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  1. After killing Fuelweaver get access to dungeon. More weapon/armor variety, more monsters, a few bosses. Big end game potential. Add furnace to forge metal tiered armor and weapons. Clues to immersive unspoken story. Either isolated island in cave world or host another world. Either one. Make it. Sell it.
  2. About Maxwell.. (frustrated)

    Thank you, I really appreciate your reply. It's the honest answer free of pretense that I was looking for. I've come to accept that Maxwell isn't any of the other characters and has his own style. However since my original post I've been using Wolfgang and having a great time. I won't be able to get over the wasted opportunity with his duelists and the poor A.I.
  3. I'd keep them all if they were Webber
  4. Could someone help me out with matching the puzzle to items? I think i've been putting the right stuff in the chest but it keeps spitting them out. We are playing on Endless mode if that helps. EDIT: Think i've got it
  5. About Maxwell.. (frustrated)

    I really appreciate your input and support about the duelists. I really want to be able to play a world solo. Including reseting the ruins by defeating fuelweaver. Wigfrid and Wolfgang can definitely do this. I'm not sure about Maxwell or my true favorite Webber. (At least not without exploits)
  6. I'm hoping someone could help me complete the puzzle. Thanks
  7. About Maxwell.. (frustrated)

    Thanks for the insight. Were you able to solo fuelweaver with Max? Do you use Dark Sword/Night Armor? Why Max over Wolfgang? Thanks
  8. About Maxwell.. (frustrated)

    I disagree with both of you. I waited a while to reply to consider you might be right. I'd regathered my enthusiasm and gave Maxwell another (a few) go. At what level of experience would Max's quirks make playing him fun? Anything combat related is an aggravating experience. Having to choose between a backpack and armor has never been so apparent than when playing with Max. After doing some reading I decided to try again, during the playthrough I took some of the duelist shadows up against some spiders. They died in seconds to 4 spiders. Accidentally got hit by a Merm, nearly died. Running for life from bats that wandered far from a sinkhole. Forgot to dispel choppers, chopped 3 of my twiggy trees. Even with log armor making a mistake against the clockworks is costly. What really ended it was watching the duelists die immediately from fighting a few spiders. Could I just get them to help with SPIDERS? It's fine if your'e happy with Maxwell. He's an okay errand boy for the group. No level of experience will excuse the poor A.I., only make it easier to mitigate the unnecessary shortcomings of what should be an advantage. I usually play solo, he's not worth it solo. He's a frail gatherer and that seems to be what the devs intended. 120hrs of study and participation is enough to identify imbalance and frustrating mechanics. So stop it, please.
  9. I really want to like him so badly. I've forced myself to play him for well over 30hrs. It was a frustrating and tiresome experience. I really like his personality and monologue. His health can be managed with care. The downside for me is the shadow puppets. They are presented as a benefit and beg to be used even after they prove their infuriating qualities. For the benefit of cutting wood quickly I get to spend every other moment running away from tress hoping I was quick enough to stop them from clear cutting everything especially the twiggy tress in my base. I could dispel them sure; but then I get to waste two days farming fuel. The miner and digger cost just as much and face the same AI issues but are only useful some of the time. I won't even go into the duelists, which really should be the redeeming light for Maxwell. They are not. Being able to read books is fine. Rarely see Wickerbottom. In fact I usually play solo because most people join, say "Where the base" wander around for a few minutes then leave after dying in darkness. (That's what I've experienced during 80hrs+ in DST.) I've seen a dozen threads complaining about Maxwell being underwhelming, they are reminded that Maxwell is more of a gatherer. He's more like a destructive nuisance. In every thread I scroll through hoping to hear from development about how they feel. I wondered if they themselves played the game with the community. Did they meet up later and say "Yeah this is fine, works great." The sale brought a lot of new players. Any links to the Devs commenting on Maxwell? I might give in and go with everyone's champ Wolfgang. ;\
  10. Actually this error returned shortly after rebuilding the transformers. It's happened in every new world I've tried to play through, It's happened with or without the direct connection with normal-heavy. It's happened with or without use of wire bridges. It seems like the only constant factor is having multiple transformers connected to the same power grid. There a couple more threads around that discuss this further.
  11. It's working now. One of the transformers was glitched and caused a memory leak.
  12. Reconstructing the transformers seems to have solved the issue. -_- Also I learned that connecting the generators directly to the heavy wire with normal wire works fine. It also prevents the dupes from constantly trying to recharge the 1kW supply of the transformer and instead directly monitor the battery levels. It works fine for me. I also am inclined to believe the wire bridges will work fine connecting heavy wire too, but I will test that now to be sure. Edit: The glitched transformer seems to have also caused a massive memory leak. Had to restart my PC.