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[Theory]: The Fate of Wilson's Eye

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Image result for don't starve together wilson survivor

Seen in the image above, Wilson appears to have lost his eye, or is at least bandaging it for the time being. I've made a few theories based on this situation.



1: MacTusk Blowdart

080ed628f5f641ddab62d60773e2e11c.png <--- This is the one that I believe was the most likely cause. I don't know. I just see it happening.


2: Bee Sting ? ? ?? ?

Sorta similar to the blowdarts, the stinger of a bee could be very lethal. This one I don't think is too be likely unless Wilson doofed up gathering honey or something.

3: Potentially faking it.

I'm not kidding, those whom have the skin itself can rapidly put away and re-equip a tool at a fast pace to reveal that Wilson still has his second eye, no scar, no nothing. Faking the injury for attention, are you?

4: It's just a costume.

Maybe?... uh?



It's very likely that we will never know how Wilson lost his eye in his Survivor Skin, but I would love to hear your ideas and theories! But then again maybe I'm just overthinking things again.

Until next time!


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Just now, Ashkain said:

You know how Wilson says "Go for the eyes!" when attacking? Maybe monsters thought he was talking to them, and took his advice to heart, :>

This is pure gold, I can imagine him screaming "G O  F O R  T H E  E Y E S ! ! !" as he gets sniped in the eye with a dart.

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