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  1. Dang here i was hoping the update was sneaky releasing Oni for consoles(pc died miss meep) DSRoG dosnt cut it. miss the old days of stressing dupes for pwater and crashing at every state change. Glad to see you guys are still hard at updates and fixes to bad i dont get to share them with you all any more. keep up the great work
  2. after a few runs at it was still unable to get it to survive it even had access to much warmer areas but none the less.
  3. that could be it but it gave no indication as to such
  4. yah this is normal the standard debuff for too long under water is death the dupes reallllly dont like that debuff. if they are stuck and have a route out but cant path you can manually lead them out but you have to use short path distances to get them to go. the icon will go white if you can make it to that spot. you may have to pause it to go further as they will probably run back unless the spot you got them to gives them a better route
  5. put a block on top of it then place any door in front then open the door. the problem is it hasn't unfogged and still thinks its behind the shadow of war effect. adding the tile and door will let you "discover" that spot
  6. well i got a slickster on cycle 15 was impressed. Altered my build idea fundamentally would mean passive co2 consumption and free oil early(mind the mess). by c15 i had already started a nice pool of co2 so it had plenty of food(not tamed yet anyway). i continued for a few cycles normally and on cycle 24 i had noticed i couldn't find my slickster anywhere. i rolled back a cycle and there it was so i figured some randomness happend all good its back. got to cycle 24 again and again it was gone. so i reloaded again and followed it this time to figure out what happened. about 3/4 through cycle 23 it just up and died with no indication wasn't starving had full health just poof meat. Pit.sav
  7. hey since vacuum is now a thing can we pump it?
  8. i have a solid obsidian with wolfram forge set up around an iron vent. there is even 2 thermal transfer plates(also obsidian) directly behind the vent directly next to the stack of obsidian that has maxed its temp at 84.7 despite the nearly 1000c separation in temperature. there is a second stack of the same mass at 1080 on the tile to its immediate left. its not really game breaking as you can see im still smelting gold and copper currently using only the heat of the iron vent and the entire obsidian sturcture currently has a mean temprature of apx 1100c and raising. Happy Dreamland.sav
  9. you can manually assign them to move to the ladder that will guide them out. they have a breath limit for how far they will path automatically if you get them to a spot where they can find a safe route they will take it. this is a long old issue that even causes dupes to dance back and forth looking for a good route until they either die or are saved by the player
  10. my obsidian forge still being primed most of it is hot enough to start pumping in steam without it cooling. planning uses for all sorts of heat phase 2 check. those 3 lines are full minus 2 tiles with valves set to about 800g/s full pipes stop just shy will pump indefinitely(probably the oldest exploit in the game). once thermal mass is at a certain temp the iron will flow again currently i have about 15 tons sitting on that vent heating about 40tons of obsidian debris that i loaded into storage boxes then deconstructed before building the rest of the forge
  11. obsidian is probably my favorite material. super high melting point lets it survive all the magma you can throw at it let alone using an iron vent to smelt gold
  12. would by no means make liquid heat management obsolete. it would in fact encourage more in depth designs. we need heat management for greenhouses, power generation, resource acquisition making produced materials usable without exploits so on and so forth. this gave us ways to centralize some of these things much like the added power systems did. i have been playing since long before the thermal update and the onus of the game has always been on surviving and building better systems with the tools we are given not just managing heat. not saying balancing issues shouldn't be addressed like a complete lack of chlorine consumption should become an issue and water stored in co2 should become polluted. the only systems this makes obsolete are washroom loops
  13. funny in the real world heating and cold are our least common ways of killing off bacteria short of cooking. in real life we could inject chlorine into water or mix it with air to get these kind of results . we use cold to keep things from growing bacteria sure and we cook our food to destroy bacteria but for things like decontaminating large quantities of water we use chemicals. although we still cant inject one fluid or a gas into the water we had the closest thing the game was capable of (despite being exactly opposite)
  14. well considering the location of the reservoirs on the tech list this is kinda dumb. Imo you just took them from being useful new upgrades on equipment and builds to being nearly useless other than for niche designs and temporary storage. sure you can now hold more mass in the same area but so what having more in an area that you still dont need without being able to process it usefully. the tanks gave us options we didnt have before now its just same old same old again. literally wasisted time trying to set up a decontamination center thats pointless now... Thanks see yah next week