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  1. The 100 day spooder boi challenge

    The cute will be missed. Good luck in your other endeavors.
  2. The Lustrous Alch being a reward here was a community guess. Nothing official.
  3. you say after a week I say after an hour I'm always watching o_o
  4. [H] TF2 crates [W] DST stuff

    ? They sell for like $0.03. Not expecting a fortune off of pictures of wooden boxes. I was just saying that I'd rather hand them to someone than have them sit in my inv for like a year waiting to sell since there're so many for sale. I don't really trade outside of DST, and don't care whatsoever about anything in TF2 that isn't a weapon, so forgive me for not being too proficient in the art of weighing feathers. While we're here, I'm not attached to any of the summer cards in my inventory either...or any TF2 cards besides the Pyro, for ironic reasons. Jeeze it feels weird using a o instead of a 0.
  5. The 100 day spooder boi challenge

    well they're both like 90% ink so
  6. The 100 day spooder boi challenge

    someone tracked mud on the carpet and he's demanding an explanation with nothing more than a piercing glare
  7. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    The closest I could get to "I adore the feeling of scallions writhing about my pantaloons.". Intentionally convoluted and unlikely to translate the same way more than once. And used like...translations for translations for some words, since not all of those exist in quite the same way in Latin. I needed a pass phrase for something that noone could possibly guess even if it was another person that somewhat knew Latin. Pretty sure I succeeded.
  8. All of that. Bearger's actually the easiest boss in my opinion. Dark sword and kite; his pound attack only does wide area destruction, the damage range is the same as a normal swipe attack. If you're not comfortable with fighting either of the mobile bosses/don't feel like it, though... Learn how mob aggro works, get a walking cane, and make Dragonfly attack it. Dfly will kill it, then you bait Dfly out far enough that it despawns, run back, and gather the free drops. Heck, most of the time nothing even burns, when I do it.
  9. You can also use those as barriers, which block/confuse most mobs, even depths worms. Very useful addition to an underground lair. And if the Antlion isn't fed, you should get enough duplicate stones to actually make decent-looking barriers. This though. I can personally deal with summer really well, but I still base in the caves because it's so much more interesting to me. The atmosphere, the food sources, the wave attack, the ruins and its equipment, all of it. If it weren't for starting supplies, hound teeth, boss drops, and riding a beefalo down, I'd probably never see daylight. They did try to get people to leave for a while with the Antlion boulder rain, but...that really just made the caves more appealing. That likely wouldn't be changeable without some major alteration, but I don't necessarily see it as a bad thing. Different people have different tastes, caves are my thing, a lot of people never even enter them.
  10. Wes could be helpful as a character that people specifically want while still having a hard time (being worse for the person playing him, even), buuuut that's a discussion for another topic. The main reason for suggesting grass traps is that brand new players that aren't even familiar with the characters likely can't kite too well yet. And it's a way of dealing with multiple at once without being familiar with/having to bother with AI manipulation.
  11. (To the message.) If it's drawn out over a few days so I can respond like once or twice a day and not fall behind, I could do it. If it's a quick match then I probably wouldn't even be on until it ends. I'm not as active recently due to reasons.
  12. I see the problem being that people are less prepared/familiarized given the nature of DST. The Whirly Fan and Pretty Parasol were added and are visible in the crafting tab, so players know about those options. What about making some anti-fire options visible (though not craftable) earlier? Could also add visual ques. M/Goose stays a bit into summer and blows out a fire with its wings, that sort of thing. 'Oh, if I kill this thing maybe I can do the same!' A newer player would probably die immediately, but at least they'd know of another option for dealing with game mechanics.
  13. NightWonder7's Don't Starve Fan Art

    yea some latin phrases don't translate well regardless of using translation software or doing it manually the reverse applies just as much The translation of 'Tactus de caepe qui rixo e mus brecae venari' is even more spectacularly wrong. Doesn't help that there're different historical versions of Latin which in some cases brings entirely different word meanings .-.
  14. [H] TF2 crates [W] DST stuff

    derp Yea, I just thought to trade them since they'd likely take a while to sell but it seems a waste to discard anything. And I don't want the crate page of my TF2 inv much more full. Breaks organization. like i'll literally take one shirt