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  1. Seems to be a pretty good theory. Either that or she has mental issues.
  2. This video got me interested in the game. I bought it off of amazon, before it was available on steam.
  3. This isn't meaty stew! My mouth is full of deadly feast! Thick deadly feast! I wonder who put that there...
  4. Very well made. Thank you for making this.
  5. Purple drank in a potato cup. I can die peacefully now.
  6. I decided to make some memes with the hounds from unatural selection. Thank you @spiderdian for these hound drawings.
  7. @spiderdian, I like your drawings! I decided to spend a portion of my day making bad memes from them. Enjoy.
  8. screen shot show case

    Zoomed in screenshot of my glomglom cuddled up next to a heart.
  9. Sounds to me like you want to change the running sprites. I don't really know how to find these things, but what you want to do is locate the drowsy walking sprites, copy them, locate the normal running sprites, and replace them with the drowsy ones. Easier said than done.
  10. If you buy both sets of jammies and both fuzzy rol skins you get both the /yawn emote and the /sleepy emote. It uses the same animations your character normally makes when under the groggy effect so it's ALMOST the same. Almost.
  11. Time to unload my low-tier memes.
  12. I couldn't resist.
  13. Noob stories

    Whenever I go to a public server and find an area that's just a bunch of bones, a burnt pig head, and a burnt chest I think to myself "I can relate".
  14. I'm all for more challenge, but challenge in increasing amount. The main risk here is a new player joining and getting blasted with difficult stuff that requires planning. I like RoG but I dislike how much time you have to spend just to ensure that you don't get hit with a weather condition you have no protection from. Alternatively, what if they did something like Terraria and made a "hard mode". A boss to beat or some significant action that makes it so your world gets tougher and includes more bosses, enemies, and especially loot. Something necessary for game progression. So it would be both optional (set it when you're ready) as well as being mandatory to deal with the threats once it's been activated.
  15. Well yeah that's why they call them black widows. Also Webber is a free child he can wear hollowed out female spider butts if he wants to.