.