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  1. Great balls of Cydonia Batman. ..... bye again
  2. For some reason I really love this song and (for actual reasons) the attached series.
    ...I love the character it was made for for reasons that are much more obvious to me.

    It also happens to make pretty neat music for working on sprites for the revival of a certain mod.

    1. minespatch


      Ooo! Klezmer! Send me some Baltic stuff with a accordian and you know my jam. What is TTS?

    2. Pyr0mrcow


      If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device.
      It's a series satirizing the Warhammer 40K universe in a really silly over-the-top way using limited assets while remaining surprisingly accurate.
      There's a clown god that creeps everyone the heck out, but...I can relate to the clown god on a few levels.

    3. minespatch


      Never heard of this before so I'm rather blind except for what you explained.:wilson_ecstatic:

  3. Significantly less caUTIOUS HYPE Yes, we're making this happen. The previous implementation issues have been rekt by the marvelous @Aquaterion And I'll post a nice item lineup shot once the first full update/addition batch is done.
  4. that's probably the slightly modified vanilla server that has slurtle mounds on the surface which is a really silly place and it's great I love this set. Especially Wig and WX. That scene fits it's personality.
  5. I love Wigfrid's unflinching stance.
  6. We use the exact same backpack organization and I love you.

  7. guys let's spam carol emote every night okie
  8. I got the single snowbird portrait background from trade inn. Were these not intended to be obtained that way?
  9. Wes is only about as good at running as any other ranged char, with a harder time regaining aggro after that one fricking Webber inevitably decides that it's time to fight Boarilla and starts shooting at it before the other mobs are dead. Woodie has the muscles to strangle said Webber, and Lucy at hand to put the poor misguided little nooblet out of their misery. And mine.