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Juicy Berry Bush VS Berry Bush

Juicy Berry Bush VS Berry Bushes  

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10 minutes ago, Fork said:

Berry bushes are better for basing for crock pot recipes, Juicy berries are better for roamers.

Uhh Juicy Berry Bushes are good for crock pot recipes since you get 3 per bush and you can start a farm, just don't pick them when you don't need them.

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I'd prefer to have juicy berry bushes be the main berry bush in my world because that's the only way to get them but with the other 2 berry bushes (both regular, just different skins) can often be found in the caves or sometimes in a setpiece. If regular is the default you KNOW you wont find any juicy berry bushes and it just looks cooler to have the variety I think

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You can't make a Bush Hat with Juicy Berries. And I think they're both useful in their own rights, Juicy berries are useful because 1 harvest gives you enough for meatballs, they're a good source of rot if you're playing Wigfrid solo, and the regular berries last longer in the fridge. Wickerbottom's Applied Horticulture book works better with Juicy Berries, as it completely negates the growth time, making Juicy berries better with Wickerbottom.

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5 hours ago, PillsStealer said:

Berry Bush.


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39 minutes ago, NeddoFreddo said:

You can't make a Bush Hat with Juicy Berries. 

There's almost always regular berry bushes in the caves, even if the world is a juicy berry bush world

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4 hours ago, HamBatter said:

Just cook and eat Juicy Berries, no need for Crock Pot except for extending freshness or accessible filler for meat/hp/sanity recipes.

This. I played in a server with a Wicker who made a huge juicy berry and resource farm for mass production of resources and food. She scolded me for making meatballs instead of just cooking and eating the stack of juicy berries(hunger healed by 4 cooked > meatball) in fridge cos I was playing Wolfgang.

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35 minutes ago, ThemInspectors said:

Nope, not necessarily, there doesn't seem to be any world generation bias.

True I rather side with normal berry bushes as some players don't run caves and juicy berries are almost there with the birch nuts pond set piece 

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Only the standard Berry Bush can make a Bush Hat.  If you like that hat, you need normal ones...

But otherwise I prefer Juicy Berries - the reason why is similar to the other "alt" resources (twiggy trees / grass gekkos) in that they are much faster to harvest.  You make 1 swing that takes the same time as an attack to pick up 3 berries vs the full harvest animation to get 1.

The Juicy Berries do decay faster - which can be good if you want rot.  After the first winter I don't typically need berries for filler, as I'll grab a few stacks of ice to cover cooking.  Ice never decays in an ice chest.  I typically use berries for rot or manure so juicy berries are my preference. 

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