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About Klei Store's Blind Box Figure

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Hi there, 

I just bought a Blind box figure, an Abigail figure, and a Deerclops plush from Klei store, and i received them on 2nd Jund. I was soooooo surprised that i got all the 16 boxes of Wendy!!! I just wondering... does anyone like me got all the same figures in the blind box??

How luckiest am i? When i trying to divert my attention away from those 16 Wendies, i turned to my Deerclops plush, BUT!!!!!!!!!! i also couldn't find the digital item code card out for DST:shock:

It's my 1st time to buy that much things from a online game store to support the game which i love, and i think there must be something wrong with my order, right???

Here are my 16 Wendies and Deerclops without digital item code card images as attachment





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Yeah, that's not supposed to happen. 

@BoomChao - I talked to @Corey and he let me know that there was an issue that was an issue with sorting when we moved and that Indiebox is aware of the issue and fully prepared to get you fixed up. Contact them at IndieBox@kleientertainment.com , give them your order number and the info you posted here and they will get you all sorted out. 

Sorry about that. 

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