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  1. I should be in bed but I came here because I made this. Goodnight now.
  2. Didn't the Ancients start out using light (lunar!) magic? EDIT: Just saw this has already been discussed, and in a more comprehensive fashion. Gg self.
  3. Ahhh thank you! I'm slowly easing back into drawing, and other creative pursuits. Been setting aside an hour every day to write, too. Oh I hope you have fun at your home state! And dragons like... gargoyles? Or the real deal? I hope it's the real deal. I'm moving to Canada and I'm SO HYPED. It's so stressful though!
  4. I HAVE FINALLY RETURNED TO THIS WORLD. And I bring you some Maxwil. Howdy howdy how's everyone been doing, tell me about your day, etc!
  5. Hi! I play DST on the PC (Steam) but I use an XBox controller. But when I pull up the recipes menu I can't scroll or choose any variables. Even if I try using my keyboard with the controller on. But if I use just the keyboard with the controller disconnected it seems to work fine. I'd love a fix because I really prefer playing DST with a controller (it has one of the smoothest controller integrations that I know of re: Steam games).
  6. I'd actually prefer it if the characters were randomized, and not set to pairings! Like I'd love to see Webber and Wickerbottom foraging together or something! I know it's a lot more work (what with animating all of them) but you know... Willow and Wilson are over-represented as a pair and I play odd teams and it'd be cute.
  7. Thank you so much omg! <3 I love Charlie, I need to draw more of her!
  8. Hi hi hi! I did end up drawing stuff for the past couple of days but they weren't really DST-related so I figured I shouldn't post them here. You know, that'd just be weird. This one's a collaboration with my partner, the amazing @Gums! Whoever did the Metheus puzzles knows what I'm onto about, here. This community is so great, btw. Thanks, y'all.
  9. Thank you oh my gosh, that's super nice of you to say! I love drawing for Don't Starve, the character designs are an absolute delight. Not just chivalry! Also Wilson. But worry not. Love is only dead until he finds a touchstone.
  10. Thank you! And oh, I'm kind of new to the forums too! But I'm really loving it here!
  11. Thank you so much! Hahaha that amuses me so much because the first one was actually requested by a friend who ships Willowson. Nothing says romance like uh, setting your love interest's decapitated head on fire, I guess. At least, that was what they wanted! I do ship Maxwil! And a bunch of other things, besides.
  12. Hi! I'm kind of new to the forums (came for the Metheus, stayed for the memes and generally awesome community) and I figured I should post some of my DST doodles up on here! I'm sorry for uh, kinda violent/scary/gory content? Tell me if I need to tag it/cut it/censor it, anything! Hi!
  13. Hi. I'm new. I asked my partner how to draw Maxwell and I got "draw a banana and add details." Here you go. BONUS! He's got a lot of layers: