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  1. that's a bug. you are not suppose to be able to do that. it should require heavy wire
  2. oh yeah, i didn't notice that the 2 tiles apart also works for the emptier. But i still think wetting their own tile is a mess though, i prefer the current one where they dump it into an empty tile. encouraging us to lower or waiting for a mesh tile in order to not flood the floor is a bit annoying. I rather they have another building later on that allow us to connect the empitier to a pipe.
  3. that's good to know! so we don't have to worry about dupe that sneeze too hard or any potential dupe that try and train their sneezing technique or any further sneezing competition in the colony
  4. hahahahaha... A: I'm gonna do some training! B: Woah, what kind? A: sneezing with eyes open. B: Uhm.. k. of all the training people could do, like trying to go super saiyan or to do cool stunt. i wonder if there is actually people who train and compete to sneeze without closing eyes.
  5. just want to point this out, bottle emptier are available since the start. mesh tile are tier 3 tech. so it will took a while before they flooding the tile, lowering the tile would still make the dupe step on the same tile while placing the bottle (debuff)
  6. Yes, they have a 30 or 33% chance to drop seed for every harvest. B.Emptier can be mirrored because you need to control where the water will come out. but yes, extending this feature it to anyother object will be neat
  7. lol.. yeah this might be the case. for some reason they can't access the storage area, that's why it's not showing any resources (except if they are lying on the ground outside that airlocks)
  8. Yup.. most of us who getting used to the NG Geyser are ruin. lol You can report bug here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/oni-alpha/ But what you are experiencing is not a bug, most likely you are just re-load your save file and the game haven't update the resource yet. Unpaused the game and see all of your resources coming back to your colony.
  9. how much W is your colony using each second? click your main power network or one of your generator. I think you might have problem in your gas pipes. The problem lies in your NGG pumping, my best guess you don't have the optimize setup for the CO2 pipes which make your NGG not always working. When they can't pump out the CO2, they'll stop working for every 1-2 seconds. The easiest way to check: Click your main power grid and see if all your generators keep working or idling. If it's not always working, you'll see "not pumping" status in those generators. If this is the case. check your gas pipe
  10. Oh yeah, about free or little maintenance. I knew some people really like this and having a lot of fun while designing a super efficient base, especially when it really works. I like efficiency too, but I'm more intrigued in creating a huge expanding colony rather than focusing too much in efficiency. I usually take a look at it from time to time and fix or modify them to be more efficient, but expanding is more of my thing. and about using CO2 for ice biome or farm area, i tried this too before and didn't like the idea because it makes my dupes hold their breath. #dupesLivesMatter so I scrap the idea and pump O2 into it.. and CO2 change temperature quite fast. so how's your bristle farm going?
  11. Hey.. thanks! I'm gonna try to answer your question, but be aware it contains spoiler (from learning the game yourself). It's not that i'm not aiming for it to be excellent, i just can't.. lol, honestly sleet wheat IMO is the hardest one to please (that little grain brat). And like Vilda said, it is not really worth it. unlike bristle or mealwood where you have difficulty to plant more because they got limited seeds. Sleet got tons of it. so you can just plant a bunch of them. their harvest are a lot too.. They took a very long time, 20 cycles? but their harvest are plenty and not even the highest food quality I can't answer this one since never test it before, I believe Vilda, Risu, or Kasuha can give you a better insight regarding this kind of stuff. But I believe they shouldn't have any difference, because it will be weird and probably a bug. Yes that's my solution for that. Actually in the previous game I store them in a special room and put scrubbers in it. But in this build I also got Coal Generator as a backup, and since you can't put gas pipe for their CO2, I just put the scrubber bellow all my generators, didn't bother to create a room. I use some of the CO2 for sterilized room too. if you look at my food storage, i got 1 room with a pipe and vent. they are coming from the generators.
  12. This is a tour to my Agricultural Base Grand Overview Center of my base. Left is Industrial Area & Power Plant Generator. Bottom Mid & Right is Farming Area. Closer Look to Power Plant Generator. Coal Generator is for backup only. Farming Area Hatch Room Food Misc
  13. Congratulation! And nice video. Oxygen Not Included is an a-mei-zing game. It's been a long time since I enjoy base building game. Thanks!
  14. @Tikigit i can't say i knew exactly how you feel, but i kind of understand your frustration. while what you said in the post got some point, I don't think Klei also wanted it to be like this in the first place. And they really did let you play the alpha version (current alpha is thermal update), what the closed tester testing are "experimental build", I know this is just playing with words, but it's like an inside build version that happen before they even releasing the "thermal preview branch". They also have experimental version back then and no alpha tester get to test that (because it is not alpha testing). The same thing happen here, the people who are testing right now are not just alpha tester anymore. And like Kasuha already mentioned before, they said it themselves in the stream that the number of people join the alpha testing are beyond what they ever predicted. This is my wild guess, but I think the number of players are backed fire in terms of efficiency (that Klei could handle at the time). Klei is not a big company (yet) that have plenty of resources to do all the work to sort out every bug, crash reports including all of the false report in the forum. This is why it's getting out of hand in terms of efficiency. at least this is what i thought. Sorting out thousand of reports which have a lot of duplicate & false issues are consuming resources and possibly holding back their development. I assume even after the thermal preview tactic, they also didn't quite get the sweet spot. That's why they decide to put a small handful of people to do the job. I think maybe this is the main reason why, not because it will put bad publicity (this play a factor but i guess it's not the main issue)
  15. Okay, so since the update i got this crazy high temperature polluted oxygen near my generator. lol.. it's over 9000 degree powa!