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  1. I had a look at the default map size in debug mode. My colony cannot feasibly explore or expand to the far off areas without oxygen tanks!
  2. I want dupes working the night shift! Give dupes traits that impact the time of day they work!
  3. How are you guys doing it now? I've tried pumping O2 out of a room, cooling it, and pumping it back in. The pipes break when the O2 condenses. Would piping cooled LO2 through a room cool it better than cooled hydrogen? The old hydrogen cooling loop does not seem to work well anymore. Thank you!
  4. Our dupes are suffering sopping wet debuff because pools are the only way to secure rooms from gas mixing. Airlocks (even 5 in a row) don't prevent gasses from passing through. Oxygen gets into my fridge room, or the CO2 escapes out. Currently mech airlocks have no reason to be powered. Could we have powered airlocks truly prevent gas escape? Thanks
  5. @Sevio How exactly? Boiling creates a steam and heat problem, Freezing for hatch feed could work maybe. Do you mean your LO2 drip?
  6. I've read some are able to use a power switch to toggle multiple coal generators. In which part configuration does this work? My coal gens just keep burning when I use power switches.
  7. Allow for refinement of polluted dirt through sanitation practices.
  8. These are all very good points, i'm moving back to closed loop hydrogen and will take a look at Sevio's Aquatuner cooling. How are you guys cooling your thermo regulators?
  9. Creature Catcher

    Or a small cage device you can set and pick up.
  10. Is there a way to stop a freezing liquid from becoming a dig tile? I remember they used to turn into the ice ball items and fall on the ground.
  11. I've gotten this system to reliably liquefy 3kg of PO2/min (50g/s). I'm trying to create a system to freeze PH2O. I'm already able to boil it but that creates a steam problem. Edit: The meandering hydrogen pipe method does not work as I implement it. The PH20 heats the pipes quickly and is very slow to cool.
  12. Hi, why are you guys making liquid oxygen, how are you using it?
  13. I'd like the Distillation Column NOW. I really really would.
  14. What do you mean 125+50C? Is there a way to increase the overheat range past gold's 125C?
  15. No we like being able to interact with magma now. ._.
  16. Disinfecting ladders

    After a while all of my 30+ ladders have 3,000-5000 germs each. I need to figure out better sanitation methods.
  17. Ladders are numerous and a pain to disinfect in mass. Should they require less time to disinfect?
  18. [Game Update] - 229982

    Would you be able to confirm if you will hotfix disinfection speed of ladders and small/large objects? Dupes will infect dozens of ladders rapidly, and each ladder piece takes a long time to clean.
  19. Could someone help me out with matching the puzzle to items? I think i've been putting the right stuff in the chest but it keeps spitting them out. We are playing on Endless mode if that helps. EDIT: Think i've got it
  20. I'm hoping someone could help me complete the puzzle. Thanks