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  1. You are describing selfishness, not elitism. And your description of so called elitism, has elitist undertones in your word choice. Which is amusing regardless that you are whining about elitism, when I recall the time when you ranted about how players that do not play on Lights Out servers are weak and "spoiled by the light". Which is amusing since you play on Lights Out servers using characters whose gimmicks negate the worst effects of darkness. And it's ironic that you also describe selfishness, because you mass gathering all the resources around the spawn in a Lights Out server and then making backpacks out of them was what got me killed in that server. The burning building complains about how hot the bonfire in the backyard is.
  2. Yeah. They're magnanimous for making the content accessible. Fantastic delusion. Over-saturating the event with elegant skins which have an extreme rarity and making it so that you can only get them by dice rolling, which diminishes the higher level you get so eventually it takes over an hour just to get one chest. Or you can pay them. Which is the whole point, buying skins to unravel off the market costs more then buying their skin pack, and you can't grind perpetually for them because the experience scale eventually makes it take over an hour per chest. So the most sane option is to just pay them directly for a pack of skins you can unravel so you can actually get what you want as you likely will not get them before the experience scale reaches its obnoxious zone. Lootboxes have a bad reputation because they are a corrupt cash sucking tactic. You randomize the loot so that players have only a tiny chance of getting anything good, and then vary the loot so that even when they get that good thing it may not be what they want. So the actual chances of players receiving rewards they like are extremely extremely low, which forces them to keep grinding or pay, yet the player still feels like its fair because there is no graph actually revealing to them that it will take tens upon tens of hours of grinding to get anything good. Players thus continue under the illusion that every time they open a loot box the chance of getting what they want is more then one percent. This is why developers are not using currency systems much anymore, because with currency systems players know how long it will take to get things and so they know when the time requirement is too high which is what developers want it to be. Which is exactly what happened with For Honor, they made a currency system; players realized how overpriced it was, and the players got upset. They don't get upset over loot boxes, because it's random, so they falsely believe they have a better chance even though it's roughly the same. But honestly at this point it's a waste of time, this community is no poisonously obsessed with getting on their knees for Klei at every interval, it's virtually impossible to discuss or even attempt to preach any semblance of critical reality. Any negativity on Klei expressed at any single point is almost unanimously shunned by an array of narrow minded fools and chumps.
  3. That is exactly what developers do in this system, they allow you to get enough that you feel like you were given a fair amount but not enough that you will be actually satisfied. So you'll pay them thinking you're the one who is going the extra mile to get extra rewards; instead of they are the ones ransoming rewards out of you. You paid for the game, now pay extra to get content in the game sooner. I opened around eighty chests and got six out of twenty four elegants. Over twenty hours of the exact same twenty minute wave survival mini game, for a quarter of the rewards. Was it not obvious enough with the introduction of loot boxes at all that this event was going to be corrupt.
  4. The obvious intention is for players to either sink in potentially a hundred or more hours into this event just to have a random chance of getting every item or enough good drops to collect the thread to weave every item. Or. Buy multiple skin packs you can deconstruct for the thread to weave every item. It's unlikely they'll make it easier since this system chokes players into paying them if they want to actually get all the items without an absurd amount of playtime. Which is the entire reason to add in the option for players to pay to get ahead in the first place, by making it difficult to get ahead without it.
  5. That is some magical schizophrenia if the multiple voices he is hearing are somehow passing through his ears and out of his mouth while it is open and just so happen to be spoken as if he is saying them even though they're supposed to be voices being spoken as if to him and or just being inane. Or maybe it's because Pugna's drum voice sounded too much like an actual Don't Starve character voice so they decided to change it to match Winona's and keep the theme of this-doesn't-sound-like-an-instrument-mimicing-a-voice consistent.
  6. You underestimate how much people will waste money if they're either; in school and thus their parents are generating it for them, or, they have a job but have not bought any major things that require constant subsequent payments so they have lots of spare money lying around. In Klei's defense, these are the only seasonal character skins they have ever released. All the previous character skins were permanent additions to the drop table, so perhaps Klei underestimated how overpopular these ones would become and thus how expensive they would be. But on the other hand, perhaps this is their way of generating more funds for themselves considering how much of a cut they are likely making everytime a 10-100$ skin changes hands for cash. Either way, this is shortsighted to release such a popular cosmetic for only a brief period of time as an extremely rare drop in a market system where real cash is the currency. They might as well have not released the skins at all. Almost no body that actually wants them will have them by the end of the holiday. The only ones that will, will be the very few who got the one they wanted as a random drop; or the ones who can afford to spend stupid amounts of money on a cosmetic.
  7. Inefficient Advice

    Wilson is best Healer.
  8. It will be interesting to see the price fluctuations between the market becoming oversaturated with farmed Halloween drops, players rapidly buying them because they're new, and then the event ending and the drops becoming limited edition.
  9. This really shouldn't be a thing. It basically means if some body quits or disconnects you all might as well leave. It's possible to reach the Boarrior with a team of five but actually winning is not remotely likely just because of how damage-race the Boarrior gets at low health. There really should be a join in progress and kick player from lobby feature.
  10. Maybe she'll be Xbox One's exclusive piece of Don't Starve Together. Every other iteration has had something the others did not.
  11. In before Misery Dragonfly Hard Mode 500000 health, 24 players required all must know how to 360 no-scope a Catcoon with blowdarts; fight takes ten hours one mistake resets the whole thing. Reward: Fireaxe, axe that sets things on fire. 80 Damage per hit, lasts for three hits.
  12. Are you attempting to peddle the idea that it is unruly to want the company to be even remotely transparent about their intentions, in a game that massively thrives off receiving new content. In a stage where there is no current knowledge about what is going to happen next at all when the community should have received a statement at this point as to the what the future plan is for this game. Perhaps some body should have arrived sooner and said "cue 1 line rant contorting a justified trend and right of the consumer base into an outrageous act of self entitlement in order to contrive something to be negative and condemning about" so that they could have received a cluster of likes for predicting the future you made a reality.
  13. Am certain those new spear skins will be as popular and useful to Tencent players as, any of the other item skins are to Steam players.
  14. Well, we could make it so players can randomly acquire Ruin Relic blueprints by smashing Ruin Relics, offering a neat cosmetic reward for interacting with a curio players normally do not bother with. OR. We could make it so the Metheus puzzle agony never truly ends. Fantastic game design guys, as if adding a boss with 99999 health was not alienating enough for players who actually want to have fun when they play games instead of experiencing a chore-simulator.
  15. It is always amusing when people say they are firefighters while waving around a burning torch.