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  1. Welp, the invis glitch was fun while it lasted :>.
  2. Probably a server/client animation conflict.
  3. There seems to lack a examination line for cooked mushroom for Wickerbottom, at least. Pic for proof. Examining will just yield the "it's a... thing" generic quote.
  4. The aftermath of a .1% event happening (three gobblers from three bushes) The aftermath of some intense ruins raiding And also some water statues...
  5. Alright, I was farming Krampus sacks as Wicker with some other players by reading Birds of the World twice and then Sleepytime Stories. We would then kill all the birds to get Krampi to spawn. I was then I decided to use Sleepytime Stories again to put the Krampi to sleep. This is where the bug occurred. Another player and I both attacked one of the Krampi. After about 10 hits, we realized it was bugged, and not dying. After clearing the other Krampi, we found a few interesting traits of this frozen one. 1: It cannot move, attack, be killed, or jump in its bag. 2: It is server side, as we are able to examine it as well as wear our weapons down by attacking it. It also scared birds. 3: Its animations still work--It flinches when hit, and sleeps at night. 4: The only way we got it unfrozen was telelocating it, where it became regular again.
  6. I found out that other stuff can be fused with the Big Tentacle...
  7. I could just imagine... Guythatjustjoined: Hey where's base Me: Okay... Head north until you find a sinkhole. You'll need to head through a killer bee hive field, and the sinkhole will be in the swamp northeast of that field. Then, go head west through the blue mushtree forest infested with Dangling Depth Dwellers. Head to west edge of that biome. Then follow the path until you see a villa of bunnymen. After that, you'll need to head south, to the muddy (orange) biome. Keep going south until you find a bunch of slurtle holes. From there, head east until you find a tentapillar. Beat it up and jump in. You'll find base on the other side.
  8. The way I've been dealing with the tentapillars is just attacking one 3-4 times with Wigfrid (with her spear and helm of course), retreating, then either waiting for some of the babies to despawn or attacking from another angle. You'll need to repeat this around 4-5 times, but the dmg from the babies isn't too bad. You'll lose around 20-30 hp, and about 40% of your helmet. Btw I reached the atrium on day 9 on the Jellybean Server.
  9. You'll just have to get lucky. My tentacle was in a stalagmite biome.