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Rhymes with Play - Community Colony Showcase (Replay)

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Hey folks, if you missed the latest Rhymes with Play Dev Cast, where we showcased community-created Oxygen Not Included colonies, you can check out the video-on-demand replay here:

Watch live video from KleiEntertainment on www.twitch.tv

Quick shout out to @NanoD, @The Flying Fox, @Lifegrow, @clamjam,and @zervo for sharing their colonies with us. If you'd like to share yours with us, post about them here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/74133-show-us-your-colony/

Be sure to check out the Rhymes With Play Dev Cast every Thursday at 3:30 PM (Pacific)!

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Thanks guys for looking at my base!  I know my Thermal Update base wasn't the most impressive, Dupe-wise, as many of the others.  But, I am rather happy how that filter-loop turned out.  That thing really did save power by reducing the amount of filters needed which was pretty important when we didn't have natural gas generators!  

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