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  1. Sometimes, if a windows interruption occurs when I am scrolling, the scroll command gets stuck. If you press H, it will bring you directly to the printing pod, and if your scroll command is stuck you will see the screen pan away from your base. Pressing WASD (which ever direction the game camera wants to scroll) should toggle the command and work normally afterwards. I'm not sure if this is the problem you have, but the black screen you are seeing could possibly be the game's fog of war.
  2. Update: This animation bug appears to be linked to the dupe who was cut off from the rest of the colony. The lavatory animation bug doesn't occur when she goes to sleep, catches her breath, or mops up the puddle that is blocking her path. The lavatory problem only seems to persist while she struggles to find a path.
  3. In my current sandbox, both lavatories repeatedly use the flush animation. No water appears to be consumed, and the lavatories are otherwise fully functional. Golgotha.sav
  4. Sorry, I got distracted. Thank you to our friends at Klei for your great games and generosity! You guys are awesome!
  5. Tikigit hasn't posted anything positive or constructive in these forums yet. His first posts here were criticizing ONI as a whole, claiming that Klei were way in over their head, and that the game would flop. He then griped about how it was unclear to him about the Klei weekly streams, and almost everything else he has had to offer so far is in this thread. It's a shame how some people think that complaining is the greatest joy in life.