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  1. because it is not the cost of the wayfinder, but it is his point balance .. klei should change the design so it is more obvious/clear to see which is the point cost and which is our balance. so it won't overlap like that
  2. this is really cool. really looking forward to more unique cosmetic rewards. is there any plan for people with badge to receive points from having the badge/participating in previous activity?
  3. lol.. yeah this might be the case. for some reason they can't access the storage area, that's why it's not showing any resources (except if they are lying on the ground outside that airlocks)
  4. Yup.. most of us who getting used to the NG Geyser are ruin. lol You can report bug here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/klei-bug-tracker/oni-alpha/ But what you are experiencing is not a bug, most likely you are just re-load your save file and the game haven't update the resource yet. Unpaused the game and see all of your resources coming back to your colony.
  5. Congratulation! And nice video. Oxygen Not Included is an a-mei-zing game. It's been a long time since I enjoy base building game. Thanks!
  6. @Tikigit i can't say i knew exactly how you feel, but i kind of understand your frustration. while what you said in the post got some point, I don't think Klei also wanted it to be like this in the first place. And they really did let you play the alpha version (current alpha is thermal update), what the closed tester testing are "experimental build", I know this is just playing with words, but it's like an inside build version that happen before they even releasing the "thermal preview branch". They also have experimental version back then and no alpha tester get to test that (because it is not alpha testing). The same thing happen here, the people who are testing right now are not just alpha tester anymore. And like Kasuha already mentioned before, they said it themselves in the stream that the number of people join the alpha testing are beyond what they ever predicted. This is my wild guess, but I think the number of players are backed fire in terms of efficiency (that Klei could handle at the time). Klei is not a big company (yet) that have plenty of resources to do all the work to sort out every bug, crash reports including all of the false report in the forum. This is why it's getting out of hand in terms of efficiency. at least this is what i thought. Sorting out thousand of reports which have a lot of duplicate & false issues are consuming resources and possibly holding back their development. I assume even after the thermal preview tactic, they also didn't quite get the sweet spot. That's why they decide to put a small handful of people to do the job. I think maybe this is the main reason why, not because it will put bad publicity (this play a factor but i guess it's not the main issue)
  7. Okay, so since the update i got this crazy high temperature polluted oxygen near my generator. lol.. it's over 9000 degree powa!
  8. or they should give us a feeding building or some kind to make it so we have a proper way to feed and keep them as a pet.
  9. Yes the coal gen are a bit broken as of now. But just fyi, and i guess this will be useful for the long run. You can use gold (instead of copper) for higher temp tolerance, but for generator and some machine, they will soon break down eventually, that's why you need to turn them off to let them cool off (like in rl), that's where the new auto switch is shining. you can auto turn it on/off depends on the room temperature. Though, there is a better solution but you need to set it up for a bit. You can use water to cool them down. I don't have my screenshot right now, but there is a thread that discussing this: tl;dr, something like this: but I'm pretty sure they will add more material and update the wolf material stat to be able to withstand higher temperature. just wait till they release them.
  10. i haven't check/tested this yet since the thermal update. (i haven't been able to play that much since the update came thro) but are gases now properly being transfer in the pipe,valve, filter, etc? no loss or whatsoever when they are being transfer through out the base using pipes, filter & vent?
  11. i understand where your point is coming from, but how many cycles do you intend to play now? or how many cycles do you meant by "doomed" from the lack of contaminated water? this game is on alpha and this update is on preview state. we are here to find those kind of thing, your point is taken, so chill and stop making as if this game is doom. no offense, lol. and in our current state, even the dev know that we are not at the point where you can have a sustainable base indefinitely. i think playing over 100 or 200-300cycles is already beyond what the dev are looking out for testing. it's way pass the benchmark of their test. so even if your colony is doom. it's already a success for their "test". mission accomplished for them. and your mission is helping them to test. so it's accomplished too by you giving them input that our colony are bound to doom because of lacking fertilizer/contaminated water or whatever that we will find along the road of testing.
  12. I've done some testing yesterday. when the pipes are full, they are not merging and mysteriously gone anymore, but water still loss in the other process, like vents, filter, etc
  13. oh okay.. i see it know.. it really only on pipes XD thanks!
  14. so what exactly does this fix? first of all, it only fixed water pipes, right? and what does it fixed? water loss when pumping through valve, bridge, machine, vent, etc? or it only fixed when water traveling through pipes, but it will still missing when you pump 10kg water through a 1kg machines? but as long as it fixed the valve, i'm good with it
  15. I don't know if someone already report this or not. Tried to search for a bit, and found nothing. So might as well i create a report on it. Pardon if someone already report this. So, the issue is everytime you load the game, the setting for your gas filter is being reset. Each time you load a game, you have to preset everything again (which gas you want to filter out). The other night I forgot to set it, and I'm too late to realize that the O2 on the base are depleting :< I was too focus on the new area where i want to get contaminated water.