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  1. Could anyone verify this as feature or bug?
  2. Would someone verify that the Coal Generator now has an automation i/o-put?
  3. Thanks for sharing @DemotionFR. Welcome to the community!
  4. You've always been a little obnoxious LG. Good on ya.
  5. How do these function? Could you provide examples?
  6. Actually I think digging reduces mass by ~50% so 4.5t of sand @ 60g/s. 75000s or 1250m or 20hrs. 75000s @ 600s/cycle = 125 cycles of water purification or (50% likely worst case error because I don't know the ratio of the rock crusher) (75000 * .5 ) @ 600s/cycle = 62.5 cycles of water purification Not bad for a small amount of metal.
  7. @Saturnus I haven't tested the Upgrade yet, how much is 'pretty much endless' sand? I figured the Rock Crusher would produce some (60:40) ratio of sand/refined metal equal to the input mass. Wouldn't generating stockpiles of sand this way deplete all of your raw metal? Lets say an average Iron deposit has ~15 tiles of ~1000Kg Iron Ore. I guess the ratio is like 60sand:40metal? So 15t ore into 9t sand consumed at 60g/s in the distiller. 150000s or 2500m or 41hrs of disti ( Answered my own question here... =\ )
  8. We've been asking for a smarter Coal Generator for a while. It's usefulness is up there with NatGas Gen.
  9. Coal Gen would be much more tedious without the doors. Automated controls for the Coal Gen was what I wanted most from the upgrade. It was singled out for some reason.
  10. We would have more options to interact with very hot materials like steam, magma, and boiled liquids if we had a drain that could funnel material into pipes. Currently pipes and vents don't suffer overheat damage when contacting these materials, we would just need a way to get them into the pipes. For balance, the drains would not pull liquid/gas, but they would allow those materials to fall or be pushed by pressure into themselves and into pipes. Thank you
  11. Thanks for that @Octyabr. What is the function of Ctrl+Q?
  12. I saw a YouTuber using debug mode to move items (like ice and seeds) around the map. Which keys perform this function?
  13. [Game Update] - 229982

    Would you be able to confirm if you will hotfix disinfection speed of ladders and small/large objects? Dupes will infect dozens of ladders rapidly, and each ladder piece takes a long time to clean.
  14. Could someone help me out with matching the puzzle to items? I think i've been putting the right stuff in the chest but it keeps spitting them out. We are playing on Endless mode if that helps. EDIT: Think i've got it