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  1. In case these were missed:
  2. Precooking helped with cook times, so I would have thought it was an intended mechanic.
  3. If the Stag Antler exists in the world Klaus won't spawn. Do you know if someone might have been trying to make a collection?
  4. What aspect of this was fixed? Are entities now unable to escape the boundaries or properly handled after escape as promised in other fixes before? Are the people who blatantly exploited this having their exp reduced? Is there now a cap on time bonus accounting for the average 20~30 min play time of standard matches?
  5. It's nice to have someone else to throw Lucy to a future destination while you're borrowing someone's weapon. Or have Wes pull aggro via Lucy.
  6. So it looks like quick match reserves spots for players in a server, and the servers are disappearing because they're "full". It's a bit awkward though.
  7. Check on the fourth day so you don't have to deal with delay variance.
  8. This has something to do with boss icons on mods like Where's My Beefalo or Gigantic Map.
  9. Isn't there a fee to push updates there? It's sensible to group as much as possible to save costs on the hotfix and skin updates.
  10. What's going to control the Beefalo population now?
  11. If you're doing the quick update pushes again, does that mean we're getting a "big" launch soon?
  12. Bosses: Tree mom Spider mom Hulk mom Goose gog Hot mom Hungry mom Ancient mom Gassy mom Abusive mom(?) Bee mom Cat mom(?) Skeletons
  13. The lightning looks like it's meant to come from the station, except they reused weather assets because recycling is cool.
  14. Slam has multiple hit boxes, don't tank it. Poor hit detection probably from lag. Gunpowder radius is pretty small. Did you try pushing from the other side?
  15. Depth Dwellers - you can avoid them with Spiderhats or Webber Hounds/Worm waves - you can avoid them by running away and having them forget you The thing about Depth Dwellers is that they're a nuisance by quantity. The safe edge thing might have more to do with boundaries/collision than it is an intended way to avoid spiders.
  16. It adds anticipation and more value to the good loot. You feel more rewarded for your patience and hard work (world hopping/reset). Also for jokes or ambiance.
  17. I like how you read suggestions and flat out implement them.
  18. Is this an issue? Defaults are there to mine if you want Ice asap. Though I guess it wouldn't hurt to have a go to biome at the beginning until you've mined them all.
  19. Boundary/world gen/clipping is much more complex to fix compared to these. I'm pretty sure they're aware that it comes up every now and then but they don't want to risk messing with something that will affect so many other interactions.
  20. For comparison. Took some resizing and rotation.