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  1. Can auto save be disabled? Doors compressing air infinitely IS a bug in your game! Please treat it that way.
  2. Bug

    Doors can be automated to compress gasses infinitely. Doors should destroy gasses present within themselves when closing. Deletion would be less disruptive than compression.
  3. [Game Update] - 291640

    Please give us the option to disable daily auto-save! Or tell us how to change the code.
  4. Dupes stuck in loops. (2 Reports)

    The issue I was having does not seem to be present in my new save file. Both issues may have been caused by the issue you mentioned Brook. I did encounter a similar bug in this file though, one of my dupes was mining the same tile of ice extremely rapidly, as if the ice was respawning and being mined instantly. You guys are the best!
  5. In this save, dupes who can't access a tombstone to mourn will freeze in place indefinitely, a dupe given a manual move order will carry out the order and then return to being frozen in place. Even becoming stuck in mid air. See Steps to Reproduce for more information. Abode.sav
  6. Dupes stuck in loops. (2 Reports)

    Thank you Brook, My toilets are configured in that erroneous manner. That should solve the issue! However that second issue is not nearly as frustrating as the first. I am several hours into this save and the duplicants will stop in place, make a weird pose animation and shake rapidly. This occurs in many tasks from digging, research, showering, etc. Please let me know if you are aware of this issue or if I need to create a video example. Thank you so much for your support!
  7. 1. Duplicants will stutter in place, their tooltip shows they are doing a job but they stand there jittering until their shift prompts them to switch tasks. This happens with many different tasks. 2. Duplicants who are starving and also need to relieve themselves will go to the toilet, get half-way through using it and run to eat food. Half way through they will stop pathing to food and try to use the toilet.. Abode.sav
  8. Would someone verify that the Coal Generator now has an automation i/o-put?
  9. [Game Update] - 229982

    Would you be able to confirm if you will hotfix disinfection speed of ladders and small/large objects? Dupes will infect dozens of ladders rapidly, and each ladder piece takes a long time to clean.